Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another Soup Day..

Hello everyone.. 
Another Winter's day here in Maritime Canada.
At least it was a beautiful and sunny even if it was cold.. 

A good day to make soup..

As you know I am a soup lover and make it often. 
We had turkey over the holiday and it produced several quarts of stock which I froze.. 
I am always trying a new recipe.. 

Do you have a favorite soup?
Would you share your recipe? 

I love Italian Wedding soup and the Lentil one is another that I make quite often.. 
But I think Turkey or Chicken Rice is my go to one when I need a lovely steamy bowl of soup.. 

So I made a Turkey and Wild Rice soup.. 
I added a bit of spinach, too.. 

Often the Superstore has produce on half price and I find it a very frugal way to add to my grocery order.. 
Spinach can be blanched and frozen right away and added to soups and such.. 
Mushrooms that are not at their best can be dried in the dehydrator and crumbed up to add flavor to your soups and stews as can peppers..
Tomatoes can be made into a fresh salsa even if they are not quite at their best.. My recipe which I use is HERE
Herbs like cilantro can be dried or frozen.. 

The Christmas decor is finally all put away and the needles have been vacuumed up for another year.. smile.. 

My next project is to clean some closets and drawers.. 
I talked about cleaning the linen closets HERE..

Thank you so much for visiting ... 

I hope all is well with you dear ladies.. 


  1. Oh yummy, so good on a cold winters day.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Good evening Faye
    Oh that soup looks YUMMY ! I like making chicken stew in my slow cooker . Warming up here for the weekend and some rain is in the forecast , Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. warming up here also, rain coming tomorrow, the soup looks wonderful!
    veggie beef is the main one, the old standard with beef, tomatoes (home canned), potatoes, onions,celery, and carrots, and nothing else. as child my momma dumped everything in her soup to try and stretch it as much as she could because there were so many of us, to this day, I really only want my favorites in mine, I am still a kid at heart, and want things my way, I guess, grin

  4. Hello Faye. The soup looks fabulous! You can go to and view one of our favorite soup recipes. Have a great day!

  5. HI Faye;

    I love soup. My husband is not so fond of most soups, but does enjoy potato soup so I make it the most.

    Last week I started my decluttering process in the pantry - I was shocked at how many items of expired food I had to toss. Grrr, I hate wasting food.


  6. Beef Barley is my favorite soup - I should make it more!

  7. Your soup looks delicious.. that is what I'm doing todat too. great frugal ideas too, that's the way to make the most of everything you have. xo.

  8. Hi Faye:

    Your soup looks delish :) I make turkey soup as well, however the broth is thicker because I throw in any leftover gravy from the meal as well as leftover stuffing broken up. I guess maybe it's more of a stew, but we still call it turkey soup!

    Thanks again for a lovely blog:)


  9. Hmmm yummy soup! I am going to make some too! Vegetable broth,

    God bless!

  10. I've been making a lot of soup this winter and it's usually just a vegetable or chicken one. I just add whatever ingredients I have on hand and some alphabet macaroni or rice. Nothing like a hot soup to warm us up on cold damp days.

  11. Thanks for sharing the salsa recipe. We make lots of salsa here in the summer and can it for winter use but fresh salsa is my favorite. We are having homemade soup today. I save all my little scraps of leftovers in the freezer in one container. Then I use them up by adding them to soup. Today's version is beef vegetable soup. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. I love soup! It's basically all I eat this time of year. One pot meals are my favorite and soup always warms me up on cold days. I like to put equal parts chopped leeks and chopped yellow potatoes in a pot and just cover with water, add salt & pepper, then boil and simmer til the onions are done (about 30 mins). Blend a little bit of the soup up so it gets creamy and that's it! Super easy and really delicious.

  13. I love soup, and eat it all year round except for really hot humid 98 degree days. Your soup sleep ways looks so delicious, I wish you could bottle it up, along with some of your bread, and ship! xo. Oh this annoying iPad, changed always to sleep ways! Ugh!