Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just being a Mom..

Happy Sunday everyone.. 
Hope your day is blessed..

Friday we had a farm day.. 

Early in the morning Terry and I headed out..
The day was a bit chilly but it did not take the old wood stove long to get the front part of the house warmed up enough for me to putter away.. 

We were expecting Dustin and his family for supper so I wanted to bake some bread.. 
It is generally the first thing I do when we get there and then it sits by the stove to rise.. 

We had cooked a turkey that week so I made a Turkey and Rice soup for our lunch.. 
Terry is starting to enjoy soup most days... 
The poor guy may as well since I can't help myself from making it.. 
Most every day.. 
I am a soup junkee after

He went out to work on the fire wood and I decided to pickle a huge cauliflower that we had picked up at the market.. .. 
I will share the recipe with you all later this week since they turned out so well... 
Supper time was coming so I peeled veggies and baked the bread.. 
I made two rolls so they could take one home with them..
 I set the table for the six of us and as all was ready I sat in the rocking chair and read..

We were expecting them around 6 o'clock or so.. 
Terry came in about 5:30 and laid down out in the porch.
Six o'clock came and then six thirty..
When it was almost seven I kind of woke Terry up and we thought perhaps their car had broke down or something.. 
We do not have a phone there and cell phones do not work.. 
Terry said we would wait until 7:15 and then perhaps we would eat and then head home.. 
They still had not arrived so he ate his supper.. 
By that time my mind was in over drive so I could not eat.. 
It was now 7:30..
Really, it made them about an hour and a half late..

We started packing it up so we could go and call them.. 
He went out to load up his stuff and I just dumped all the veggies on top of the meat in it's roaster.. 
 I had heated up the left over soup so I poured it into a jar.. 
They don't all like potatoes so I had cooked some rice in turkey broth.
I asked Terry what I should do with all of this food like the rice and he said just to put the rice in the stove.. 
Into the stove.. 

I looked out the window and there they were. 
Thank you, Jesus.. 
Even though the table was stripped and most of the food was now all in one pot except for the salad which I had thrown into a freezer bag.. 

In runs one little lad... 
Grandma.. I'm hungry ... 
Then another little chap.. 
Grandma... What's for supper? 
Then a couple of dogs and Dustin and Veronique..  

I tried to explain to them that Supper would take a few minutes.. smile.. 
They thought my face was kind of pale..  
I explained that of course I was worried as we had  expected them no later then 6:30..
He looks up at the clock and said it was 6:30... 
Terry had forgot to turn the clock back.. 
Lord help us.. 
Anyway, we did not have a nice fancy meal but all in all it still tasted alright although the rice was gone.. 

Aren't you glad you're not our kid?  grin.. 

In my defense... 
Dustin is like his mother and is seldom ever late... 
And it was not my fault that the clock was not turned back.. 
Right?  grin..

Oh well.. 
All's well that ends well.. 
They came bearing gifts, too.. 
A lovely early birthday gift for me and dessert, too.. 

They loved the salad as it had real bacon and the croutons were a slices of bread fried up in the bacon fat.. 
A nice company treat.. 

The wee boys told me they knew where hamburger came from .. 
So cute.. 

Well, I must get ready for church tonight so may God bless you all.. 
I hope you don't think less of me for my worrisome ways.. 


  1. Sounds like something I would like dinner was delicious anyway. Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. Oh my how scary and then what a relief that would be.

  3. I laugh only because I would have been the same way. I think it just comes with the territory of being a mom. Don't be too hard on yourself. Everybody needs somebody to worry about them!!!!

  4. Just like a Mom. As a matter of fact, that same thing happened to us a couple of years ago. Of course, it was all Jim's fault. If you are going to change one clock....might just as well do them all...just saying!

  5. cute story!
    alls well that ends well!

  6. That is so cute, Faye. I once forgot to turn my clocks back and could not understand why all the stores in the mall were still closed in the morning at 10:15 am.. xo

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad everything turned out alright. I would have been worried too. So funny about the clock. Sounds like something that could happen to all of us.
    I enjoyed your photos very much! We love soup too! Have a blessed week!

  8. Oh my lol I had to giggle here and hoped all was ok at the same time lol ! I am the same , when the kids say they will be here at a certain time and are never late then as soon as they are late I get worried ! I think that could happen to all of us to with forgetting to change the clock . I am glad all are safe and had a nice supper after all ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  9. Oh, you told that story so well.
    And so glad all went well. The little guys are so cute to say "I am hungry Grandma" :-)
    xx oo

  10. Oh Faye, don't we, as mothers, let our imaginations get away from us when it comes to our kids! Your story is too funny though. I'm glad your family showed up safely and enjoyed their 'late' supper. Have a nice week!

  11. Oh, and all that worry was for nothing...I most likely would have been in a panic :) I am sorry,but I had to laugh about the time situation. Thats sounds like something I would do... Like you said though... All's well that ends well...thank the Lord it wasn't trouble of some kind! Out of the mouth of babes..your grandson's comment about hamburger was too cute....blessings

  12. Yes Faye being a mother and worrying about your family is all bound up together in our lot! I would be exactly the same in that situation! Something similar happened just after DH and I were just married and I was so anxious why he was late home from work but it was the clock which had not been changed!
    God bless you all,

  13. This sounds like something I would do....forget to turn the clock back! Oh, but the outcome was a good one. ALL are well and fine!
    Again...I love your pictures.

  14. I had to laugh when I heard the clock hadn't been set back. That is so like me. I'm glad though that all was well. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. I'm so glad everything was ok! I was beginning to get a little worried. But I'm glad all was well :) Your meal sounds so delicious.

  16. Faye, I'm so sorry that you were so worried - but that story is hilarious (minus the worrying part!) I did hoot!

    Your meal sounded delicious!

  17. Faye, if I was very much younger, I would ask you to adopt me.. haha.. cheers to you!!

  18. Funny. The meal looks delicious. I agree with you about soup. It's so easy and nutritious, what's not to like. xx