Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It was so good to be back home again..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Thanks for dropping by the Blessed Hearth.. 

What a wild day we have had here ..
It has not rained this hard all Summer.. 

The street that we are on runs to the beach and it looked like a river.. 
The restaurant across decided to close because there was just too much rain.. 

We needed it though so that is fine.. 

I actually had a lovely day.. 
It was nice and cozy .. 
You all know me and the rain.. 
Love it... smile... 

The above pics are ones I took at home when we went for just one night.. 
It was great to be home.. 

Here at the cottage it is the Bay and waves and the shore but at home even though we live in a little village it is much more farm like as you can see..

Terry's sunflowers are so beautiful.. 

Much higher than my head as are the Poor Man's Orchid.. 
The bees are so in love with that flower.. 
I watched them practically swarming over them..

My hydrangea is also all in bloom and the dear farmer has made the hay.. 
We swap hay for organic chickens..
 Gotta love that, eh? 

Now... I am back at the cottage with more of hubby's lovely

And I am getting ready for guess what... 

The Keepers of the Home Overniter... 

I have the menu planned and hope to get some of the cooking done tomorrow... 

Well, dear hearts I must go to bed and listen to the rain and waves.. 
I will miss that part when I go home.. 
The moon sure made the waves high this month.. 

God's creation is so beautiful.. 

Did I mention to you before that He has the wind in his treasury.. 
I read it in the Bible and always think of that when the wind comes up... smile.. 

Before I go I would like to mention a small prayer request.. 

The little town of Sussex where we attend church lost 5 businesses and 8 families lost their homes to fire last evening.. 

A very sad event.. 

Our church stands right behind these buildings and had to be sprayed with water so it would not light.. 

Thank the Lord no one was hurt but they have lost their homes and some their livelihood...

So please say a word for these dear folks.. 

Love to you all....


  1. So sorry to hear about the fire. I will say extra prayers for all involved. Terry's sunflowers are beautiful. Welcome home, and I cannot wait to hear about the overnighter. xo

  2. Hi Faye;

    I am so thankful that it has rained so hard over the past 24 hours. I am sure that the rain helped to dose the flames in the downtown.

    The fire has been a heartbreak for the people who have lost their homes and for the small business owners who have lost their livelihood.

    On another note, I wish both you and the other Keepers a wonderful visit - what a great way to wind down the summer.


  3. I love the sound of waves crashing upon the shore ! Wonderful photos ! Sounds like it will be fun at your Keepers overnighter looking forward to some photos of you all ! I am sorry to hear of these business and the family's I pray they can get back to their lives and am glad no got hurt ! Have a wonderful evening my friend !

  4. Faye what a sweet post! Love your pictures.
    No place like home.

  5. Hi Faye, love the pictures of the farmland,beautiful sunflowers. I also love to hear the waves hit the shore, ahhhh, the lake.How much fun is that, overnighters,yey!! So sorry to hear about the business and familys losing everything to that terrible fire, shall offer a prayer for them. Blessings Francine.

  6. Hello Dear Heart, I am much like you.... I love the country and the smell of 1st cutting hay and the farmers combining wheat but then I yearn for the water and the waves hitting the shore in the summer at the daughter's cottage. I don't know..they are just deep in my heart. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy both. Terry's sunflowers are huge! Aren't they a joyous sight? And I will pray for all involved in the terrible fire in Sussex. It is a belssing that no one is hurt but fire is an awful thing! I am afraid of it.

    Sweet dreams and have fun at the Keeper's overnight!

  7. lovely flowers & photos, no place like home.
    hope all goes well with your Keepers.

    will pray for those you mentioned.

  8. Lovely to catch up with you, Faye.
    Your home looks gently welcoming, all ready for cosy Fall times. I know exactly what you mean about the happiness induced by rains! I like the scented, fine summer rain, sudden hot-day cloud bursts and lashing storms at night in winter - all great for snuggling up in!
    I wish you well for our Keepers meeting, and have prayed a little prayer to heal and bless the people in Sussex. xxx

  9. Morning Faye Henry
    Oh what beautiful flowers.
    Love sunflowers.
    Have a wonderful Keepers meeting.
    Praying for all those affected byt the fires.
    Thankful your church is ok.
    Blessings & JOY

  10. Faye..
    Beautiful pictures.
    How nice to be home for just a bit..

    Sorry to read about the fires! My heart goes out to those folks!
    They will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Enjoy this day that the Lord has blessed us with.


  11. Your 'world' up there sounds so wonderful and peaceful - and your 'words' always bring it to a reality for all of us do have a way with writing.
    Such beauty! Thanks for sharing the photos - still so lovely even this late in the season.
    Oh my we had gobs of rain this past week and we also needed it badly.

  12. Praying for the families that we affected by the fire. So sad. I am thankful your church was not burned and that no one was hurt. Your flowers are beautiful. I hope you have a great time at the overniter. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Was a Awesome Keepers meeting.

  14. I enjoyed your beautiful pictures, Faye; although I know you enjoyed taking them even more after being away from home so long!
    So sad about the fire... I will definitely pray for those folks.