Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Saturday night Mish Mash...

Hello my dears.. 

Just a few pics for you tonight.. 

I am still in  a pickle as you can see... smile.. 

Making things for the Art in the Park show tomorrow.. 
They wanted my preserves and such.. 

I decided to do a few recycled dish cloths ( the how to is HERE)  and some journals and other stuff..

I was telling Terry that I now feel justified for buying my UK Country Living mags and a few others.. 
I just use one of the pages for my journals and that pays for my habit.. grin.. 
I really do not buy very many any more but I do love the British ones.. 

I put a pic of a recipe for you ... 
This came from one of those old books and as you can see I sliced some up and tried them.. 
They are delicious.. 
A bottle is almost depleted after only one day.. grin.. 
Let me know if you make them..please.... 

A few pickles pictured... 
Red and Green Hot Pepper Jelly.. 
And my Gram's Chow Chow and Bread and Butters..

Also beginning to dry some sage and comfrey for future salves and soup herb bags... The how to is HERE..

Just a little mish mash of a posting tonight.. 
Hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend.. 

I appreciate all your sweet comments last posting wishing Shonda a happy birthday.. 
You guys are darlings.. 

Thanks for your visit and as always I love hearing from you.. 

Oh my.. 
Poor Sammi... 
They have gone crazy on the beach doing fireworks.. 
He detests them.. smile.. 
I think he will need therapy by the time we go home.. 

Good night all... 
Love and Prayers 


  1. I have enjoyed visiting. Your place is so welcoming - thank you.

    Mrs. B.

    1. Nice to meet you Mrs. B... I hope you drop by often..

  2. Everything looks lovely ! I was wondering if you have recipes for pickled beets , onions and eggs . My mum had all kinds of pickling recipes but after she passed I couldn't find them ! I would like to collect your pickling recipes and put them in a pickling book that I am starting to collect for as I am going to start my own veggie garden next year ! Have a wonderful evening !

    1. Hi Elaine.. No, I have not heard of that recipe before.. Are they sweet or sour? Terry would probably like it as he likes all three things.. smile..
      Let me know if you need a recipe..
      Blessings, my friend..

  3. i love the photos. So fun. And the modern family cookbook...oh dear. I have a Farm Journal cookbook I bought years ago cuz I know my mom and dad had subscribed to that magazine. A few years later, my sis got some of mom's cookbooks after mom moved out. And there was the exact Farm Journal cookbook. WOW! I guess I remembered it but didn't know she had it. Mom is living in a nursing home so she doesn't use them anymore. Sigh!
    I did a big batch of cookies and made a great mac/cheese recipe from a fav blogger, Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond). Delsh indeed! Am nearly done cleaning up kitchen. just a casserole dish and 2 cookie sheets to go. Break time indeed. but feel so satisfied knowing I stayed home, most of the day, and got some work done. Have a good weekend, across the miles.

    1. You are always a busy lady, my dear.. I might make a batch of cookies as we are going home for a couple of days and my oven works there.. smile..
      God bless..

  4. Still pickling, eh? I have yet to actually make a batch of relish- I'm not sure when would be the best time to take at that task b/c the recipe says to let them sit overnight and cook in the morning and so far I haven't had that amount of time in my schedule- maybe monday and into tuesday??
    Poor Sammi... fireworks can be scary, especially the ones that make the unexpected noises

    1. Hope you get your relish done, Linds..
      Sammi appreciates your sympathy.. grin..
      Luv ya..

  5. Thanks Faye, for all these beautiful pictures.
    You have a very pretty daughter!!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Dieneke.. Yes, she is pretty and looks like her Dad.. Always has...

  6. Beautiful pictures! I hope to make your maple apple jam this week coming. We are planning on getting apples tomorrow at our pastors orchard. I hope you have a great weekend and God bless.

    1. Thanks Donna.. The jam is sweet but very good..Hope you all like it..
      God bless..