Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ten Lovely Little Ways to Enjoy A Summer's Day..

Hello there my dears.. 
Hope you are doing fine.. 
So happy you stopped by.. 
Tonight it is a bit of a different post.  
We were out to the farm the other day and it was just so hot but Terry has two air conditioners installed so it was not so bad inside.. 
I thought I would just enjoy my day and try to put a blog post together for you on something I have been thinking about this summer.. 
It is not as good as it could be but if I wait I may never get it posted... smile.. 
So here we go... 

Ten lovely little ways to enjoy a summer's day... 
You can pick and choose..shall we say.. 

I have some lovely old teacups on the sill in the pantry and I have been meaning to give them a good wash in some lavender dish soap... 
I buy that at Home Sense in Moncton..
I love their dishsoaps and brushes and such.. 
I think some of them come from the UK.. 
I know my dishsoap does..  

I got down my big old enamel dishpan and set it on the table like my Grandma used to do.. 
Added some hot water and soap and threw in a handful of flowers that I had picked out by the step.. 
It smelled heavenly and was just a little bit more pleasure washing the old cups with a little daisy or cosmo here and there.. 

Then I went out and picked a lovely basket of herbs.. 
Perhaps you don't have an herb bed but your farmer's market or even your super market have herbs.. 

Pick out a few you love and bring them home.. 

Put them in bunches and tie them up with grocer's twine or what have you and hang them somewhere in your kitchen.. 
When they are dry put them in mason jars to enjoy this winter.. 
Most of mine I pulverize with my chopper... 
Not the lavender.. grin.. 

Then we were going to have our dinner there so I decided to make a summer salad and dressing.. 

It really does not take much effort.. 

Just 1 part lemon or lime juice and 2 parts oil.. 
I always add salt, pepper and a few chilli pepper flakes.. 
And garlic, of course.. 
This time I just shredded the bud from the garlic scapes but normally I use a crushed clove of garlic.

And I also did a few pickled radish.. 
Slice up some radish and I added onions.. 
In a little pot bring 1 1/2 cups of vinegar, 2 T. sugar and 1 t. salt to a boil and pour over your radish.. 
Let it cool down and put in the fridge till needed.. 
Terry came in so these ones never did see the fridge.. grin.. 

And a little cucumber salad.. 

Slice some cukes, scallions and green onion tops and pour a bit of your salad dressing over.. 
A few chilli flakes are good too although there is some in my dressing.. 
We eat this stuff every day almost.. 
Love the summer veggies, don't you?  

Then as I posted before it is nice to make a summer bunting.. 

Just draw a pattern on cardboard, mark it on your fabrics and cut out.. 
Glue to twine with your glue gun.. 
Check  a post or two back if you need directions.... 
A cheerful sight out of the pantry window... 

When we drove home we both noticed that it is too light in colours and we could hardly see it from the road.. 
Next time out I shall try to make a brighter one and hang that one on the deck... 

Then this idea I was reminded of on Instagram the other day and made this almost as soon as we went through the door.. 

A simply lovely smelling stove top potpourri.. 

This one has sliced lime, a piece of ginger sliced, rosemary, thyme and lavender sprigs.. 
Place in a pot.. 
Add water to cover..
Turn on and bring to a simmer then turn down on low.. 
Don't forget about it as the water disappears.. 
Just add more water as needed.. 
I would go out of the room or outside and come in and think to myself.. 
What is that lovely smell?  grin.. 
You will love it, I am sure.. 
You can add herbs and fruit of your choice.. 

I love buying half price lemons and limes at the market and using them this way.. 
Also dried lemon and lime slices are wonderful to put in a glass of water.. They rehydrate and you always have a mason jar full of them.. 

Then it is always fun to set a country table just for lunch.. 
Nothing fancy! 

Just lovely colours that turn your crank and some eclectic dishes make for a lovely lunch.. 

I love love lavender.. 
Almost as much as Patchouli!.. grin.. 
My friends know me as a patchouli lover! 
It is my perfume of choice but I love lavender, too.. 

My plants are producing a bit so I decided to make a quick little candle with the bit I picked that day..

Dig around and find a couple of  old candles and a tea light.. 
Then a little jar or even a tin can will work.... 
These candles were a pink and a white one.. 
Take the tealight apart and save the little wick holder at the bottom.. 
Then break the candles up and put in an empty tin can (tomatoes) is good.. 
Put it a little pot with water half way up..
Melt slowly over med heat..  
Save the candle wick... 
Thread it through the wick holder from the tea light and place in your jar.. 

Tie the top part of the wick to a pencil and put over the top of the jar to hold the wick nice and tight.. 
Add some lavender buds if you have them and a bit of lavender essential oil to your taste.. or smell... 

If you want to decorate your jar it is a nice finishing touch.. 
I will keep the cover on to keep the scent fresh until I light it again... 

Well I guess this stuff took most of my day.. 
Around 3 in the afternoon it was over 30 degrees C.  
Oh man!  
I didn't want him working out in that heat so we went for a drive.. 
Another simple country pleasure... 
Up over Caladonia Mountain and in half an hour we were at the Bay of Fundy... 

Gotta love those views and the air was just so fresh.. 
Making hay... 

I guess the haymakers had done their thing and gone to the beach.. grin.. 
I don't blame them.. 

We circled around and went through Hopewell Cape.. 
My grandparents used to live there when I was a kid.. 
I so love that place.. 
I was telling Terry I could live there.. 
We drove past this wonderful looking antiques shop.. 

Isn't it pretty.. 
Who would ever think to use those colours but it sure gets your attention.. 
They were closed...  

Back we went to the farm so Terry could finish his chore of cleaning the spring.. 
I had mixed up a cake and put it in that old stove oven when we got back.. 

I can never seem to get the right temp on the thing but it was good as I cut off the burned pieces.. 
Well, Terry ate them.. grin.. 

A little icing and a few walnuts and it was a lovely simple pleasure to round off our day... 

There you have it.. 
Ten lovely simple pleasures to enjoy your hot summer's day with.. 

Thank you so much for being here and for your sweet comments.. 
I apologize that I don't answer very much lately as we have no internet at the farm and by the time I get home here I am beat.. 
Also I have to start up this cranky laptop to type as it is too hard to answer everyone on the tablet... 

May God bless you all.. 

In the last post I wrote a recipe for shortbread that I copied off of Instagram.. 
I thought I had it wrong but it was right ...
It took me a bit to find it again but I finally found her.. 
We loved the shortcake with her recipe but my sweet friend Dianne added 2/3 cup of milk to hers and I am sure it probably made it better.. 
More cake like if you know what I mean.. 
I corrected the one in the last post and added her milk as I do think it might be thicker.. 
It is up to you.. 
Either way is great.. 

The lady on Instagram was 
Buenna Vista Farm .. 
Just google that then go to her Instagram.. 
I found this via Rhonda at Down to Earth blog... 


  1. Faye, wow such a lot of good content in your post! You are having Aussie weather over there I think. Ha ha! Just as well we aren't having your winter weather or we would definitely be complaining :-)

  2. I do much the same in the Winter to get a beautiful stove top aroma by adding dried rose petals and cloves. I love the idea of adding petals to the wash water. Have a wonderful week.

  3. What a lovely post. It has been so hot and humid here in western NY. I don't ever remember it being like this for so long, sigh.

    Hope you have a beautiful week. smiles

  4. Beautiful post, Faye :)
    I love your attitude of gratitude in finding so many lovely ways to enjoy summer.
    I think I shall make a lovely bunting this week; thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a lovely day.


  5. Such a lovely post 💙 you have brightened my day.
    I love how you added the flowers to the dish water,and all the other things you shared x

  6. Reading your posts is like connecting with a kindred spirit, Faye. I so enjoy seeing what you have been up to and your suggestions for 10 things to do on a summer's day sounds like it would make a very lovely day. There are a few that I definitely want to give a try. You are right about what happens when you add the does make for a lovely cake like texture. Next time I will make it without the milk as I am certain it is delicious as well. I enjoyed your pictures from the Bay of always.

  7. Such a lovely post! I love your pictures and ideas!

  8. Oh I love the tea cups and the happy and cozy.

  9. Such a sweet post! I love all your pictures. The cake looks delicious. Have you shared the recipe for it? Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. Dear Faye Tanks for lifting my spirit as always, You make one feel right at home, as I visit. Only wish that I could in person. You are such dears I hate leveling. Your picture's are always beautiful, I'm so grateful to have you in my life. My the Dear Lord bless You and Yours.

  11. Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this, It's very interesting Blog...
    I believe there are many who feel the same satisfaction as I read this article!
    I hope you will continue to have such articles to share with everyone!