Monday, April 29, 2013

A Spring Weekend in Eastern Canada...

Good Evening everyone.. 
So glad to have you stop by and visit for a bit.. 
Did you have a good weekend?  

Just thought I would post a few pics of our doings here on a Spring  weekend in New Brunswick.. 
We had glorious weather .. 
Cool but sunny with a bit of brisk winds.. 

Terry and I woke up on Saturday with a desire to have ourselves another farm day.. 
We had had a busy week and it just seemed like it was calling our names.. 
We find it a very relaxing thing to do.. 
Our old place is located between two hills and the wind breezes through there.. Usually, there are a herd of cows out beyond the barn.. (They belong to someone 
And there is never very much traffic and so quiet.. 
Relaxing if you know what I mean.. 
You would think to hear me talk that we live such busy stressful lives instead of two old mostly retired ones.. grin.. 

Anyway, we headed out that way and stopped for our traditional coffees to drink along the way.. It only takes us a half hour but we enjoy our Tim Horton's .. (Canadian coffee) 

Well.. when we arrived in a wee town that we need to go through to get there we realized that it was the annual  River Run...

There were trucks galore with ATVs on trailers everywhere you looked.  There were folks on bikes and walking..
Cars parked along the road for miles..  

We need to go over the river to get to the farm so it was kind of fun to see what was going on.. 
To be honest we generally try to stay away from the event as it is quite a party.. smile.. 
The public were warned that the police would be out in healthy numbers and they were..  

Well, we ended up at the farm in one piece..
We met quite a bit more traffic then usual.. Two cars every mile or so .. I told Terry that Prosser Brook had bumper to bumper traffic..  
I thought I was hilarious but you know he takes that place seriously and did not get my joke.. LOL.. 
Gotta love him.. 

When we got the place warmed up a bit I decided to make bread and put on a ham to cook. 
Terry worked away at cleaning up the yard. 

I wanted to do some switching furniture around and we did that for a few minutes.. 

We had bought the old hutch you see in the pic at the auction..
Twenty dollars, I think..  
It looks a bit better then the enamel top table that was there.  
It just needs to be painted especially the mended drawer.. 
Things need to be arranged better after it gets it's paint job..

We had lunch/supper and then decided to take a drive up to the windmills.. 
There was still snow up there and the maple syrup pipes were everywhere.. 
They must have got a pile of syrup this year.. 

The windmills are awesome and there are so many of them.. 
They are located up in the Kent Hills ... 

Well, when we came back down there were a bunch of young fellows mud-bogging up the snow mobile trail..

Oh my word....
What they do to those vehicles is unbelievable!!!
Covered in mud and gears grinding.. !!
And grinning their heads off.. 
I don't get it..  

On our way home we saw one lonely boater under the bridge but most of the activity was over although there were still lots of traffic.. 

We were almost out to the highway when we pulled up beside this poor lad.. 
We heard them say that had hoped that when they got on the road that the air would cool down the motor but instead it blew up
Believe me...
He was not a happy looking camper.. 
I guess it was fun for a bit.. 

To be honest..  
I guess I am an old woman but I tried to get Terry to explain to me what the sense in this is.. 
You take a decent truck or whatever and put it through all the mud you can and perhaps ruin it.. 
For what??? 
He said most of these guys probably work in garages and fix them each week and then head out again on the weekends... 
I guess if that is a priority for them then it must be worth all of the hard work to pay for it.. 


Then on Sunday we attended church in the morning and evening.. 
Wonderful lovely presence of the Lord.. 

Our grandsons were there and we were talking about the farm.. 
I told them I wanted a donkey and some sheep.. 
Today when we got home I had a tweet from one of them telling me I could buy a donkey for $600.00 and they found me 2 sheep for free but I had to give the owners the wool for the first year.. 
Isn't that precious!! 

I am trying to talk Terry into it.. 
How do you think I will make out??? 

Have a good night dear hearts and thanks so much for all of your sweet comments.. 
I love them.. 

Until next time.. 

Wow.. this is a long post.. 
Hope I didn't bore you to death.. 
Don't read it.. just look at the pics.. grin.. 


  1. It sure was a nice weekend for the River Run... was out biking around these parts on Saturday- much quieter too! Mudding can be fun, though I doubt it would be fun to end up walking on account of a blown up motor...

  2. What are you talking about? This is not a boring post....this was FUN!!!!! You had me cracking up about Prosser Brook being bumper to bumper traffic!!!!!!Your dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, lots of carrots and salad looks so delicious to me. That is the kind of meal that Jim likes. AND I can think of so many better places to spend my money rather than fixing up these mud trucks every week...but I guess some guys really like it. God bless the grandsons for finding you a donkey and two sheep! Anything for Grandma. In answer to your question about whether Terry will okay the sheep?..........I think he will not give in and he will say no. He would be making many trips to feed and water them.........summertime you are at the sea....just won't work this year I'm still thinking he will say no.

    Nighty night, Faye,

  3. Faye....I love the old side board or hutch that you bought for $20.00!!!!! It looks so good next to the stove and it will hold so much stuff!!!!!!! Good buy!

  4. Hi Faye, I certainly did not find your post boring either. I, too would love to have a donkey and sheep plus chickens. I am really working hard on the chickens since they would probably be the one I MIGHT possibly be able to have at some time. I also took a spinning class one Fall at Kings Landing starting with just sheared fleece and would love to have my own sheep to do my own but ....
    Told you we had a lot in common.
    So nice getting to know you.

  5. Kim from Saint JohnApril 29, 2013 at 5:30 PM

    Hi Faye:

    Your blog is wonderful..not a bit boring. Maybe I'm just boring and don't realize it LOL, but regardless, I love reading it.
    I'm a city girl, so I guess I wouldn't do well with either a donkey or a couple of sheep:)
    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Evening Faye, I love your side board too, great buy....your farm house is so cozy, I would want to be there all the time......never boring dear, enjoy all the pictures and writing, blessings Francine.

  7. Faye, Prosser Brook is one spot my mother often took us for Sunday drives. She always wanted a place in the country, an old farmhouse or camp even and it was her dream to live in the country again beside a brook. It never happened. I guess having grown up in your little village and in Peti then moving to Moncton that she couldn't get the country out of her. :) Our son is one of 'those' guys who loves to go mudding on the weekends. Oh, the mud and the damage he's seen over the years but he loves to fix up his trucks afterwards just like Terry said. I love that great old sideboard in your kitchen and all the vintage things on the shelf above it. I hope you have a great week. The weather sure is beautiful isn't it. Hugs, Pam

  8. Sounds like you had a full but fun weekend . I know what you mean about being on the farm in the peace and quiet I like that to ! I would love to have a hobby farm of miniatures , ponies, donkeys etc ! Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. We have windmills here in Pa. too. Have never been real close to them but they say they are noisy. Dinner looked yummy.
    Thanks for sharing all your pictures.


  10. Faye, I could read posts from you all the time. Sounds like a productive weekend even with all the "traffic" ;-) xo

  11. I always look forward to reading your posts! I am heading into retirement in a few years and hope I use my time as wisely as you do. God bless you!

  12. We call it mud bogging in the South. It really was a lot of fun. But that was 30 years ago I may feel different about doing it now. LOL
    I now live in California we have wind mills every way. At night the fields are covered in red light.( From the tops of the wind mills. )
    Your photos were lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love your posts Faye, it's like having a chat in person...not many blogs that are like that :)
    They do that off-roading here in the UK too, it's very popular...personally getting stuck in the mud is not something I'd enjoy, but it takes all sorts doesn't it! Hubby has been a few times, had a blast. There's even a special farm locally that hosts days out for it!
    With love, Carly xx

  14. Of course we would read it! Yes, it is a good maple syrup year here as well. Like the little cupboard - a deal at $20. Free sheep - how can Terri say no.. :) Blessings from Wisconsin.

  15. We have several ATV trails around here too, Faye... and James works with men that go there and tear up their off-road vehicles every weekend. James says it is part of the challenge to get up there and break down and then have to fix it enough to get back down the mountain. This does not sound like my idea of a good time, but... whatever floats your boat I guess. *grin*
    Oh~ and good luck on the sheep... :)

  16. You have a beautiful church, I love pretty churches. Your meal and fresh bread look delicious and I am with you, I don't get the mud riders either, it's a big thing in BC,too. I don't get it!
    Lovely photos, I enjoyed looking at them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. my the wonderful photos!
    my boy would love the mud runs, he lives to be in mud, and declares it like heaven on earth.
    I really, really do not like the laundry after effects of it all.
    he pretty well destroys everything he takes out and drives like that.
    there are broken what its, every where in my yard.
    it makes no sense to me, at all.
    hope this week finds you well, hugs!

  18. That bread looks incredibly delicious! I still can't get the hang of bread but I'll keep trying til I do :) I'm glad that you guys had some nice weather! I bet you are ready for spring!

  19. I can smell those rolls Faye :-) Ah, you have wind farms too...... Awesome don't you think ? They look like something from War of the Worlds. To me they look awesome but to many that live near them over here they are bad news because of the noise... Me.. I think they look futuristic :-) Happy May day my dear friend x x x