Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keeping it cozy and apple tea..

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

It is certainly getting colder here in New Brunswick.. 
The other day people were out and about with just their sweaters and then today there were some mamas helping their kids build snowmen.. 
We just got rain though, thank heavens..

I am not a Winter person although I love the cozy evenings.. 

Lately I have been puttering away in the Sun Room and turning it into a more cozy niche for myself.. 

I decided to put my sewing stuff in a spare bedroom which has a window seat where I can store fabrics and such .. 
Since the room is bright it should make a good place to sew in.. 

It seems kind of pointless to have craft supplies upstairs while I have a workroom downstairs.. 
So it is all down there now.. 

I hope to make some Christmas gifts but I will make them down there..

Terry bought me a couple of parsons chairs and we brought up a small table from the cottage to put in the Sun Room.. 
When you all come for coffee now we will go in there.. smile.. 

My plants love this room, too.. 
Do you ladies ever grow bay plants? 
I am hoping this will last over the Winter and I will put it back out in the Spring.. 

We were to our little market that we like in Dieppe and bought some pears.. 

I put them in the dehydrator and will use them as decoration for Christmas gifts.. 
They look lovely with kraft paper and greenery.. 

The pepper plant that my friend gave me yielded a good harvest.. smile.. 

I have decided to dry them, too.. 

Terry was at a neighbors and had a delicious turkey sandwich. When he came home he wanted me to cook one.. 

It was in the freezer quite a while so it was good to get it cooked.. 

On Monday I made this apple tea to freeze for the holidays, too.. 

It is really easy to make.. 

Put your apple peels and cores in a pot and just cover with water.. 
Add a couple of cinnamon sticks, a few stars of anise, a teaspoon  of cloves and a few slices of fresh ginger and 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice.. 
Simmer this for 15 minutes or so and then strain.. 
I use a cheesecloth to strain it with.. 
Put it in bottles and freeze.. 

 To use put it in a crock pot and add enough honey to taste.. 
Or use it for a base for punch and add Sprite and such.. 

Here is a PIN for another recipe.. 
I just find it kind of bland and like mine spicy... 

Anyway, dear hearts this is all for tonight..
We are going to St. John tomorrow .. 

Are you making any of your Christmas gifts? 
I would love to hear what you are up to.. 

Welcome to the new followers.. 
Just love having you..

Thank you so much for dropping by..  

Take care and God bless.. 



  1. I enjoyed your post, it amazes me the way your geraniums bloom in the house, just so pretty.
    Good for you getting all your craft supplies in one room!
    No running up the steps!
    I canned some apple sauce tonight, apples from a friend, late spotty windfalls,
    but the sauce came out wonderful. My siblings will be getting jars of apples, cooked, sauce & butter for gifts.
    Still trying to plot out the next list to get busy on.

  2. Hi there! I love your blog. How nice to have a sun room to do crafting in during the colder months. I love cold weather, but we get it in spurts, nothing like the northern states get.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe for apple tea. I hope to try that soon. I love the taste of spiced apples, so I'm sure I'll love this too. Are those Scotch Bonnet peppers? I wonder if they will emit a strong smell as they dry? Will you still use them for cooking afterwards? I didn't know this could be done. I'm already learning new things from you! :o)

    I invite you to visit my humble blog. It's pretty new.

    Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Carolyn.. Welcome to the Blessed Hearth.. Yes, the peppers are the same as Scotch Bonnets but are mini ones.. They have been drying all day but no strong smell.. When they are dry I hope to make a powder with them to sprinkle on things..
      I will be over to your blog, too.. xo

  3. Love that sun room and all your geraniums. I have a couple (ones pulled off the front porch) that I'll keep them going, over winter - they're hanging in a couple of our windows around the house. I love that.

    You're amazing with all your ideas and makings. Apple Tea and dried pears. I wish we lived closer - I know I sure would love to sit down at your table. I could learn a host from you. :)

  4. Your sunroom looks cozy and bright Faye. Did you know it's going to be 10C on the weekend? And no rain! That comes on Monday. :) I started some Christmas decorating this afternoon but sure could use some snow on the ground for inspiration. Christmas music helps though. I think it's great that you a making a lot of your Christmas gifts. I'm not crafty at all. Have a great week. Blessings, Pam

  5. Everything looks so lovely and cozy! I have a question about the apple tea - would you save your peels and cores for a few weeks to make this? And where would you save them? In a bucket in the fridge or freezer? Or do you just make a bit at a time and add it to the tea already in the jugs in the freezer?

    1. \Hi. The peels I used this time was from the applesauce we made in our Keepers of the Home meeting .. I kept them cool for a couple of days and they were fine.. I would not keep them more then that though unless you freeze them perhaps.. If you peel enough for a pie or sauce just make it and freeze in smaller containers or use it right up.. Hope this helps.. F..

  6. Faye
    I wish I'd had this recipe before I dumped the rest of my apples for the animals to eat.
    It sound like a good drink for a chilly night.
    Your sewing room sounds like a lovely place to spend your time being creative!

  7. Faye,Your sunroom looks so lovely,wish I could drop by for reals.. I would like to know what kind of dehydrotor you use, as I would like to get one, I know noting about them. My son-in-law told me bottles brake if you freeze them. ??. You always take such lovely pictures.Would you sent me the home work?
    AT TY.ooxx

    1. Thanks Cathyjo.. I am sorry.. I thought I sent it to you.. I will try again.. smile. xo

    2. I forgot to add that bottles will break in freezer if you hit against another one.. I try and put them in a mason jar box or stand them up where they won't come in contact with anything..

  8. Hi Faye, I wanted to ask you how much you really use your dehydrator? I was thinking about asking Santa for one for Christmas. I love dried fruit and thought it would be fun to do. Does it take all day to dry an apple? My neighbor dries all her parsley every year and she grows a lot. Usually, by now, I am making some home made gifts for Christmas. I think I am going to have to pass unless it is something simple because of my trigger thumb that I just had surgery for. We will see. Now, I also wanted to ask you about the peppers that you are drying now. You just hang them upside down and after a few weeks ...they should be dry? Do you use them in soups and other things then? I sliced a ton of them this year and put them in freezer bags and froze them. They are delicious cooked for hamburgers. to bed for this old girl.

    May you have a beautiful Wednesday! Hope you are feeling well.


    1. Hi Sue.. I use my dehydrator a lot.. In fact my Mom just bought me another one so now I can run two.. I use it for flowers, fruits and veggies I get on sale, homemade potpourri, mushrooms, fruit roll ups, and I want to try jerky soon.. I am putting them in the dehydrator as they are only mini ones.. Hope it works.. smile.. Take care, my friend.. xo...

    2. For sure, I think I should ask my Santa for one. I think I would use it a lot. One year I had our whole big garage filled with flowers hanging to dry. It was a sight to see. But drying them your way would be lots of fun, too. Well, thanks for the information. I appreciate it. Love, S. xo to you, too.

  9. Your sun room looks nice! I usually make some stuff for Christmas. I usually do a craft show before, so what doesn't sell...end up as gifts! Blessings from Wisconsin.

  10. Morning Faye, oh so cozy, love the sunroom........The turkey ooks so yummy, one of favs.........Keep Cozy, Francine.

  11. Good idea for your sewing room, Faye. Keep puttering away for you are a contented soul and homemaker and blessed!
    Love the pear slices for gift accessories.

  12. It is getting very cold here. We had a hard freeze last night and it was so cold this morning! It is getting me in the holiday spirit, though :) Your little nook looks very cozy. I do enjoy staying warm and cuddling up inside the house when it's cold outside.

  13. Faye, your photos are wonderful , I can just smell that roast turkey, the scent of those pears and the Apple te, I am making it for our Thanksgiving. I would spend many happy hours in your sun room, talking and crafting and learning so many things. Can you send me the homework, too? Thanks so much. xo

  14. It's a balmy 2 deg C here tonight Faye :-)
    Ah, look at that turkey. :-) Hate to say, even after all these years of not eating meat.. yep over 30 now :-) to see a picture like that, I can even smell it cooking :-) NOPE, not going to tempt me :-) :-)
    Lovely post Faye :-) x x x oh, yep, we have Bay tree's, but bugs get ours :-) x x x Must be the warm temps eh :-) x x x x x x x

  15. Hi Faye,
    I like winter, because I love to cross country ski. I also love to get cozy after a good ski in the woods.
    I love your sun room, you did a nice job.
    Thank you for the recipe. Yum!

  16. Faye, I always get the best ideas from reading your blog! Everything looks so cozy and lovely, as usual. I'm with you and not so crazy about winter. I better get used to it though because we are moving at the end of December up near Lake Ontario. My husband accepted a new pastorate. Lots of snow and cold! ;-)

  17. Love your sun room and it makes sense to have all your crafts in one spot. That apple tea sounds yummy.....

  18. Friend, this apple tea sounds DELISH - I have never heard of it before. Do you use it as a concentrate for tea, or just heat it up and drink it? I can't wait to try it. It probably smells divine.

    I don't think I can tell you enough times, I just LOVE your home. So incredibly cozy. I'm contemplating curtains for my living room. Do you have somewhere you would recommend buying from? I'm not sure if I want to sew these ones. I am hoping it will cozy up this old living room -- a lil' warmth will do me well this winter :)

  19. Hi Cheyenne.. So nice to hear from you again.. Yes, I just heat it up and use it unless I use it for a base for punch and then I add honey and Sprite..
    Thank you for your lovely compliment on our home.. I don't know if you go Stateside but The Christmas Tree Store has wonderful curtains at incredible prices.. Curtains just about makes a room in my opinion so I think it will cozy up your dear old house.. Love old houses.. I actually am hoping on doing a post on curtains next week as I am in the process of doing my Livingroom and kitchen ones.. ok?

  20. Your sunroom looks so inviting. Wish I could see it in person. Your apple tea sounds delicious. I will make some soon. All of our kids will be home December 21 so I have little time left. Must get a move on!

  21. Faye, I forgot to mention your sun room! Oh, it is so pretty and looks so comfortable. And the light...I love it where it is bright. Jim came in and saw all the plants! I enjoy my indoor plants so much. This is a terrific room. You will have many hours of relaxation and fun in there. We have two stoves like you. They are great. But, anyways, good job, Miss Decorator. I love it!

  22. Hello my friend, Your turkey makes my mouth water, I love turkey so much! I have pinned the apple tea, that would be a wonderful drink to have over the next couple of months. Your sunroom looks very cozy, I wish I could join you for tea in there with the little stove glowing away.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Lord's Day.
    Hugs, Cindy