Friday, September 21, 2012

House of Henry ... Fall Sale...

Hello everyone... 
Well, the first day is over and one more to go before the shop is closed for another year..

The Summer certainly has flown by and a lovely one it was, too.. 

Tonight, I will just share a few shop pics with you...

Hope you don't mind that it is all I have.. smile.. 

A long day and I am tuckered.. 
What else is new, eh? 

I did want to thank you all who stopped by and we are open again tomorrow ... 

I had a dear old friend drop in.. 

Her name is Pat and we became friends over 40 years ago when she became my first babysitter.. 

Such a dear friend and we pick up where ever we left off.. smile.. 
We have literally talked almost all night.. grin.. 

So thankful for all the dear ones in my life.. 
God bless..


  1. Dear Mrs. Henry~
    I can smell "fall" when I see your post(s)!
    Fall is my very favorite season well...and Christmas! :)
    Your post and pictures were great! {as always}
    The weather has started to cool and leaves are starting to change there, so pretty!
    How about by you? Will it snow soon by you?
    How fun to get a visit from a 'old friend'!
    Have fun tomorrow at the store...wish we could be there to go "shopping"!!
    God bless you!
    In CHRIST alone~

  2. I have the same doll as in your first picture :) Looks like you have a wonderful shop. Enjoy your fall :)

  3. Lovely Fall decor . Love the photo of you and Pat ! Have a wonderful day and Happy first day of Fall !!

  4. enjoyed the photos, blessings on the end of the year sale.
    nothing like an old friend to make you feel young again!

  5. Good eve Mrs.Henry,
    what lovely pics of your cute lil store!
    Sent you a letter today as well.....:):)
    Nice pic of you as well!
    Have a great night "HUGS" to you...
    Love ya:)
    Trusting him~Annamarie

  6. Wish you have a blessed sale. I would like to come and visit your shop, but it is so far away....Greetings from Holland

  7. oh your shop is so warm and inviting..I would so be at home shopping there..have a wonderful weekend..happy fall..;)

  8. Hello dear Fay,
    You have some lovely little treasures left to sell, I love the autumn leaf pillows, surely someone will pick those up! I know I would if I was there.
    I mentioned you, Fay, on my blog today, we had a visiting minister and wife that I think you will know.
    Love and hugs, cindy

  9. I hope you had a nice weekend at the shop...Sorry I didn't get down. I can almost smell the potpourri from here.

  10. Hello Faye:) I met you for the first time this morning at your shop. So pleased to have been introduced to you and your lovely store, just sorry it was so late in the season! I am so pleased with my purchases, especially the lace tablecloth, just lovely. I have just spent quite awhile on your site, and didn't even scratch the surface. Hooray for me...I get to come back regularly to get caught up!

    Thank you for your hospitality this morning. I will continue visiting you through your blog again and again and again.

    Not Perfect, but forgiven.

    Kim Thorne from Saint John

  11. How fun to see fall photos. It's cooler here in Oregon. But had a nice sunny day after a cool one yesterday. Enjoyed it with my son and daughter-in-law and their little ones. Erin and I had time to go through some booths at Flock and Fiber festival and look at yarns and knitted items....buying some yarn (1) for me to knit a pr of sox for me, Erin about 4 yarns,she's knits more than me. But am gonna try more time knitting and a bit of sewing..more than behind in that area. So glad your friend stopped by. If I lived there I'd be at your store checking it all out...I really enjoy stores like that. oh well, I can dream, can't I? Ha! Have a good weekend!

  12. hi faye,
    lovely post! esp the pic of you w/your friend! how wonderful you had time to visit! i wish i lived close enough to visit your shop...lovely items...esp all the jars you put up! we are starting to have some color down here in Iowa...and cooler temps...even a slight freeze last night!! i enjoy your blog a lot!!

  13. Hello dear Faye. I am new to your site, as a good sister and friend told me of it this morning. Do you ever sell your wares by mail? Thank you! I am so blessed of God to have found your site!

    1. Hi Beth.. Nice to meet you.. Yes, I do sometimes sell through the mail..
      Please let me know anything you are interested in at and I will get back to you..

  14. Wow, where has the summer gone and so quickly! I hope you've had a great season with the shop. I've been so busy helping to care for the new granddaughter that I'm way behind visiting alot of my favorite blogs. Hugs dear friend!

  15. You have such an interesting shop. I would love to just walk through and look at all you have and of course meet you. Imagine that! Summer has went by quickly but I do so enjoy fall. I hope you have a great evening and God bless.

  16. Good Morning Faye:) Just checked out your pictures of your dear little shop-so very sorry I didn't get to see you this summer:( Praying you are now home safe & sound & settling in for the fall & winter(3 months from now this will be Boxing Day..LOL!!
    While checking out the pictures I did see a dear rocking horse-do you still have it for sale?? Also would love to have a scoop or two of your lovely potpourri-do you have any with a pumpkin scent to it??
    PLease let me know through Facebook as my hotmail is down!
    Thought of you yesterday we took a day trip to St.John and we finally found "The Old Fangled Steeple"-what a dear little old church-perfect place for a primitive shop! Have you ever been there?
    Looking forward to hearing from you:)
    Wishing you a great day!!
    Love ya, Jude xo