Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Old Fashioned Kitchen Day at Keepers of the Home..

Good Afternoon everyone.. 
Another Lord's Day has rolled around and I am glad in it.. 

Yesterday we had a Keepers of the Home meeting.. 
We decided to change it a bit and held it from 10 until 2 .. 

All week long I puttered away trying to get things together.. 
As we were centering our attention on the kitchen we did kitchen stuff.. smile.. 

There was some delicious coffee made when we arrived (thank you, Pastor) and one of the Keepers made a couple of lovely batches of muffins.. 
As this was happening there was a little lesson on the Kitchen and how it is the heart of the home.. 

The place where memories are made that are so important to our families.. 
We used our five senses to see how we could improve our own spaces.. 

What makes a kitchen cozy and warm.?. 
The lovely scents and tastes of home made bread and coffee brewing are great but there is not always time for that so we can also use simmering potpourri or a plug in to make it all smell great..

We all agreed that we love to see our kitchens clean and organized and I confessed to everyone that this is where I need help.. 
Divine help, that is .. grin.. 

We discussed ways that we can make sure that Christ is at the centre of this busy room.. 

Playing Christian music that we can hear and doing devotions at the kitchen table were a few... 
Making sure that the TV does not reign supreme is also important.. 

The kitchen is also used as a place of entertainment whether it be just a neighbor over for coffee or a meal for friends.. 
We want it to be a friendly place where especially our family feels the loving touch that we can give and where our children see their Mom and Dad displaying affection which touches our children's lives for ever.. 

We talked about how quickly time passes and the sweet days of children doing lessons at the table or a project being done soon passes.. 
Then it is just the two of us and the opportunity we had to make an impression on those young lives is over.. 

Therefore, we need as Keepers of the Home to make an effort to create those times in the kitchen influencing our children to put God first in their lives so that when they are building a home they will also endeavor to put Jesus front and centre... 

Many children come home to empty houses because Mama needs to work and that is not her fault.. But.. Whenever there is a chance or opportunity to make it special then take time to make the effort.. 

After that we learned how to make artisan bread as seen HERE  on YouTube... 
Also Michael Smith's Heritage bread HERE..
When they arrived it was baking away in the oven and certainly smelled great.. 

Next, we all sat around with fresh coffee and peeled a whole roaster full of apples and made Roasted Vanilla Apple Sauce .. 

While it roasted away in the oven we enjoyed our lunch..
The girls brought homemade soups, salads, rolls and desserts.. 
And the fellowship was so sweet.. 

After lunch I showed them a way to make your kitchen a bit more festive by using Christmas tea towels to make a curtain.. 

It still wasn't over as we then made a recipe box, menu box, kid's poster box or what have you out of a cereal box.. 
Using paper lunch bags and an Elmer's glue stick.. 
A magazine pic or a bit of scrap booking papers.. 
So easy.. 
Oh yes and some distress ink.. smile.. 
The girls did some very neat work.. eh?  

We had lots of door prizes, too, because dear Janet brought so many.. 
Thank you, Jan..

We put the applesauce into mason jars for the ladies to take home to try... 
I hope they liked it.. 

All in all it was a thumbs up day.. 

We were so happy to have several guests and pray they will come back again.. 

There was homework passed out and if you would like I will email it to you.. 
Please just email me at and I will forward it to  you... 

Thanks so much for dropping by today.. 
I need to go get ready for church tonight but I look forward to reading your lovely comments.. 

Take care and may God bless your kitchens and give you a new incentive to turn it into a room where God is centre and joy is complete... 
Hugs from New Brunswick.. 


  1. Faye,every time you write a post about a meeting of the Keepers, I so wish I could have attended! Just a bit too far away. Looks like it was another beautiful day. xo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! Wish I could come to one of your Keepers of the Home meetings, but I think North Texas may be a little too far. Today was a blessing here too with our sweet church family!

  3. What sweet fellowship! The Keepers of the Home group is a rarity....cherish every moment as I know you do...what great lessons. food and projects....I so agree... the kitchen is the heart of the home....Blessings!

  4. Evening Faye, I love that you all get together, that is beautiful, good friends and food, warms the heart of home, Blessings Francine.

  5. Yes, keepers of the home sounds like a good thing to have, I'd attend as well. Sigh! I like the idea of hanging Christmas tea towels by the window. What a novel idea! I think I'll try that one. And um, talking about tv, didn't you mean making sure tv doesn't reign supreme? We had a dear friend over for lunch after church. Connie's husband died in Sept and we decided to have her over for meals once in awhile. Good visit with her over spaghetti, made by my husband, Phil. It's always good! It's been a tradition for years, started when I had to work on Sunday afternoons. Too much for me to make it all, wash up and then work. So he said he'd make it and has ever since! Love him for doing so! Hugs!

  6. Hi Faye
    Lovely photos . Oh looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time making things and chatting up a storm . We always had meals at the kitchen table when the kids were growing up but now there is just the two of us , we don't use the kitchen table much any more , guilty of being in front of the TV for supper , I know but heck what ya going to do ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  7. What a fun time you ladies have each month! The food and soup looks so good. Sometimes I wish we had an eat in kitchen but our dining room is right next to it and all our meals are there. Our kids did their lessons there on the dining table and we all played games on it. So, our dining room holds a lot of memories over the years in this same house. I don't bake bread but sure have made a lot of cookies over the years! Blessing to you for the week ahead Faye. Pam

  8. Sounds like a great time! The bread looks yum!!

  9. Faye you & The Keepers of the Home have a fan
    here in CT. Your Posts .... always touch my
    Heart, make me Smile, and are Food for Thought.
    I too Love my Kitchen where I spend so much of my
    day .... fervently offering up Prayers of Praise & Gratitude.
    Blessings & Hugs ~~~ Connie xox

  10. You obviously had a very good time, it's nice to see some younger women joining in with you. Your roasted applesauce sounds good!

  11. Hi,
    All sounds wonderful. I love how you write. You always encourage me as a mom of two young boys. Thank You!
    xx oo

  12. this was a wonderful post, it looked like everyone had so much fun, the boxes came out great, no doubt the applesauce did too!

  13. I love reading about your meetings. They always sound like such a fun time of learning and fellowship.

  14. Oh sounds like you all had a wonderful time,makes one wish they were there.Thanks 4 sharing,your such a dear lady.So enjoy all your post.ooxx

  15. I love your meeting posts. They remind me of when I was a newlywed and several friends used to get together to help each other out and trade tips and tricks to making a house a home. And in this post I discovered your Pinterest page and now I'm following you! Have a great week and thanks for sharing!

  16. Faye please E-Mail me the home work TY. tried the other but could not get in.The of wishes 4 you and Family.ooxx

  17. An afternoon of fellowship and fun!!! What a great way to spend a portion of your day :)

  18. I love when you share the Keeper Friends.
    So much fun.
    I spent the weekend in the kitchen.
    Apple handpies, big pie and applesauce.
    Apple vanilla sauce how yummy.
    Woolie Blessings to you Friend

  19. Hello Faye :)

    Once again, another posting to bless and uplift. I love your ministry with the Keepers. I would love to attend however my poor hubby would have nothing to do while waiting for me. Oh well, one of these days perhaps, Lord willing :)

    I bet the kitchen smelled lovely while the applesauce was cooking! I recently came across a recipe for Scrap Apple Jelly, which I intend to try soon. I love the idea of using every part of the waste!

    Loved all your pictures, and am now going to take a peek at the dishcloth kitchen curtains :)

    Take care and Gold bless you and Terry.

    Kim xx

  20. I enjoy your Keepers posts the most, I think... I would love the homework to lcsr59 at sbcglobal dot com. I am doing "fried apples" today in my crockpot to remember my sweet grandma on what would be her birthday. Oh... the smells I remember as we entered the front door when we 'd visit her! A kitchen is the heart of a home and the love found there is a pulse that continues to beat in one's mind and soul long after that kitchen is closed....

    1. Hi Lori.. I have tried to send the homework to you but for some reason it comes back.. Could you email me at and I will send it to you.. Sorry.. xo

  21. The food looks so delicious, as usual! Especially the bread. Nothing quite like homemade bread fresh out of the oven! The kitchen really is the heart of the home :)

  22. I would have "loved" to be there! How blessed are all of the women there.