Sunday, August 12, 2018

A Week in August..

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here we are with another weekend almost over.. 
Summer is still here, though.. 
The temps still have not dipped very much but the nights are cool and we are getting some rain so all is well as far as the weather goes.. 

We had a lovely service at church this morning.. 
Another Lord's Day ... 

A terrible tragedy has happened here in our little province of New Brunswick  as I am sure many of you heard this past Friday... 
Two of our police officers and two civilians were senselessly gunned down and killed by a gunman in the early hours of Friday morning.. 
As a country here in Canada we are not used to this type of crime..
And here in the Maritimes of Canada on the Eastern coast we are just down home people..  
Yes, it happens but not often.. 
We are so blessed to live here!

But what a tremendous loss!  
Children left without a parent, spouses, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers and friends and relatives all left striving to understand the lunacy of such an act... 
We are praying for God's sweet peace and comfort to cover them... 
To give them strength and to feel His presence.. 
In a world gone crazy it is so wonderful to know who holds your hand.. 
Life happens to everyone but when you can close your eyes and know that He is in the midst of the storm you are facing... 
We can lean on Him and gain strength and a measure of peace.
He is a faithful God and today I am thankful to know Him.. 

Please pray for these dear people... 
The God of hope... 

This is going to be more of a picture post... 
Hope you don't mind.. 

We took a day trip to St. Andrews by the Sea one of those hot days last week.. 

So beautiful! 
The air was so fresh and smelled of the sea.. 

We had supper at the Clam Digger... 

It was as delicious as everyone says.. 
And huge.. 
I love fish so Terry had more fries then he needed.. 
Next time I will only buy a one piece.. grin... 

Then of course we are back and forth to the farm.. 

Aren't they lovely!  
As you know they are not ours but we do enjoy them.. 
The farmer works some of our property and we look like we are a real farm.. smile.. 

The tansy is out as I think I have mentioned before.. 

I post on Instagram most days and I can see that I am going to forget what I said here or there.. grin.. 
Here is the link to my page in case you were wondering.. 

I don't think you need an account to check it out on google.. 
The tansy is lovely!

My sweet husband is always so kind to pick flowers for me so I don't break my neck (grin) and gathered a bunch for me before we stopped at the farm the other day.. 

Charlie was very patient waiting for him and wondering what he was doing..  
As soon as we get to the farm and let Charlie out he does a big run to the brook and dashes in ... 
It is a Spring so it is safe.. 
It cools him down and we laugh because he will take a drink then look back to make sure we are still there and then take another drink and so on until he has enough... smile.. 

I made some lunch and then decided to make a wreath.. 

It was not complicated at all.. 
Just kept wiring bunches on all the way around.. 
I think it will dry well but time will tell.. 
I hope to make another bunch of salve soon, too..  

We had a rainy day and so I made a big batch of bread.. 

We are having some sweet company this coming weekend so I froze several loaves to have.. 
It is to be hot this week too so I hope I get a chance to do a bit of baking... 
Here is the recipe for this bread.. It needs to be kneaded.. 

This is a few friends that live close to us... 

Aren't they beautiful!  
Terry stopped by the side of the road so I could take a pic.. 
They noticed me and both of them came to the fence.. 

They were so lovable.. 
I wished I had a couple of apples but perhaps one shouldn't do that.. 
I think they must have great owners for them to be so friendly.. 
Just thought you might enjoy seeing them.. 

I made a nice batch of Queen Anne's Lace jelly the other day, too.. 

I will show you a pic next time of the jellies as I have a new idea for dressing them up for gifts.. 
Found the idea on Instagram.. grin.. 

This afternoon we took another little drive as I had spotted these flowers growing in this old lot on a drive by earlier.. 
It took us an hour to find them as we both forgot where they were.. lol... Oh... honestly!  Old age!! 

We backtracked a couple of drives we had taken and both spotted them at the same time.. 
They dry beautifully and I want to make another wreath or two.. 
If they turn out well then I may make a few for gifts... 

Do you know the name of them.. 
They remind me of Everlastings but they are not them.. 
I get a few every summer along a ditch and use them for potpourri, also... 

For you sweet girls who asked me about the cake in the last post.. 
Here is the recipe.. 
Simple Cake
1 cup of yogurt 
3 eggs
1/2 cup of soft butter
1 cup of brown sugar
2  cups of self rising flour
1 tsp. of maple flavouring
Mix well and place in a greased 9 inch round pan.. 
350 degrees F.

I just made a butter icing with maple flavouring and added the walnuts.. 

For the Berry Shortcake you can substitute whatever berry you like or even fruit or a mixture of berries.. 
sorry for being so long getting back to you all.. 

Thanks for dropping by and I always so look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Welcome to the new followers here and on Face Book... 
God bless... 


  1. I do so enjoy your posts! Such beautiful photos and when I read your words it's as if we sitting across the the table from each having a chat in your kitchen. I love the wreath you made, so clever you are! Could the white flowers be baby's breath? Your bread looks delicious... that is one reason I'm looking forward to fall. My bead doesn't seem to rise well in the summer.

  2. Faye.....I so enjoy your posts especially your farm pictures; the first picture of the cows ....I just love it, there's something about it - I love old fences so that could be part of it. I think it would make a nice picture for the wall; I'm going to try your bread recipe, perhaps half it the first time. Our summer will soon be over so we must enjoy help us get through the winter months ( at least I do) I love summer. Look forward to your next post. Have a great week.

  3. Thanks Faye for the photos. I am not sure we heard of the sad shootings in your neighbourhood as there are so many similar stories on our Aussie news about shootings in the US and I don't think I heard of Canada being mentioned. Of course we have strict gun laws here in Australia which came about after a massacre at one of our tourist destinations. I must say you are very industrious and you must be loving the warm weather. Our winter is nearly over and we will be complaining about the heat soon I dare say. LOL!

  4. I really enjoy reading all of your quaint posts! This my first time commenting... I'm wondering if your little white flowers are pearl yarrow?
    Thank-you for sharing a part of your life with us and spreading sunshine in a world that often holds confusion and sadness. Praying along with you for the tragedy in your province.

  5. I also had not heard it is very sad x

    Your flower wreath is so pretty how nice of your Husband to
    pick them for you.

    I think Debi is correct Baby's Breath (gypsophila).

    Love the Horses.

    Would like some of your bread right now.

    Have a good week.

  6. Good morning!

    Lovely post, as usual.
    Thanks for posting the recipes. I'll give them a try.
    I love seeing the farmland and the wreath is beautiful... nice job!

    I did see on the news about the shootings. Heart breaking!
    My sweet husband is 4th generation law enforcement, and our sons, both of them, are fifth generation law enforcement. These senseless, horrible crimes hit close to home.
    Prayers for their families, and everyone impacted.
    It's hard enough to send your loved ones out the door in the morning to serve and protect.

    Have a lovely new week.

  7. I read that....keeping those families in prayer. Senseless...

    Your posts are always so peaceful, Faye. Hot and humid here in western NY and I am looking forward to Autumn. Hope you have a lovely day, friend.

  8. So sorry to hear the sad news of peoples lives being taken. I don't think anywhere in the world is untouched by these tragedies.
    This was a lovely post - you get so much done in your week and its so nice that you share it with us. I can imagine Charlie in the spring enjoying the cool water.

  9. So sorry to hear the sad news of peoples lives being taken. I don't think anywhere in the world is untouched by these tragedies.
    This was a lovely post - you get so much done in your week and its so nice that you share it with us. I can imagine Charlie in the spring enjoying the cool water.

  10. I always smile when I see your blog on my email,as I know I will enjoy my cup of morning coffee with you. Of course, I love all the scenery pictures and the crafts that you work on. Those white flowers look like Baby's Breath to me. You are blessed to find them growing by the side of the road. I love to make flower arrangements but I have never seen them growing like that here in south central Pennsylvania. They certainly can make a flower arrangement look elegant. Oh how I love summer and ours has flown by much too quickly with too much rain or at least it seems like that to me.

    So sorry to hear of the tragedy in your area. My prayers are for all our law enforcement officers and families.

    Those horses were pretty. My father bought me one that looked like the one on the left, except my Ginger had a white blaze on her face. I love horses and most farm animals.

  11. Such a sad loss of life, my heart goes out to all those affected by the shootings. Always a joy to stop by and see the farm and your kitchen creations. Your wreath is stunning and will make a beautiful gift.

  12. Oh Faye, you have the sweetest, homiest blog and I love it to pieces! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the cake recipe.

    Grace & Peace,

  13. As always a lovely post and photos, I love your cow photos they are soo cute . Thanks for sharing . My heart and prayers go out to all who have been affected from this terrible tragedy xoxox .

  14. I love the wreath. So pretty. Also, thanks for sharing the cake recipe. I look forward to trying it. God bless.

  15. Dearest Faye,
    All I can say is ~ I wish you had been my momma~

  16. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this, It's very interesting Blog...
    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!