Monday, October 1, 2012

Better late than never....

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
So glad you dropped by tonight..

Another Monday has come and almost gone .. 

One our darling grandsons turned 13 today... 
Happy Birthday, Carter... 

I have decided that since it is October 1st then I must like everyone else welcome in Fall...

Better late than never...

I guess Fall does have rather a lot going for it even if Winter is right behind there waiting to take over the scene.. 

I love the wonderful colors and Harvest veggies..

One of my new faves are the organic garlic.. 
I can't believe how long I used the other pathetic stuff that is available here in the supermarkets.. 

 I pick up three or four each time we go to the city.. 
I have a pot full now.. grin..
I believe they will keep all Winter..  

And then there are all the wonderful flowers you can dry.. 

I like sticking them here and there.. 
My hydrangea are ready to pick as soon as it quits raining.. 
We have been blessed with several rainy days here.. 

Today I froze a big batch of beets.. 
We love them in the winter as a side dish or as a salad.. 

I just boil them until tender and then clean and slice.. 
Pack in freezer containers.. 
They are lovely... 
We like them heated with a bit of butter and vinegar..

Terry picked these last roses for me... 

 Along with a bag of rose petals which I will be adding to some vinegar to make Rose Vinegar. 

Lindsay and I learned how to do that at Kings Landing along with a recipe to make a nice vinaigrette..

Spent some time chopping up a bunch of tomatoes today, too...

Along with some onions, cilantro, hot peppers and limes... 

Ended up with 3 lovely bottles of fresh salsa.. 

This is our famous Maritime chef's recipe... 
You can find it HERE...

I have a bottle for Mom, one for us and  one for Thanksgiving this weekend..
We celebrate it early here in Canada...

My sweet friend, Janelle gave me this great gift... 

It is a cast iron tea pot with a tea infuser ... 
I am enjoying it so much.. 
That girl always knows what I love.. smile..

Well, there is this the last piece of apple pie... 

Would you share it with you know who?  
I know...
 He deserves it for putting up with me..grin..
 And he did bring me those roses.. smile.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by sweet ladies.. 
I so love having you as I keep saying... 

I am looking forward to reading your little notes.. 
I did reply to each one last time ... 
And I do read each one ... 

I remarked to my friend Caroline that I did not expect that she would read each comment, too.. 
But I do..
Do you girls read the comments, too?
Just wondering... 

Take care and enjoy your week... 

Loving the faithfulness of the Lord tonight... 



  1. Like I've said before, I do so love your blogs. I also read all of your comments. You have such wonderful followers.
    I would love to know how you make your salsa. Is it hot?
    Have a great night.

    1. Hi Julie... I put the link for the recipe.. Just click on the word Here and it goes to our chef who lives in P. E. I. He is my favorite chef.. Perhaps, I am biased.. grin.. It is not too hot.. I only added on hot pepper with no seeds..
      Thanks for your sweet comment.. xo

  2. Yes, I read every comment too!
    This was a wonderful post,
    Home no place like it.
    I love the golden month of October!

    1. I love the words.. golden month of October .. Ann..
      You do have a way with words as I have told you many times.. smile. xo

  3. What a lovely post once again! Yes, fall is here in WI and it is getting cooler ...Time to start the wood stove:) Your apple pie looks so good and a favorite veggie around here is beets :)hope you both are doing well and are getting everything put from the store....Think of you often May GOD bless and be near to you both "HUGS" to you!
    Love ya,
    P.S We do read all the comments:)

    1. So glad to hear from such a dear family.. You girls are all awesome and Mama, too.. smile.. I think of you all often, also..
      I have not forgotten you and have some notes almost ready..
      Take care, now.. xo

  4. Hey there dear Faye.....You know I love coming to your blog. You always have something that peaks my interest and I love to hear about all of your projects, too.

    Now, know you must give that last piece of pie to Terry. After said you really don't care for pie that much and......who else goes out in the fields , out in the woods, in the mud, down in the ditches ...gets stuck with the get some greens or flowers just for you????? Come on....give him the pie. (You know I am just kidding, don't you?)

    Love ya.....

    1. Now, Sue, we know why Terry favors you a bit, eh!! giggle.. xo

  5. Yes! I read everyone's comments...
    I like getting them, myself - so I know how encouraging they are. ;) It makes me smile to read when someone gets lots of comments. I've been doing what you've been doing - trying to reply (right on the blog) to each and every person that comments.

    Also, I'll have to try freezing beets. That I have never tried before. Sounds delish. I love pickled beets and wanted to do some up this year... so far I haven't gotten there yet. ;(

    1. I think, Bevy that people are interested in what other followers are saying, too.. I know I love reading them myself..
      Hope you like the beets... If you like them as a veggie then I know you will.. xo

  6. Such a nice homey post,but you always write wonderful things,and I love looking at the pictures you share. I am glad for fall too...just needs to get a bit cooler here...I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving now...better sooner,than later :) Blessings

    1. Thank you for the kind and sweet comment, Shelley.. Hope you get your cooler weather soon..
      God bless, my friend.. xo

  7. You have had a very busy day. Love your new teapot! The green is beautiful. Yes, I do read every comment I get and respond to most as well. I enjoy staying in touch with my followers don't you? Are you having a big Thanksgiving dinner? I won't be. Not even sure if hubby will be home from work. We'll see. Have a blessed week.

    1. Yes, Pam we are having a big family dinner although our youngest has to work the whole weekend.. But he and his girlfriend will be out next week some night for a nice supper, Lord willing..
      Looking forward to it all..
      Glad you like my teapot... xo

  8. I do quite often read what others have written to you and your reply back to them, teehee! You're still the busy little beaver. We were in Kenora this weekend once again, the Pastor was on their way to GC in St. Louis and my hubby took the services preaching and I played piano and sang...always enjoy doing that. I kinda miss the days when we did it all of the time, although I'm not a musician, I would prefer to just sing love songs to Jesus! =)
    Your salsa looks good and I just discovered organic garlic this summer, I must find another place to buy it though.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Hello dear friend... I wish I could sing and play but all that talent went to my sister... smile..Who can play both piano and guitar and sing... My poor Dad could not believe that both of us were not blessed with talent and made me take piano lessons for years.. I can play I love coffee I love tea.. grin...Poor papa...
      Oh well.. I make a joyful noise.. grin..
      Thanks for your sweet visit...

  9. As busy and as blessed as ever, dear Faye! Terry gave you roses so apple pie in return seems fair!
    God bless

    1. Thanks Sweetie... Yes, he deserves the pie.. Granted... grin...

  10. Good Morning Faye Henry
    I say share the pie or two forks. :)
    Thanks for sharing the salsa recipe. I love salsa and cannot wait to try.
    Have a wonderful day

    1. Hi Trace.. To tell you the truth by the time I got to the pie it looked like a little mouse had been nibbling at the edges.. grin..

  11. He he yes I often read the comments Faye, you have lovely followers :) Love the idea of your frozen beets, I love them, but haven't managed to get the pickling vinegar sweet enough for my liking yet. Welcome home, and Autumn blessings! xx

    1. Yes, I do have lovely followers, Carly and you are one of them.. grin.. Followers of the blog, I mean... We only follow Jesus, eh?
      God bless my friend...

  12. I love the teapot! So cute. Your salsa looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Thanks for your sweet visit, Donna.. Love having you as always.. xo

  13. I just added your blog to my list on my blog so that my readers can find your lovely blog.

    Harvest blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Thank you so much, Laura.. I have yours on mine, too..

  14. I most definitely read each comment that comes to my blog, I love to read them :) Unfortunately I am not that good at responding to them...maybe as things slow down for the winter, oh, I can't wait though I do love Fall.

    As usual you have been a busy woman. It shows that you use your time wisely, wish I could same the same in that department as well but I have felt so scatter brained lately.

    Thank you for sharing, Faye.


  15. DEAR FAYE,
    LOVE YA,

  16. Thanks for sharing! I love reading
    your blogs.