Thursday, September 27, 2012

Such a sweet place...

Good Evening my dears... 
Hope you are all doing well... 

Here we are... HOME Again... 
Is there any place so sweet?  smile.. 

We were blessed with a wonderful Summer but I am so glad to be back .. 

There is so much to do.. (I am not complaining)... smile.. 
Unpacking and cleaning...
Oh my...

 I had only been back two or three times in three months.. 

And Terry (the dear man) was the one who came home and did whatever... lawns, laundry, garden and such.. 

Please note that I did not mention housework... 
That he does not do.. grin...
Oh well...
 It stayed around  is all here and waiting for me.. 
I kind of feel like I will never catch up but all in  due time, I guess.. 

We arrived home late Monday evening but our internet order was misplaced and we did not get hooked up until late today..

But here are a few pics of things that have been keeping us busy...

Making some chocolate chip cookies.. 
So nice to have a working oven after 3 months of doing without.. 

A bit of decorating.. 
Putting my lovely present that my cousin Val made for me on my kitchen table... 

I just love it and the color is perfect.. 
Thank you, Val.. 

Also, Karen from My Colonial Home made my lovely candle cozy... I love it, too... 

I do need to get a bit of Fall decorating done.. 

We also made a quick trip up to the old farm today...

Checked on our friends.. 
All seems well... smile.. 

Then gathered up some wonderful Spring water to bring back home.. 

So much has changed since my last visit in June.. 
The grass is dying and the leaves are changing colors.. 

It was a simply beautiful day there, though we only stayed for a couple of hours.. 
Next week we hope to go for the day and have dinner there.. 

My.. it is cold out there tonight.. 
I had to bring in some of my plants that I leave on the patio for the Summer ...
Full moon I think..

There has been a lovely breeze every day which dried many lines full of laundry.. 

We made a visit yesterday to the market in the city and visited our youngest son... 

It felt like I had not seen him for ages.. 
The dear lad...
Hence, the chocolate chip cookies.. smile.. 

There is one happy camper around here.. 
He has a hard time at the cottage.. 

When he is there he needs to be tied and is not allowed to bark much and the fireworks drives him nuts.. 

Here at home he has freedom... 

We just hope that the therapy is not too expensive.. grin... 
Just kidding.. 

Anyway.. I am sorry I have not been a good blogger the last few months.. 
I would go to the shop and then come home and need to make stuff and then I was too tired to post or check your lovely blogs.. 
But now... 
I will try and do better... 
Just not tonight.. grin.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and welcome to the new followers.. 
So glad to have you ... 

But now before I go, may I ask you to pray for a sweet Keeper of the Home who is also a dear mama.. 

She and her sweet family need your prayers this day.. 

Please pray that God will bless them with healing and strength and  that He will comfort them and give them peace even through the night time hours..

We know that He is able to do more than we could ask or think.. 

Thank you so much sweet ladies... 

Sending love and blessing to you all... 


  1. Lovely photos Faye and welcome home nothing like it is there ? Life gets busy that's just the way it is ! Sending prayers for one of your dear friend and Keeper of the Home ! Have a good night !

  2. Hi Faye, I agree there is no place like home. I'm glad you found all is well there and at the farm and are enjoying your oven again. There is a definite risk for frost tonight so I moved a few plants under shelter. Hopefully they will survive. I prayed for your friends just now and know the Lord will bless them with his peace and healing. He is good. Blessings to you my friend.

  3. Hi Faye, Prayers are on there way. Love your photos! Blessings, Anna

  4. Hi Faye, home sweet home and your home is so beautiful. Love the pictures you posted, Sammi is so cute, he is home and happy. Sending the power of prayer your way for the keeper of the home. Blessings Francine.

  5. Welcome home!!! and prayers for that family.Have fun catching up with your work if there is such a thing:) by the way...My husband doesn't do housework either....:)

  6. welcome back.,,,, hugs and prayers for your friend. love your photos!

    1. God bless ya, Faye and Terry. I'm glad we all made it through the summer and you both are safe and good. Yes, I will pray for your sweet friend and family right now.

  7. I know you are glad to be home. As you said, there is no place like home. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Choc chip cookies any day! Baking is more fun that cleaning!!
    Welcome home!
    God bless and I will pray for that dear family.

  9. So happy for you that you are home again.
    Home is best :)

    What a nice mom you are... baking chocolate chip cookies for your son.
    I should imagine, you will see him a lot more... *grin**, the cookies will call him home :)

    Love to see everything that you've been up to.
    Praying for your dear friend.

    Hope your weekend is a good one...

    warm wishes..

  10. So glad to have you back. Welcome home! There really is no place like it, is there. Have a lovely weekend!

  11. So glad that you're home! Barry and I drove past your place last Sunday afternoon... I thought you'd still be in St. MArtins so we didn't stop. Oh well, maybe another time... I love this time of the year, almost feels like new years all over again.
    PS- happy to see a post again ;)

  12. There is truly no place like home. I know you've had a really busy summer and once you have your house back in order, the way you like it, I hope you're able to slow down and rest some. Do you think that will be possible?
    Praying for that dear mama and family.
    love and hugs, Cindy