Saturday, October 20, 2012

He's in the midst of our storm....

Good Evening my dears... 
Hope all is well with you.

It has been a rainy day here and even pouring down there for a while..
Just a little bit of a storm, I guess..

I have been thinking about life's storms lately.. 

I hope you don't mind but I thought that I would just write from my heart for a few minutes.. 

I am not super spiritual but I am a forgiven saint of the most high God.. 
His blood has been applied to my life and even though I may sometimes not be walking in complete victory I am still His.. 

I love that verse that says.. 
I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine!
Isaiah 43:1 
Then in verse 2...
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you..

It brings tears to my eyes when I realize that the amazing God who rules this universe knows my name.. 

Not only does he know my name but he knows my problems and he cares about what is going on in my heart and my life.. 

He knows what is precious to me.. 
My family, my church and my friends.. 

Whatever affects my life is on His agenda... 
Isn't that hard to grasp sometimes?..

But none the less it is true.. 
It is written in His Word... 

Sometimes we go  through a period of our lives when we are not quite sure which way to turn.. 

Something has come against us and we are confused and hurt.. 
We need to make decisions and we can't make one.. 

Or we are not even sure if it is a decision that we should make or if we should just go on as before...

Advice is wonderful but even then one has to decide as to whether it is good advice or not.. 
But really in the end it is our choice and only we can make it... 

God allows us to face trials and tests and sometimes we go through storms of life.. 

Our oldest son and his wife went through a devastating time when their child contacted meningitis and it left him deaf.

We found it hard to fathom out..

But life happens to all of us.. 
Yes.. even born again saints of God face things.

The difference is that we have someone on whom we can depend.. 
He is available twenty four- seven.. 

Years down the road we can so easily see God's perfect touch in it all.. 
He received a cochlear implant and now all is well.. 
But at the time of the storm ... We were looking for Him
and trying to find Him in the trauma.. 

And there He was.. 
Right in the midst of it all.. 
Waiting, helping...
Giving peace and strength and answering prayer and providing miracles that we could not even imagine at the time.. 

Such a wonderful Savior...

Different things affect people in different ways.. 
What is a storm or trial to me may not bother you at all..

I find myself calling on the Lord for his advice and learning to trust in Him and praying for his wisdom..

The storm is drawing me closer to His side..

Sometimes to get over some obstacles in our spiritual life we need to fast and pray and seek His guidance.. 

I have needed to pray and ask the Lord to keep my spirit right and fill me with his love..
To give me grace.. 

Fruits of the spirit which we as Christians need to portray such as love and joy and long suffering can be really difficult when you are hurt and misunderstood...

It is so blessed to know we can turn to Jesus and lean on him and he is always there... 

I have told you before of how I imagine Him there by my bedside... 

The lamp is dimly lit and He is 
waiting in the shadows...
 Faithful and true.. 
Wanting me to turn to Him.. 
To call on His dear Name.. 

He told us to cast our burdens on Him.. 
Because his yoke is easy and his burden is light..
That is so true.. 

When I take my burden to the altar of prayer and leave it there then he gives me his joy..
Sweet wonderful joy...
I am tried and tested but victorious!!
I have made it through another one.. 
Praise God!!...

Well, sweet friends ... 
I have said much more than I meant to.. smile.. 

Just know that mine is a spiritual battle.. 
We are all fine and if I keep my eyes on Him then all will be well.. 

Sometimes we need to focus .. 

I was told once that the main thing ... 
Is to keep my eyes on the main thing.. 
The main thing is Jesus... 

Why do we falter and fail so often?... 
Because we are human... eh! 

OK then dear hearts...

Pray for me and I will continue to pray for you...

You all bless my life in so many ways and I am thankful.. 

This was probably too long for you to read but guess what? 

I feel better.. grin.. 

Thanks for listening...  

Oh, there is a lovely song over on my playlist there on the sidebar.. 

He is in the Midst...


  1. Thank you, Faye. Thank you ever so much.

  2. Faye, that is such a beautiful post. I have a sweet young friend going through a trial right now who is grasping and hanging on to God's hand. I'm going to try to send her this link as it will encourage her. Thanks for this timely post and God bless you in your situation. Love and prayers, Pam

  3. Amen Faye....Glory to God in the Highest....always there through good and bad times....He is my crutch....Beautiful post....Blessings Francine.

  4. That was lovely Faye Thank you !

  5. I really needed to read this, Faye. I am going through a trial right now that has me battling each and every day. These are words God knew I needed. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us Faye! Beautiful post!


  7. Yes,so true.Reminds me of what a speaker said recently at a ladies event, she talked about preparing for winter, as there will be 'winter in all our lives at some point.So when we have scripture and prayer as a part of our lives, we will be more eqipped to face the winter .Love and prayers,Lucy~

  8. Amen! Yes and Amen!
    Sometimes nothing less than written words will do.
    Praying! God Bless You!

  9. Good evening Faye, THanks for the post this evening. I needed to be reminded of just these words as a storm has been brewing in our lives right now. GOd has answered part of our prayers and We are trying to wait patiently for guidence the remainder part of our prayers. One of the best and most memorable sermons I have ever heard was on God being with us during the storms of life. In the background as the preacher spoke was scences from the movie "THe Perfect Storm" I will never forget that touching sermon and the pictures just helped to put it in prespective. You were my angel tonight. Have a blessed Sunday.

  10. That was wonderful Faye, I never feel that you are going on to long when you speak to us that way...just refreshed and reminded, thank you.

    For Him,

  11. Amen!!! This Faye... is so beautiful. So true. So right on.
    Thank you for being willing to share your true heart this.

    I love that verse too. One of my bedrock verses.

    love you.

  12. It made me feel better too.Such a true message and something I struggle with casting my burden.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. Thank you Faye


  14. Dear Faye, Wonderful post- Thank you, Anna

  15. Thanks for the post. Agreed, life is rough at times. We've experienced a few accidents, not major and a near one yesterday that left me uneasy. Just some trial to go through with Jesus there for us to thank for the good things amidst the accidents. Sigh! And we go on, knowing His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness! Lamentations 3:22-24. God bless and have a good week in the Lord! Hugs! And we literally drove through a rain/wind/sleet storm with some lightning on our way to WA for the BBQ for our nephew. It's fall for sure now!

  16. Faye,
    Awwwwww... Perfectly said! What a witness and timely reminder! I am thankful that God put it on your heart to share! I can tell it just poured out of you! What I love too is the discussions and comments that came because of your post!

    You are a blessing to me, Faye! I am so thankful that I got to meet you through blogging! Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

    Blessings and love!

  17. Hello sweet lady,
    Yes, storms are a part of life and we struggle with them because we're human, but thankfully, the Lord knows that. I know you will find your way through this one, just like you have through all of the ones in the past and you'll come out stronger than ever.
    You are possibly still exhausted from a very, very busy summer, aren't you? Sometimes we feel a big let down after we finish a big job, even if it was a very enjoyable one.
    I think aging causes us to assess our lives, I know I have been lately, that alone can really cause one to struggle, not with who God is, but with who I am. :(
    But, our God is SO very faithful!!!! He really is simply waiting for us to call on His beautiful name.
    Much love and big hugs, Cindy

  18. Beautiful post, Faye. Sometimes we all need a reminder of this!

  19. Thank you for your words Faye, they were well needed. You know, I don't have any good Christian ladies I can call on here, so it is so good to know that you are here, with such Godly words to help us all xx

  20. Faye, that is a wonderful reminder! My husband has been preaching through the book of Job and the one thing that I'm amazed about at Job's life is his utter acceptance of whatever God brings. Thank you for your words.

  21. Hi Sweet Faye, These words mean the world to me! I am so thankful for what the Lord has done for my family. When faced with happenings in our life, he does give us strength. I am so thankful to read your words this morning. God Bless you Faye! Hugs to you.
    PS Looking forward to Keepers this Saturday. Krista

  22. Hello Mrs Henry,
    What a very true post1
    Sometimes we go through things we just do not understand or why certain things happens that we have no control of but...WE know we can always go to our heavenly Father up above in prayer and feel his prescence near us and his comfort!!
    He does give strenth when we cant go on through everthing!
    Thank you for sharing and being real...may GOD be with you and wrap his loving arms around you!
    Mooma sends a "HUG"
    We love you and think
    of you dearly....Look to the LAMB of GOD!
    Annamarie Isaiah 55:6

  23. Good Morning Faye Henry

    What a wonderful perfect timing post.
    I just sent the Isaiah scriptures to my son and family.
    Just perfect.
    So hard to fathom how and why HE LOVES even me sometimes.
    The battle is so hard but so rewarding.
    I love the song. BUT HE LOVES ME ANWYAY!
    Oh how he loves me.
    Thank you sweet friend for the heart sharing.
    I always say the sharing with others is such a help to not only others but ourselves.
    God bless you.

  24. I too felt this was such a timely post for me! Thank you for writing from your heart to mine (our hearts!).

    Thank you so much!