Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blog Slump....

Good Evening everyone.. 
Just a little post tonight.. 

I seem to be going through a blog slump... 
If that is an accurate explanation...

Those of you who have a blog probably know what I mean.. 
It seems as though you put on stuff and you are not sure if anyone is out there or not...

I know that stats says you are but my blog creativeness is uninspired and boring... 

So.. I decline to put on anything... 
Sorry about that.. 

Just a few pics tonight of my days... 

The rainy Fall days bring out the soup maker in me.. 
I am a soup junkee as I have told you before.. 
This one is just tomatoes and grains and herbs.. 
Very good, though.. 

My Mom, Step-Dad and Terry and I went for a little trip yesterday to Calais, Maine and had a lovely day... 

Mom and I sat in the back and had a whole day to visit and shop together.. 
She loves to shop.. smile... 

I did not buy much but I did get this little treasure..

An owl plug in in which you put your oils or waxed tarts... 
So sweet... 

I wish I had bought some for the girls for Christmas but of course I did not think of that until we arrived back home... smile.. 

Have you started your Christmas lists? 
I need to get at that soon.. 

Well, dear hearts thanks for your sweet visit.. 
Sorry about the quality  ... 
I will get back to normal soon, I hope.. 

We have to go to St. John for my tests tomorrow... 

Have an awesome evening, my friends.. 
Love and Prayers


  1. Oh I love anything owl. And I totally understand about blog slump...I have it every day LOL.

    I sometimes get discouraged because my site meter tells me that quite a lot visit my blog, but hardly any ever comment. I will never visit a blog and not comment. It just feels right.

    Glad you are still blogging cause I love visiting your blog when I have time.


  2. Goo Evening Faye...I know about boring blogging...think mine is always but still enjoy all the wonderful friendships I found....The little owl is to cute....My Mom loves her soup to... Good Luck tomorrow, hope all is well with you....Blessings Francine.

  3. Hi Faye. I know what you mean by blog slump. We all have it once in a while. :) It sure has been miserable with all the rain we've had hasn't it? I think it's getting me down. At least there will be sunshine for a couple of days to come. It's nice to get away for a day of shopping especially with your dear mother. You are blessed to be able to do that. Enjoy the rest of the week. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Hi Faye-Don't worry about the blog slump - it happens to us all. I love your little owl warmer! So cute.

  5. Hey Faye we all go through the blog slump it's just the way it is sometimes . When it comes to your blog and posts believe me there's always someone out there waiting to see how your day was and what ya been up to ! Cute little owl. I pray that all tests come back fine !

  6. Slump? I never think that about your blog. Mine is a different story, I love the decorating & cooking blogs, but rarely do anything on mine either way. I much enjoy everyone else's blogs, love them in fact! Slumps come no matter what though don't they? Like it was already said, the ties are friendship, that's so valuable to me! My stats show a lot, but the comments do not, truthfully I just keep plugging onward anyway. Hope all your tests go well. God bless you, dear Faye!

  7. Oh Faye we love your blog no matter what!


  8. Oh Sweet Mrs Henry~
    I am wanting you to know that we more than not do not post,
    however as I have shared with you...
    This is a place that is like a lil-drink of water for me-us-our home!
    The Lord has many, many times used you & your post to encourage, direct, up-lift, draw us to HIS word and honestly set us back on course when maybe a attitude has snuck in or I just have one! (yes)
    I can tell you once in a while I click on and either I or one of the girls will read me the writings/post and oh my I am convicted! remember maybe to each one every post speaks differently, but I venture to say we are mot the only ones to say we await each day to see what our sweet friend Mrs Henry has to share, say, show!
    I am infact in need of a post to the heart...the heart of the matter you know! our heart attitudes on ...let me list a few things!
    (ha yes, more than one)
    Homes, hubbies, family, holiday etc....pick one for sharing on the Lords direction on "OUR HEARTS"!
    I am thankful to come each day & visit & I thank God for you & yours & sharing here.
    Wew! I am done...oops on my lenghtly comment! Smile
    A hug to you from me!
    Blessings & prayers for tomorrow!

  9. You're mom is so cute.

    I just noticed you have the Bishop's on your music list. I love the Bishop's and that particular song - He's in the Midst.

    I think of you (as this song says) in your blog slump - He is with you!!!

    Praying for a peaceful and peace-filled night.

  10. Hi Sweetie....I sure do know how you feel! I don't have a blog but I sure do get in a slump with my everyday life. Iget sick of the same old thing and wonder who other than me and hubby really cares. But I keep plugging along...and then I snap out of it! Faye, Don't you realize how much we all come here almost every night to check and see if you posted. It can't be boring if we do that. Now, can it? And you said if you had nothing too interesting you would preach a little at a time on your posts. And we love every minute little thing that you post about....soups, craft, gardening, house cleaning, doing redecorating, kids and grandkids and your wonderful hubby, Terry. It is all interesting. I have read you for so long that you feel part of my family. I want to know what you are doing and interested in. I want to know your thoughts and PRAYERS! And we all love the sea and the matter how many times you tell us about it. Also, I think there are many people out there that read your blog and do not comment. Some are not shy but many are....but they atill love your posts and all your ideas and feelings.

    Now that I have come down off my high horse......I want to tell you that I am going to make that soup tomorrow. It is perfect for this time of year. I already have made beef vegetable and chicken noodle for us and my daughter's family. I love to make soup. Must look up how to make mushroom soup but I bet you already know how to make that.Hint.

    Well, Susannah has rambled on enough! I am sorry if it was too much. Maybe I got carried away. But Faye sometimes you are my guiding light in the evenings when there is nothing else to do. And your blog makes me feel GOOD!

  11. PS - Forgot to say how cute your Mom looks. Say hello to her for me. Also, God will be with you tomorrow. You are in mmy prayers.

    Love ya, Faye.


    1. I agree with you Susannah! The only time I am ever disappointed with your blog is when you DON'T post anything. You are such an inspiration to SO MANY of us. You are like "Soup for the Soul"! Let your little light shine Faye!!
      Love you!

  12. Faye, when I visit your blog, I feel like I received a warm hug. You are never boring, we visit because we enjoy hearing about your days, so what if they seem ordinary? There is magic in ordinary days (now I sound like a Hallmark movie!) but you know what I am trying to say. That bowl of soup looks so delicious and satisfying. xo

  13. Hi Faye,
    I am also in a blog slump, I am barely getting out one per week! I don't want to quit, but I just about have, and we are leaving in a week and I will be gone for three weeks. I should try to post while I'm gone, we'll see. My husband is finally getting time it's really his holiday time, but he won't go without me. I would really rather stay home, truth be known.
    But, back to your post... I love the view out your kitchen window and your soup looks delish! I love making soup, too.
    How fun to go shopping with your sweet mom, enjoy your time with her, every day counts.
    Love and hugs and wishes for a great week! Cindy

  14. Faye, I know you say you are in a blog slump, and I am in a comment slump! I read your post earlier and didn't even leave a word at the end...children call...but I have a moment so came back here tonight after tiny bodies were tucked into their beds.

    Faye, I always enjoy a peek into your life, even if I don't always comment. I love to hear about your day to day, your projects and have a glimpse of your home that you make oh so homey. I wish for that same coziness in my home. You are gifted! It is always an encouragement to stop here and I appreciate your honesty in your posting today.

    Your soup is making my tummy growl tonight!!

    Take care and tuck in tight tonight. Rest well, friend.

  15. Joyce from Sweet Briar PatchOctober 16, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    Faye, I am sure that I am one of many people who check daily to see if you have posted something and many times I am lazy and don't leave a comment, but I love reading what you write. You inspire me in so many ways ~ homekeeping, cooking, crafting and, especially, spiritually. It's never boring and it's always like hearing from a friend whom I don't get to see very often but I love hearing from.

    You may remember I reached out to you after being diagnosed with kidney cancer in February. I had surgery at the end of March and recently learned that the surgery was successful and the tumor is shrinking and "dying". You helped me through one of the most frightening times of my life and I think that is also why I feel such friendship toward you. I hope you will continue with your blog. I would so miss hearing from you. Take care, my friend, and good luck with your tests tomorrow.

    1. Faye, I also wanted to thank you and your wonderful ladies for praying for me through my cancer diagnosis and surgery. It was so kind of you to do that for me and I appreciate it more than words can say. I feel so very blessed to have someone like you, with your kind soul, in my life and I thank you sincerely for taking the time to reach out to me and to include me in your prayers. I am sending you a very big hug!

  16. Dear Faye I'll be thinking of you and praying that your tests go well and the results are good. I know what you mean about the blog slump...I often visit here to see what you are up to, but can't always comment, as some boy or other usually needs his mama :) But I'm always here *smile* With love, Carly xx

  17. ((hugs)) to you dear Faye! When a blog is written from the heart it never fails to bless and inspire others - just as yours most assuredly does! Thank you for all your encouragements to us and sharing your life - ours are richer for it!
    Your mother is so sweet looking - just like a grandmother and matriarch should look - I never knew my grandmothers so say 'hello' to your dear mom for me!
    God bless

  18. Hi Faye, I love reading your blog everyday. I look forward to it and it always touches my heart. :) Hugs and prayers to you while you are getting your tests done. A trip to Calais with our Moms is always a fun time. My mom loves to shop anyday of the week. lol
    I am hoping to make a new recipe for a creamy vegetable soup this weekend and maybe try the no-knead bread recipe I received at the Keepers of the Home meeting. (guilty....I Have never tried it yet).
    Trying to sort my Christmas list and make a few homemade items to stick in with them.
    Hugs, travel safet Faye.

  19. I know exactly what you mean dear friend...I've often times wondered if it worth it, as I don't get alot of traffic/or comments. Although I do enjoy blogging and visiting. Your blog is always a blessing, and I enjoy visiting no matter what you talk is hearfelt and genuine...please know that we are out here....and we look forward to your postings.

  20. Dear Faye, You are not boring and your blog is lovely... I Know I would like to get on her everyday and read but it just doesnt happen that way sometimes, but when I do get on I do enjoy every bit that I read and see... I even go through some old post and read them over again and look at the pics and such. You are a true blessing to me and I am sure to everyone else who reads your blog. You do a wonderful job and you have so many great ideas and love your little day trips you take and share with us.

    I have started putting some things down on a list that Emma has told me that she wants for Christmas so I won't forget... but you know with kids everyday it is always something new that they would like... lol! I haven't started Christmas shopping but it won't be to much anyways but the kids will have what they need.

    Love ya,


    P.S. My little project right now is trying to get pics of Genevieve in a pumpkin. I picked up a big pumpkin yesterday and I hope it is big enough for her to fit into. So once I am done work today that is my project. I will send you a pic if they turn out or if I she fits in the pumpkin... LOL! I might have to sit her beside it... LOL!
    She has sure put on some weight... Thank the LORD!

  21. Morning Faye Henry
    Yummy soup. I love to bake and make soup.
    My fav things.
    Your mom is beautiful.
    Sending you a giant hug.
    And prayers your tests all go well.
    Blessings to you Friend

  22. What a sweet picture of your mother. I am so glad you got to spend the day together. Your owl plug in is very cute. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  23. Lovely post Faye..I too have been in those blog will past :) Love all your pictures....blessings friend

  24. Everyone has a slump now and then, Faye, do not worry. Good luck with your tests!

  25. Your blog is anything but boring. It is one of my favorites to visit :) I hope your tests go well and you have a great night.

  26. HI Faye, I don't think that I've left a comment in a bit...sorry. I was telling myself that I'd come back and write when I turned on the laptop (b/c the desktop sometimes won't load your blog comment section)...I guess I never came back to it. This week hs certainly been a trying one so far
    A song that has been in my head all week ... I think that we sang it on Sunday ...Call on that name...
    (I know that the video isn't great but the song is :) )

    I hope your trip to Saint JOhn yesterday was alright.
    PS- your momma is cute

  27. hi faye,
    from the sounds of your followers' comments, no one thinks you/your blog are in a slump!! your posts are always eagerly awaited!! i wish you could come make soups like that for me now that we are in 'soup' season! that looks scrumptious!!! hope your test come out ok. nice to be able to spend a shopping day with your mom!
    bless you!
    ^)^ linda

  28. Hi Faye! I am a reader, but normally do not comment. I love reading your posts and so appreciate the encouragement to us homemakers! In fact, you have so inspired me with the posts about your homemaking meetings. I started teaching a few nieces, "homemaking classes." It's become quite a family affair with all the women in the family sharing what we know &have learned to the younger women. It's been a real bonding time for all of us and at the same time, as friends realize what we're doing, they will be joining as well. :) Thank you for taking the time to share with your readers! God bless!

  29. Goodness Faye you are not alone...we all feel this way but it's not required to have something 'exciting' and 'fun' all the time...none of us live those kinds of lives.
    I feel blogging is a journal for me that I like to share...if I have something to say okay, if not just pop in and say hi to everyone.
    You are doing fantastic and I always feel uplifted reading your posts although I have to read several at a time when I do get on as I'm not on often. Makes for lots of computer time.
    Blessings and just hang in there...we love you.