Monday, January 6, 2014

The first week of January...

Good Evening everyone.. 

Guess what! 
It is pouring rain out tonight.. 
Yesterday, it looked like the snow photos I am showing you but the temps went up and now the rain is coming down.. 
The temperature is supposed to go below freezing tonight so I expect there will be some ice out and about tomorrow.. 
Just a Canadian Winter, I guess.. 

We had a lovely week.. 

Made some tabbouleh .. 
A salad made out the grain bulgur and fresh parsley and mint...
fresh lemon juice and olive oil...

chopped tomatoes, onion and I add cucumbers... 
It is a Middle Eastern Salad that is excellent in a pita bread or just a side salad.. 

We had some lovely company from this place...
St. Martins by the Bay of Fundy.. 
We enjoyed her visit.. 

One day Terry bought us a few lobsters to celebrate the New Year.. 
We also had some Seafood Chowder... 
There is something about the New Year that says serve fish.. grin..

Janelle getting ready to go home.. 

It was rather a stormy day but she returned home safe and sound.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

This is looking out our living room window one day last week.. 
So beautiful out there but so cold.. 
It was nice just to stay home and keep the fires burning.. 

Our dear daughter and her family are enjoying the nice temps in Florida.. 
As for me I prefer to be home.. 
Oh well.. We are all different.. 
I will be glad when they get back home.. 

On the weekend we had church..

We were so thankful for a beautiful sunny day..  
The last few services have been cancelled due to bad weather so it was great to be able to meet together again.. 
Love this little group of people.. 

How did your first week of January go? 

I took down most of the Christmas decor today and Terry took the tree outside.. 
Now, to get it all packed away in the closet for another year.. 

I wonder what this year will bring.. 
So thankful to know the One who is control and who will go with us each step of the way.. 
No matter what comes or what goes He will be holding our hand and we can put our faith and trust in Him.. 
So thankful for the peace and joy that we have in our lives and for his grace and mercy that follows us.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by and I look forward as always to hearing from you.. 
God bless.. 


  1. Thank you for another beautiful post and good reminder to remember the One who is in control.
    Happy New Year! Carla

  2. Hi Faye, it sure was a balmy day today wasn't it? It just poured rain here all evening and the wind blew out of the south but it's calmed down now and the temperature is starting to drop. It will be an icy mess tomorrow morning won't it? It was nice to have a bit of the snow melt though. Fish chowder and fresh lobster sounds delicious. Kind of a traditional Maritime treat for the new year. We had two beautiful church services yesterday and no snow! It was wonderful not to have to worry about getting to and fro. I hope you have a great week.

    1. Thanks for visiting Pam.. It is so cod and windy tonight but I guess we are used to it, eh?

  3. so good to read your post!
    here it is 4 degrees F, with 24 degrees below F wind chills.
    the old house has cracked and popped all day,
    even to the point the closet door popped the latch and opened by itself,
    tomorrow will be the coldest on record for 40 years, January it is.
    I am glad to be tucked inside, hemming my 'Sweetie's overalls I picked up used for only $5.00,,
    and they are just like new! Been cooking chicken, green beans, sweet potatoes & onion rings for supper. It has been a great day! hugs!

    1. Hi Ann.. So nice to hear what you have been up to.. Your meal sounds lovely and what a great thrift buy.. God bless.. xo

  4. Hi Faye, Well...I left a comment tonight on your last post. BUT.........I wanted to tell you that I WANT THAT LOBSTER.......I NEED THAT LOBSTER!!! HAHA! We love lobster! I hope you and Terry have a great time enjoying it.

    Good night!

    1. Hi, we are doing good. First full week back at work since last two weeks we had Wed. off. I'm getting a few things done, as in catching up with my photo calendars into the mail this week and sending out a few New Year's cards since I was behind on cards this year. Hope this year I'm better, not sure what happened there. Sigh! Gonna have rain all week, in mid 40s in Oregon. Glad we aren't having frigid weather like the mid west and further east are having. I'll take what we get. I made a cod omelet the other night for dinner. It was good, I explained it on my latest post. Hugs and stay warm! Yes, God is in control, the Master of the Universe and He loves us so much! :-)

    2. Hi Sue.. I wish I could send you a lobster.. grin.. Thanks for your faithful visits, dear..
      And you also Becky.. You are such a busy lady.. Take care.. xo

  5. Morning friend
    Old man winter is brrr here too.
    It was -1 degree..
    I just love winter at home.
    It is beautiful.
    My fire is going.
    Keep warm friend.
    Woolie Blessings

    1. We sure do need a fire here tonight Trace.. Take care, dear heart.. xo

  6. Your pictures are so pretty. We are cold here but no snow. -5 for actual temp wind chill -25. Oh well, winter is here. I'm glad you got to go to church. I know it makes for long weeks when there is no church service. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. That is very cold for Virginia, isn't it Donna? Take care, dear..xo

  7. Morning Faye, nice way to spend the beginning of the New Year, always a joy to visit your blog. Stay Warm, Francine.

  8. My first week in January - our oldest daughter was married on 1-1-14. Cold here as well. Blessings from Wisconsin.

    1. Oh congrats, dear Jacky.. You are too young to have a daughter married.. smile.. God bless.. xo

  9. Lovely post & photos! Your bulgur salad looks yummy. I have never eaten anything like that. I must try it one day.
    It is cold here too. School is delayed for two hours this morning. No snow, just low temps and wind chill. I'd love some snow.
    Being home is wonderful, especially when it's cold. Makes me want to cook & bake.
    I hope the New Year is a happy one for you & your family.

    1. Hi Carolyn.. Thanks for your sweet visit.. Happy New Year to you, too. xo

  10. Good morning Faye
    Still frigid cold and windy here snow blowing every where the temps dropped to -40*C this morning here and there is still a wind chill warning in affect the real old Canadian winter I remember as a kid on the farm is back after years of mild winters . Lovely photos , your foods look so YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Yes, this is one old fashioned Winter alright.. I could do without it myself.. grin.. xo

  11. Good morning Faye;

    It is lovely and bright outside, but boy, is it messy looking. The wind and rain not only brought down the snow, it also snapped little branches from the trees.

    Lets plan to do something in the next few weeks.


    1. p.s. Your seafood pictures look scrumptious!

    2. Hi dear.. Yes, we need to get together.. Just give me a call... Thanks for your faithful visits.. xo

  12. Happy new year dear Faye, and I hope you are all safe and warm in this cold cold weather. We are actually having a fairly mild spell so far but have had high winds at the weekends though not as severe as rest of UK.
    So glad to know God has promised never to leave us nor forsake us!
    God bless

    1. Happy New Year, Christine.. Thanks for your sweet visits and may God bless you.. xo

  13. Your pictures are amazing, Faye! I love tabbouleh! Your pictures make me hungry for some!

    1. Thanks Dianna.. Tabbouleh is one of my faves, too.. xo

  14. Happy New Year, Faye, to you and Terry. I think your daughter is smart to head Deep South, there are so many Canadian snowbirds in Florida. I wish I could pack up and leave, but with pets it is hard. Stay warm! xo

    1. Happy New Year, Barbara.. Yes, she is enjoying herself but should be home on Thursday.. xo

  15. I love tabbouleh! I haven't had it in a long time so I need to make some again soon. So yummy with pita bread! Looks like you guys are snowed in. We are really cold here in Missouri but just a little bit of snow.

    1. We had some rain, Tammy and so our snow has gone down for now.. smile.. Thanks for stopping by, dear.. xo

  16. I have always wanted to see snow at the ocean....thanks for the lovely photos.
    It's so pretty where you live:)

  17. We moved right before Christmas so I spent my first week in January, trying to unpack and organize. I'm getting there but have so much more to do.

    I love taboulleh and often even eat it for breakfast! :-)

  18. Sounds like a lovely week to me.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  19. The snow is beautiful...I have never seen as much. Glad you were able to have church...blessings friend