Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An October Day Farm Field Trip....

Hello everyone.. 
So glad you all dropped by.. 

Just wondering if you would like to take a wee field trip up to our old farm with us..
We decided to spend the day up there yesterday.. 

Come along... 
It is a beautiful day here in New Brunswick.. 
As you can see it is a rural part where we live.. 

If you look really hard you can see the windmills that are past our farm...

Way over at the top of those hills.. 

Just winding along the old country roads...

We are getting closer... 
The hills are getting higher.. smile..

Yes, here is our brook....

And here is the dear old place...

As always, there is a nice breeze blowing the flag.. 
The flags only last a few months as the wind is quite something up here.. 

We unload some stuff and Terry heads outside to do some work.. 
After cleaning some I decide to bake something for him for a surprise... 

Aunt Eva's old pastry board is built into the cupboards...

I wonder how many times her dear hands have performed the same chore as the morning sun streams through the kitchen window... 

She was a wonderful cook.. 
People came for miles to have one of her famous meals...

Well, there you go my love... 
Apple Dumplings... 

With a bit of butterscotch sauce.. 
He kept smiling and I asked him what was so funny... 
He says... "Oh you and your surprises!"... grin.. 

Then since we are celebrating our first real day here we are also having a steak... 

Done farm style... 
In a cast iron fry pan with onions... 

Would you dear girls set the table for me?  smile.. 
We will use the little green saucers for the beet salad.. 

Would you like the recipe?.. 
So simple and good for your gall bladder or so Elsie tells me.. 
I loved the taste.. 

Beet Salad.. 
Grate or chop up one raw beet.. 
Add 2 T. flax oil  *I used olive.. 
juice of 1/2 of a lemon.. 
salt and pepper.. 
 I added some parsley ..

After lunch someone laid down on the old couch for a nap....

And someone else looked through the bookshelves and looked at guess what?

Recipe books.. Old ones.. smile..
And from my Bible that my Mom and Dad gave me on my 33rd birthday.. 
A long time ago, eh? 

Then he worked outside some more and I cleaned.. 
It has been a few months since we have spent any time here.. 

Anyway my dears I hoped you enjoyed your day as much as we have.. smile.. 

Time to go back home, though...

The sun has set pretty well and old Sammi is tired out.. 
So blessed... 

Did you know that God can make something beautiful out of your life?.. 
We sang that on Sunday and I thought of the miracle in our own lives.. 
A messed up home and messed up lives turned into something beautiful with God's grace and mercy.. 
All these years  we could have been torn asunder  but instead because of God we have had a  blessed life together..

Thank you, dear Jesus,,,

Have a wonderful day, my friends..

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  1. Beautiful photos. That apple dumpling looks yummy!

    1. Thanks Debi... So glad to chat with you.. smile .. xo

  2. Thank you for taking us with you Faye, I am stunned that you have your very own brook, how lovely! I think I need your apple dumpling recipe, it looks delicious (and the sauce recipe too of course) :) You know, I've just had my 33rd birthday, and bought myself a new bible :) What a blessed life you and your husband have together, I pray that Ben and I have as many years to enjoy this life together. You are a great encouragement to us ladies you know Faye xxx

    1. Thank you dear girl.. The apple dumpling was just a recipe out of my head, Carly.. Made a pastry and took out the apple core.. Mixed up a bit of sugar, cinnamon and raisins and poured into the hole.. Baked at 425 degrees F. for 15 minutes and lowered the heat to 350 degrees F. for about 20 minutes or until tender.. Now, the recipe for the sauce was one that I made last Christmas and stored in a mason jar in the fridge and it is still good.. Delicious, actually.. But.. I will have to look for it as I forget where I put it.. It is from Quebec and called sucre de creme or some such thing.. grin..
      I will email or post the link as soon as I find it.. xo

  3. What a wonderful day thanks for taking us with you ! Lovely photos . The land there looks similar to here in Ontario ! Apple dumplings look so YUMMY ! Have a wonderful day !

    1. Hi Elaine.. Yes, Ontario and New Brunswick are almost the same... A bit of different vegetation perhaps and your southern part is warmer...
      Come on down sometime.. smile... xo

  4. What a beautiful ride through the country side. Loved it.

    I just talked with my sister yesterday and saw her photos of her road trip with a few of her girl friends. They were in your literal neck of the woods. I could tell by her photos - some of the bay and different buildings and of course she mentioned your town...and surrounding area. ;)
    I wish I could've had her find your shop. I didn't know where she was going, for sure...or I would have her "look you up" for me.

    Love that apple dumpling. And, thank you for the beet salad recipe.

    1. Oh, I wish I could have met her Bevy... Was she actually in St. Martins and did she spend the night there? Just curios...
      God bless my friend..

  5. You are blessed indeed! What a beautiful spot to enjoy when you want to. (you can't beat the back roads of Kings County!) The apple dumpling looks yummy! Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs. Pam

    1. Ha Ha, Pam.. It is good old Albert County not Kings.. smile.. It is a back road, though.
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too my friend..


    LOVE YA,


    1. One of these days we will have to go there, Char.. you guys would be bored stiff though, I think..
      Thanks for your sweet comment..
      Love ya, too..
      Oh, the windmills are there but I couldn't see them either.. grin..

  7. How fun to go to the old farm with you today. Apple dumpling, I need to find that recipe, my hubby would like it too.
    God is so good, I am so grateful for His love and for delivering me from an abusive marriage so many years ago. He gave me a kind and loving husband several years later. Thank you, Jesus. I know not everyone believes in divorce, but in situations where a man is unfaithful and cruelly abusive, I think it's okay in God's eyes. And that was the only hope for me and my kids. Don't know why I said that, but yes, God is GOOD!!!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy...
      I agree that sometimes God answers prayers in different ways.. But I am thankful that with Terry and I it was not the same situation.. We were two kids away from God and Satan stepped in and tried to make toast of us.. We were rescued though just in time.. I will always be thankful....
      So happy for you though that God has provided you with a wonderful husband...
      God bless you my sister..

  8. What a nice place to have a retreat. Our food always looks so good! Wish I had one of those apple dumplings now! Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Thank you, Jackie... I wish we could share one with a nice cup of tea.. smile..
      Blessings from Eastern Canada...

  9. What a nice trip. Thank you for thinking of me. I really enjoyed it!

  10. I love when you and Terry spend time at the farm. Your apple dumpling looks perfect. xo

  11. I just look so forward to the visit to the farm. Thanks for taking me today.

    1. You are more than welcome my friend.. We will probably be going up once a week or so...

  12. Hi Faye, oh that was so much fun, love road trips and your farm, so pretty. Your meal looked so yummy, wish I was sitting at the table with you on the farm,tee hee. Blessings Francine.

    1. Me too Francine.. Maybe next time.. smile..

  13. I love it when you go visit the farm and you take me with you. So much fun! I like the recipe for the beet salad. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing your day. God bless.

    1. Thank you for always being so faithful, Donna.. So love having you..xo

  14. Awww. A field trip and apple dumplings! This is awesome! Thank you for your spiritual encouragement and making us feel welcome at the farm! Your neck of the woods is beautiful!


    1. Thank you, Heather for the visit and sweet comment.. xo

  15. Dear Mrs Henry,
    Thank you for being a blessing to my wife and daughters
    they love your blog posts and the many inspirational
    things that it covers.
    I am commenting this evening as this post as well spoke to me.
    Please know that I am a life that
    Jesus changed from ashes to beauty in spite of my self
    praise his name forever John 14:6 Jesus said to him I
    am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the
    Father except through me.
    Thank you for the visit to the
    old farm house it was very enjoyable. Maybe my family and
    myself could visit in person sometime.
    Please remember as christians
    that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
    PhilippianS 4:13
    Blessings to you & your husband Terry~

    1. Hello Mr. Mayo..
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.. A life that Jesus changed.. That sentence brought tears to my eyes as I relish the truth of those words..Where would we be without Jesus?
      I would love to have your lovely family come for a visit. They in turn bless my life and I am so glad we have met across the miles..
      Yes, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us..
      I would love to hear you preach the Word someday, too..
      God bless you for taking the time to encourage...
      Blessings to you and your dear family also..

  16. Thanks for the tour! aw, the old house stuff...I remember the one house we had that had a pastry board that came out of the cupboard and there were bins (drawers) that had flour in one and sugar in the, that was an old house when I was real young and it was an older house then there was the one my parents had built and it took 7 weeks to build. Nice. it was a breezy day in Oregon and I managed to get a headache and am sure it was from stuff in the air....allergies. Some smoke in the air from fires east of us! Sigh! But leaves are falling and it's getting cooler. Rain, maybe next week!

    1. Hi Becky.. Do you know that there are two bins below the pull out pastry board but I do not keep the flour and sugar there as we do not live there.. Hope you are feeling better...

  17. A beautiful post today,and a lovely this your main home? Then you have also have a cottage by the lovely a thought :) Blessings dear friend

  18. I would have loved to spend the day with you at your beautiful old farm Faye. Those apple dumplings look so yummy! I'm so enjoying the time I spend every day with my precious little granddaughter. She's such a sweet blessing from God!