Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter days and Winter nights..

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Hope you are having a great week.. 

We are having a January thaw here in New Brunswick which is lovely, although it has caused a bit of flooding in the area.. 

Otherwise everything is good here on the home front..
We are just doing Winter things like baking bread, making soups, cleaning the freezer and cold room and such..  
Then we have a nice supper and enjoy the long evenings.. 

I go to bed earlier in the Winter and read for an hour or so before I go to sleep.. 
Do you read before snoozing off..

Something woke me up in the middle of the night.. 
As I lay there I heard someone walking under our open window..   
I could tell that it was something bigger then a cat so I jabbed Terry in the ribs and whispered that there was something outside.. 
It took him a minute to wake up but then he said it was just deer.. 
How could he know that...
I heard it again and gave him another jab.. 
I guess he decided he may as well get up and look .. 
The moon was bright and he could see 2 deer plainly.. 
He said one of the deer had a bad leg and it looked like it might have been broken.. 
I expect all the ice on Saturday probably caused lots of injuries in the deer population.   
The poor things.. 
We could see lots of tracks around the apple trees this morning..
At least they found something to eat.. 
I wonder if they will come back tonight.. smile..
I have been informed not to wake up Mr. Henry again as it took him sometime to get back to sleep.. 
He said my shivering and shaking kept him awake.. 
Oh brother... LOL..

I am preparing for our Keepers of the Home meeting which will be held on Saturday morning at 9 am.. 
If you live near Salisbury and would like to join us we would love to have you.. 
Just let me know by email or twitter.. 
HERE  which is my twitter account.. 

That is all for tonight so please keep warm and safe.. 
I hope I am not boring you and you all come back.. OK...
I look forward to hearing from you . 

God bless and keep you.. 



  1. Good Evening Faye!
    Isn't it nice to have a bit of thaw! We are enjoying it here on the coast as well...although we've had a day of steady rain...which is making a bit of a mess of our dirt road! :) Your soup looks absolutely scrumptious! I can just taste it along with that warm bread. Sooooo goood!
    Sweet blessings,

  2. That is cute about Mr. Henry :-)
    Isn't that something how he knew they were deer under the window.

    xx oo

  3. Oh Faye your posts are never boring . So many YUMMIES and I had to chuckle at you and Mr Henry . I hope the deer will be ok . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  4. You had quite the ice storm, I hope the warming trend has thawed everything out. Your bread looks wonderful, as well as the stew. Have a good night!

  5. Your posts are always interesting! The bread and stew look delicious-made me hungry! We're having warmer temperatures down here in North Texas, but lots of wind. Wish I lived up there-I'd love to come to one of your Keepers of the Home meetings!

  6. I should never read your posts this late at night... I'm going to bed in 35 minutes and now I want warm bread and hot soup!! Have a great week!

  7. My comment just posted and it says 6:23 PM... it's 9:25 PM here. I didn't want you to think I went to bed at 7:00!!

  8. Wonderful pictures of your homemade bread and soup Faye. The cold icy road and river left me feeling colder. Hehe. It sure was a bad day on Saturday. I'm worried about the flooding all this rain might cause in some areas. I chuckled over the 'noise outside your window' and Terry's reaction. Have a great week. Hugs. Pam

  9. loved the post, must be a man thing to be able to tell who's outside the window! grin!
    the bread looks so good!
    hope you have a wonderful Keepers meeting!

  10. Your stew or soup looks delicious. I could eat that right now. This past week I made beef veggie soup and chicken and dumplings. I must think I am feeding an army. I had so much that I had to put some in the freezer. Not that I am complaining. The grandkids are into basketball again and we are going to games about 3 times a week so I like to have quick things from the freezer.

    It is good that you have Terry there to protect you at night like that. Last night our cat, Oliver, was making noise and I jabbed Jim, too. I got the same complaint...he could not get back to sleep while I was snoozing away.

    I really like your copper bird with the baby Boston Fern in it. I used to have such good luck growing those ferns. They would grow so big but I did not like all the cleaning up of the dropped leaves all over the place.

    I hope you and Terry are enjoying your nice, warm fireplace. Say hi to Terry for me.

    God bless you, Faye. I have you in my prayers.

  11. A January thaw...sounds so wonderful to have enough snow for that. We have actually had a bit of snow this, but nothing like I remember as a child. Your stew looks delish!

  12. Never boring, Faye. I so enjoy your posts. I feel badly for the poor deer. And of course your meals look delicious. xo

  13. I love to read before I go to bed. It helps my mind relax as I wind down. Without fail - even if it is a really good book - I always get sleepy. Your nubby bread looks good!

  14. Hi Faye;

    You are never boring, reading you is like sharing a cup of coffee and conversation.


  15. Oh Faye, I love your posts, I find them so comforting, never boring my friend....they always make me hungry to, Blessings Francine.

  16. Lovely photos!
    Homemade soup and bread are always a good idea in chilly weather.

  17. Oh Faye - now I am STARVING! Your goodies look so wonderful...wish I could stop by to sample them. Stay warm dear!

  18. I was hungry before reading your post and now I'm even hungrier... lol! Yumm!

    You're posts are never boring. It's a blog that makes one feel "at home"... for sure!

  19. Great pictures! Your food always looks so good. I like the deer story! Enjoy your day and God bless.

  20. That's what husbands are for!!! LOL! A husband is like a garden - he needs a good' 'digging' every so often!
    Love the look of your bread!
    Stay safe!

  21. I'm here too Faye. Love the photos and the story about Mr Henry. LOL I'll be with you in spirit at your Keepers of the Home meeting. Keep a place for me please. Black tea, one sugar, I'll bring a plate. ;- )

  22. Faye, I just love your posts. I love to see what you are cooking and your breads look fabulous. It feels like going home when I read your blog. I wish I lived near so I could join your Keeper of the Home meetings. Can't wait for the next post! Have a wonderful evening.

  23. Hi Faye:

    The salmon. soup and bread all looks sooo good :) I hope you have a great Keeper's meeting. Those ladies are very fortunate to have you mentoring them.

    Too funny about hearing the noise in the night! My Bruce would have said something similar I'm sure. So blessed to have such lovely husbands!

    Take care

  24. Your fixings look so yummy.....I wish I lived near you,but alas...I feel like I am on the other side of the world from you :) Yes,I always read before falling asleep.....blessings

  25. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time. Have a terrific weekend.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  26. I love coming here to your blog, Faye. Your pictures are amazing and I love the way you share your daily lives with us. What a blessing you are! We stood at our kitchen window last evening and watched four deer come out of the woods behind us to graze on our neighbors property.

  27. Faye
    Your post always make me hungry!
    You have the most yummy looking food photos here.
    Too bad about the deer. It's always sad when they get injured..

  28. Hi Faye, I feel so bad about the poor deer. This icy weather takes its toll on all of us. I am always watching Tanner around ice although Doug says he's more concerned with me falling.
    Your food looks yummy and our days seem to be very similar to yours. Doug is making me a cabinet for my sewing room right now so that is keeping him busy.
    Wish I could be there for your keepers meeting.

  29. Dear Faye.. you are never boring :)
    Delicious looking food... and I love that bread; so easy and so tasty!!

    Sad to hear about the deer.. it happens here as well. I always feel so bad when they get hung up in a fence, or break a leg .. etc.
    We've been putting out all our old squash and pumpkins and the deer gobble them right up.

    Keep warm, sweet friend.


  30. Hello Henrys,
    How are you both doing?We are well! Loved reading your post and looking at the pics:)
    Your food looks so great all the time:)
    Have a blessed week......Hugs to you all from all our home!
    Annamarie xo

  31. Oh Faye, there were two deer outside your home in the middle of the night - that must have been a sight for your husband! I think deer are so beautiful. Your soup looks delicious, and the bread.....I can smell it from here. I haven't had homemade bread in a long time. My sister used to make it, and she would give us a slice with butter as soon as it came out of the oven. I miss homemade bread.

    I hope you are doing well, my friend.