Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Bay of Fundy...

Hello dear hearts.. 
What a wonderful wild September day we had.. 

The tide was so high and the wind was blowing down the chimney... 
I loved it.. 
Terry and I went for a little wave watching with our nice hot cups of coffee and a throw or two.. smile.. 

The water was so high that it was almost hitting the underside of the bridge... 

I was a bit nervous driving over it.. grin.. 

We have had some lovely company the past couple of days.. 
Old friends and such a sweet time we had.. 

After they left I put up some cider mixes and another batch of maple apple jam to sell at the sale on Friday and Saturday.. 

Tomorrow I will go and decorate the shop if all goes well.. 
Today we just puttered and went for a couple of drives.. 
We also went over to the light house and took a wee hike down to get you some good pics.. 
They are the first ones.. 
On the way back we saw all the ducks in the marsh.. 
So beautiful... 

But ... 
Guess what.. 
This time next week Lord willing we will be back at home and trying to get back to normal... 

God is good... 
Take care my friends.. 
I hope to get back to normal blogging and catching up once we get back home.. 

Sending love and prayers... 


  1. I like to wave watch too, these are bearutiful pictures, the sound of the waves crashing, and a little scary too. Love those punkins on the porch..a favorite sign for me.....of fall...who doesn't love the pumpkin or scarecrows....simple joys...:)

  2. Hi Faye, it looks like someone wrote initials in the black sand?? My imagination? Great, great photos, and I love the header. xo

  3. Hello Dear Heart...I have been missing you but I knew you were getting ready for the big sale and perhaps packing a thing or two for the trip home. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Your pics are marvelous......i love it when you take the pics of the Bay of Fundy. The waves look just a tad dangerous in a couple of the pics. Hope your sale is very successful. Talk to you soon. May the Good Lord bless and keep you.........


  4. Beautiful!
    Good to see your out & about...praying that means
    that your back is feeling some better?
    Ah, we are missing your post & wonder- is it time
    for summer at the Bay to come to a end?
    How'd that happen? Smile
    Glad to report that my girls are back and we enjoyed a wonderful week of camp
    with them & I was able to sit in on with as many of my girls that were able a lovely womens sessions that was a crafting/quilting retreat! (blessings)
    Then it was home-school camp!
    So...all's good and we are back and trying to get back to our regular (is there)
    days and routine! Ha! We find that we start chatting about the past months events and time passes quikly so we are not getting back to schedule! Soon!
    Our love & prayers and so wish we were closer to come to the Saturday sale-smile! Have a wonderful weekend...
    Blessings from our place~ Hugs

  5. Dear Faye,
    Looks like a very wild day out there. But it was here to. Just waiting on word to hear that Naomi and stephen had there bundle of joy...but nothing yet...but getting close.
    Can you save me a apple cider mix please. Thanks...Love Ya, Char

  6. The photos are stunning!
    Hope your sale & the transition home goes well.
    Maple & apple, mmmmuummm.
    Hugs & blessings, Friend Faye!

  7. My oh my I would be nervous too! that was a high tide!
    But beautiful in its wildness also!
    God bless this weekend in your wee shop!
    Thinking of you!

  8. Oh those waves and the marsh with the ducks sitting in there for "shelter"?

    I love these sorts of days...

  9. What beautiful pictures. I really like your wave pictures. My son has been at the Oregon coast and took some pictures of some of the lighthouses for me.

    Have a wonderful day.


  10. "God is good"...let the church respond..."all the time!" Blessings from Wisconsin.

  11. Your pictures do Saint Martins great justice - it is so beautiful there! I have still not managed to see the place for myself this summer - 'the best laid plans of mice and men!'

    I wish for you a great sale weekend.


  12. Sounds like a wonderful day!
    You've shared some beautiful pictures with us... thank you!
    The waves are incredible!!

    Hope the rest of your week is wonderful, and be safe in your travels.


  13. i enjoy wave watching and photographing it as well. Look forward to seeing the lighthouse photos. I love them and have almost all of them in OR and a few in WA. Take care and thanks for sharing your travels and life. I enjoy your blog posts alot. God bless!

  14. Your pictures are beautiful! I know you will be glad to be home but will also miss being at the Bay. We really like the maple apple jam. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. I love these pictures of the waves Faye. How beautiful and strong they are. It sure did come close the the bridge deck! That would be scary to cross over. Another season has come and gone at the House of Henry. Your shop (in today's post) looks so pretty decorated for fall. It's too bad you have to close but I suppose the tourists are pretty well all gone now. I like the wreath in the front window and all your 'punkins'. I know you'll be ready to get back home and settled in for fall. God bless you my friend. Hugs, Pam

  16. Faye....I always enjoy your pictures; your shop looks so cozy decorated for fall; best of luck with your sale, wish I could have gotten down again but hopefully that will happen next year...when do you open by the way?? It will be nice to get "home" again I'm sure; looking forward to reading more posts; You are blessed to have the two places.
    Cheryl from F'ton