Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just getting ready....

Good Evening to you all.. 
We have been having such lovely days this week.. 
Sunny and cold in the mornings and then warming up in the afternoons.. 
The furnace has been on every morning, though.. 
Fall will soon be changing into the next season.. 

Yesterday we took a trip into the city so I could pick up some things I needed for Keepers meeting on Saturday.. 

We go to a market on the other side of town and picked up some HONEY CRISP APPLES.. 
The lady told me that when you dry this particular type they taste like candy...

This pic is just some odds and ends of ones I have here for something I plan on making.. 
(not something to eat..) 

A little decor...

Little wax pumpkins I made last year... 

We bought some lovely Bosck pears ...

These will be used in making a craft at the meeting.. 

This is sure a mish mash of pictures.. 
A bit of this and that.. sorry.. 

Isn't this a beautiful pie? 

Our youngest son and his girlfriend brought this to us on Saturday when they came out for dinner..
They bought it at the Farmers Market...

We had such a lovely time with them.. 

I roasted an organic chicken for our dinner along with veggies and salad.. 

Then on Monday I made some chicken broth with the bones.. 
I always do this and then freeze it for further use..

Or take one and make another chicken and grain soup... smile.. 

Topped with some fresh parsley.. 
I put barley and millet in this one...

Here are some of the veggies we picked up for our 

We won't be using all of these but hopefully we can incorporate quite a few.. 

And a little scarecrow shelf sitter... 

Not too much interesting going on around here lately.. 
We had company on Monday night and I made the banana cake that I posted the recipe for HERE ... 

It is a huge cake and in the morning there was only 1 piece left.. 
The company loved it but the culprit was Mr. You Know Who.. 

I don't make them very often for that very reason.. 

Well take care my dears.. 

Welcome to some lovely new friends who have  joined the site.. 
So glad to have you all.. 

Thanks for your sweet visit and have a wonderful evening.. 

Brrr... It is cold here tonight..
I guess I will make a nice hot cuppa...

Love and Prayers.. 


  1. I love the honey crisp apples...they are so sweet! Was the pie as good as it looked? We are in South Dakota now...and it has been snowing all day...brrrr! Have a great evening!!

    1. Hi Linda.. You must find quite a temperature change.. smile.. Yes, that pie was delicious.. Such an apple flavor as it was glazed in apple jelly, I think anyway..
      Thanks for your lovely visit and your bags are still beautiful:-) xo

  2. Hi Faye..
    it looks like you've got some great things planned for your meeting.
    Can't wait to see what you do.

    Soup and chowders are perfect for eating, this time of year.
    I made some chicken soup also.. but with some mushrooms in.
    Certainly hits the spot **grin*.

    Keep warm...

    1. Hello dear Kerin.. I love mushrooms in our chicken soup, too .. Especially, when I put barley in... Although, I had just got a big box from Costco.. I forgot I had them as I was hurrying lunch, to be honest.. Next time..
      God bless, my friend.. xo

  3. Oh I wish I was coming to the meeting. :) Wonderful produce you've bought. And your soups always look so comforting and delicious. xo

    1. Hi Barbara.. Thanks for your sweet visit.. Soup is comforting.. smile.. xo

  4. I would love to taste the delicious things you will prepare
    hoping all goes well with your meeting. Heaps of blessings!

    1. I wish you could stop by, Ann.. I would so love to visit with you..
      Loved your last post.. xo

  5. Oh Faye, I almost can't stop by here, because I always leave STARVING. You make some delicious stuff...and the thought of chicken broth in the freezer makes me want to weep. I need to do this!

    I also think it's a shame that lovely dried fruit is going to be made into a craft! ha! There is NOTHING FINER than dried fruit. My mouth almost waters...

    and then that pie that your son & his girlfriend brought. A thing of beauty. Some talented lady out there.

    Hope your night is restful---thanks for sharing---!

    1. Hello there my Canadian friend..
      You need not leave here starving I would share with you in a minute.. grin..
      The apples that are honey crisp will be for drying.. The craft fruit is not in great shape so don't feel too bad... I loved dried pears, too.. Do you?
      Yes, I didn't like to cut the pie as the artwork was wonderful...
      God bless you my friend...xo

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you dear Jackie... Sending hugs from New Brunswick..xo

  7. Hi Faye, Oh now I am really excited for Saturday. I never thought to freeze soup broth before. I usually just freeze the rack, but if I did this I would always be ready for soup. :) See you on Saturday and I can't wait to get a hug and see your smiling face. Thanks again for all your past and continued prayers.
    Hugs, Krista

    1. Can't wait to see you either, Krista.. And to hug you, too, dear girl..
      See you, soon, ..
      Love and Prayers xo

  8. Morning the crow...Caw Caw.....your soup looks so yummy on a crisp Fall day.....Been really cool here in Winnipeg....Frost on the pumpkin this morning...... Enjoy Saturday.....Blessings Francine.

    1. Morning, Francine.. So nice to have you and today is a very crisp day here in the Maritimes of Canada, too.. Brrr...
      Take care, my friend.. xo

  9. That pie looks amazing and the soup looks very heartwarming. Love the little scarecrow. I hope your Keepers meeting is a lot of fun as you gather and share together. I hope you share the crafts you make with the apples and pears. Blessings, Pam

    1. Hi dear Pam... Thanks for your faithful visits and your good wishes.. I think you might like the crafts.. We shall

  10. The soup looks delicious! I would love the recipe. I seem to only think of chicken noodle soup when using up chicken. This is probably everyone(except me)least favorite soup so I could really use a different chicken soup recipe. The pie looks fabulous! Just like mine (lol). I think I want to get some honey crisp apples now for drying. I don't think I have ever dried that particular type. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Hi Donna... I will try and post the recipe soon or send it email to you.. It is a just a recipe in my head thing.. smile.. Those apples are amazing.. Terry even like them.. smile.. xo

  11. That pie is beautiful! Such a nice gift :) Those apples that are supposed to taste like candy sound delicious! I'll have to try to find some of those myself.

    1. Hello Tammy..Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment.. Those apples are wonderful dried... I think you would like them... Take care, my friend..xo

  12. I always enjoy visiting with you Faye.
    The pie looks wonderful, and sharing it
    with loved ones makes it even better.
    Adorable scarecrow as well.Soon we will
    be into the Season Of Thanks. One of my
    favorites. Blessings~Sara

    1. Hi Sara.. Always nice to have you, too ... The pie was a piece of art and tasted divine.. I made Dustin take the rest home so we wouldn't eat anymore.. smile.. Thanks for you sweet comment.. xo

  13. wish we were closer to come on Saturday!
    Think of the crowd that you'd have then Ha! :)
    I really am in a need a Mrs.Henry "fix" today or some down right Mother-ing advice! Smile! You know ....maybe today you could share about the Lord and where we need to be in this world of...everyone pointing us towards "ME" thinking! We need to be toward "HIM" and our hearts pointing that way....
    Thanks, yes the food always looks yummy!
    Blessings & hugs!

    1. My dear Lori... Such a pleasure whenever I hear from you and yours.. I would so love to walk in a room and you all be there.. smile.. Where did you get that "fix" thing? Did I tell you about that? grin...
      You are right about it being a ME generation... I will be praying and see what the Lord lays on my heart for a wee post on that subject..
      Sending love to you all...xo

  14. Oh,everything looks absolutely scrumptious! I should have eaten dinner before I read this.... ;) I hope you can share what you do with the pears. :)

    1. Hi Yvette.. So nice to have you dear... I will try and share the pear thing after the meeting.. Take care, my friend...xo

  15. Hello dear lady,
    You've been busy, as usual, and everything looks wonderful. I love your photos, they look very delicious, I'm hungry for some pie now! And I adore the little scarecrow.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, cindy

  16. Good morning my lovely friend.. The second comment from your city.. smile..
    Thanks for your visit as always..xo

  17. Thank you for the lovely keepers meeting this morning...had a great time as always... I really liked your "story" about MAry and could post it sometime :) or your whole lesson... I think tht there would be many ladies that would love to "hear' it and would be ecouraged!!
    ...can't believe that I forgot to come back and comment until now, my bad

  18. Love your little pumpkin. Your blog inspires me. I didn't know you could dry apples like that. I think I'll try it.