Thursday, November 21, 2013

Free Christmas Decorations..

Hello my dears.. 
Are you all getting this cold weather yet?  
Here in Eastern Canada we have had cold and winds but it is November after all and I guess we expect this.. 
A bit of snow is forecast for over the weekends.. 

Terry and I went on a little foraging trip yesterday.. 

It was so cold and windy but we dressed warmly, picked up a hot cup of coffee from Tim's and were on our way.. 
We have made several trips up to our old farm lately and I have been spying out the ditches.. 
I love decorating for Christmas with wild stuff...  grin.. 

Anyway, we went on a little side road and saw these growing ... 
Rose hips... 
So gorgeous, eh? 
My dear husband cut a bunch of the branches and I picked several containers of the berries to dry for potpourri..
What a lovely place this is.... .. 
Old farms that have been there for decades, rustic camps and smoke coming out of chimneys..
It was a beautiful day..
The coffee was good and the company was sweet.. 
 Just so thankful for days like this where we spend such precious time together.. 
Sounds corny, eh? 
Nevertheless... it is true..

There are some wonderful country scenes up that way.. 
A little country church... 
Albert County is such a beautiful county in this province.. 
Perhaps, I am prejudiced
  Huge windmills.. 

We found a little bird's nest..
 I will put it in with some pine and dogwood ...

Then while he was in the ditch cutting some branches a truck pulled up and stopped.. 
I took the picture in my mirror of him trying to explain to the forest ranger why he was ripping off the forest.. grin.. 
Actually, he knew the lad and he told Terry that he was a good man for helping his wife... 
And he is... smile... 

We found white berries, little trees, fir cones, lovely green moss and different pods.. 
I will share a few pics of the finished product when I get it all together.. OK? 
Here is the link for last year's WINTER POTPOURRI..

Today I did a bit of cooking.. 
A favorite soup... 
My version of LENTIL SOUP..
Dustin was here so I sent some home with him as they all have the flu.. 
And some cookies for a couple of sick boys.. 
Hope they all are feeling better soon.. 

How are you girls doing? 
I know our American friends are preparing for their Thanksgiving Day.. 
I don't like decorating for Christmas until December but I have been thinking perhaps I should start sooner as it takes me so much longer then it used to.. 

I don't do as much anymore because the kids only get home for one day usually and I just dislike taking it all down again.. 
Getting lazy in my old age, I guess.. 

Thanks for visiting here and as you know 
I love hearing from you and just wondering about your decorating plans and such this year.

I would like to welcome the new followers of the blog.. 
Appreciate having you .. 

Take care everyone and God bless.. 


  1. Hi Faye
    Lovely photos . Looks and sounds like a good day out there with your hubby ! I to do not decorate much for Christmas anymore as our kids to only have a day with us , they have other family to visit as well over the holidays , that's the way it is when the family's get bigger and traveling has to be done lol ! Hope Dustin and his gang get better soon ! Thanks for sharing . Stay warm and have a good evening !

  2. I love to go off for days like that, out in the woods enjoying it all.
    We usually have to take food to,
    Along with the drinks because I never know when to come home!
    I really enjoyed seeing these photos,
    Thanks so much for sharing the journey!

  3. I want to use more natural greens this year. I sure wish I could find rosehips like that here in Pa. and some winterberry too. Do you have winterberry there


  4. What a blessing to spend such a lovely day with your hubby AND get beautiful, free adornments for Christmas. I look forward to seeing your holiday decor. :o)

  5. Good evening dear Mrs. Henry~
    What a lovely post!
    The "free decoration" looks like it will be lovely when displayed in your home...
    I am always on the hunt for the "best deal" =) and I think that yours tops any of mine yet! Smile...
    Yes, we once again find ourselves getting ready for Thanksgiving... and we are still waiting for your RSVP, you know that you are invited and we wish that you could come, we will have 2 extra spots with the last name "Henry on them! :) We know you will join us in spirit though!
    Would love a bowl of that soup and Anna would love a cookie...praying for all to feel better soon!
    Maggie for the Mayo family

  6. I've mentioned to you before how much I love Albert Co. (and Kings too). It hold a special place in my heart for sure. Just look at all those rose hips! Wow. Your cookies look very good. Makes me want to bake some too. I see someone mentioned winterberry in their comment. I like them too but don't see them in our area at all. Do you find them in your area? It's nice to decorate with natural elements.

  7. Hello Faye,
    We will celebrate our Thanksgiving this coming Thursday. For our family, Friday, after Thanksgiving is decorate for Christmas! We take our time to enjoy all the decorations and make a weekend out of it. :-)

    I am excited to see your decorations.

  8. I always thoroughly enjoy these jaunts you invite us to accompany you on!

    Happy week! Hugs from Connecticut,

  9. The beautiful green pine trees so prominent now with the barren trees in your pictures...I love how they dot the landscape. Foraging sounds fun, looking forward to see what goodies you make. :)

  10. Morning Faye, beautiful pictures, oh I love to go for a ride in the country and borrow some things from Mother Nature. Sweet little nest, I collect them when the birdies leave in the Fall.......Warm post, Blessings Francine.

  11. I always enjoy coming along on your journeys. Such pretty pictures. We are supposed to have some really cold weather this weekend. I am so ready! We are all decorated for Christmas. I like to get it done early so I can sit back and enjoy the holiday. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Have a good weekend.

  12. That man of yours is a "keeper."

  13. Certainly you live in a beautiful part of the world! Love the picture of the church!
    You have Terry well trained!
    God bless and keep well!
    Blessings to you!

  14. Sounds like a perfect day to me.The soup looks delicious! Blessings,Jen

  15. Hi Faye, Think I am finally here. Loved your post as usual.

  16. The scenery in your pictures is so beautiful. I would give my eye teeth to have tagged-along for the ride. I love reading about your adventures and the Keeper of the Home meetings. I'm pea-green with envy.
    Wishing you blessings from Pennsylvania.

  17. Faye I really want to try your Lentil soup the next time I cook up some chicken broth. It looks so delicious and healthy.
    .. and your adventure gathering the natural decorations... you make things look so lovely. and inspiring. Thank you!!!

  18. I think my decorating will be left up to the kids this year...Lauryn has been after me for a few days to dig things out... today as soon as she got home she asked if she could set out the nativity set...she set it up exactly according to the picture on box :)

  19. I toyed with the idea of not decorating this year because we are moving across the state on December 28th. However, I think I'd have a revolt on my hands here if I did that! :-) It'll just have to come down on the 26th instead of New Years Day as usual. I love all your photos and "doings," Faye!

  20. Doesn't sound a bit corny to me...sounds very wonderful. I would love such a day with good company. I sometimes made Christmas potpourri,but can't find near the goodies you can to put in it. I think things from outdoors are the best kind of Christmas decorations...I always gather greenery, and holly a couple of weeks before the day,and placed it all through my little mobile cottage.....Blessings friend

  21. Not corny at all! My husband and I love spending time together doing the simplest things. I cannot hardly wait for him to retire so that I have him home all of the time. Nine more years. Isn't it wonderful to still enjoy each others' company? Blessing to you both.

  22. As a non meat eater for over thirty years now, Faye, that lentil stuff you made looks good. Thanks too for such beautiful photo's from your "neck of the woods". Lovely to see 'em. Keep warm dear friend. Great post :-) x x x

  23. The rose hip branches are so pretty! I like to decorate with wild things whenever I can as well, and lately I have been collecting lots of feathers from my chickens who are molting. I love displaying their feathers around the house and even put some in my Christmas wreath :)


  24. A amizade nos faz ver o mundo com olhos novos.
    Amo apreciar suas lindas imagens!!!!
    Uma doce semana.
    Beijos Marie.

  25. What a lucky find! I'd love to know where I could find some rosehips around here.
    As you said, we are getting ready for our Thanksgiving over here in the states. I don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, although many decorate before.
    I do hope the flu is over soon for your poor loved ones. Stay warm! Julie

  26. You found some lovely free decorations on the roadside. We do the same thing and I must look for some rose hips for a touch of colour.

  27. What a lovely way to spend the day...just the two of you out gathering what will make your home a festive and yet natural display of God's creation. This coming Saturday (November 30) I will be gathering some stems from my Burning Bush that is now covered with sweet little red berries. I want to put them in one of my grandmother's ivory colored large vases and use it as the basis for my Jesse tree. I hadn't thought to look for bird nests though! I love that idea! You lentil soup and chocolate chip cookies look so yummy. I definitely want to give the lentil soup a try!