Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hello there everyone.. 

A wet and windy night here in New Brunswick.. 

It has been quite a day as far as weather goes.. 
Traffic has come almost to a standstill in many parts of our province as the RCMP have closed major highways and cars are lined along the roads for miles waiting for the ice to be salted or whatever.. 
We headed for Moncton this morning but only went a couple of miles when we turned around and came home as the road was just a glib... 
Many accidents and vehicles were off of the roads everywhere.. 

There are videos of kids skating on the roads and some people not able to even stand up.. 

If you can imagine my Mom and husband (83 years old)  went to St. John this morning and did not get home until tonight.. 
This is over a two hour trip from their house.. 
They returned home safe but could not get up their long lane and had to have someone drive them to their door and practically carry my mom into their house.. 
So thankful I did not know what they were about.. smile.. 
And thankful to God for safe travelling mercies.. 

We have been having a good weekend regardless... 
Had some sweet visitors for supper... 
Their request as always.. 
Fried Rice, Meatballs and Salad... 
You would think they would get tired of it but they haven't yet.. 
Dustin called up and wanted to know if this was the 
House of Henry and if our rice was on sale.. 
Buy one and get one free??.. grin.. 
Funny lad, eh? 
As you can see in one of the pictures it is the bacon they love.. grin.. 

Did some baking as they were coming.. 
Golden Raisin Breads and Apple Pies.. 

Terry was so happy as Veronique brought a wonderful dessert.. 
Chocolate Lasagna...
It was simply delicious.. 
She is quite the little cook.. smile..

They bring their puppies which have grown so much.. 
Such well behaved dogs..
Charlie and Peanut.. 

We all spent some time trying to figure out a puzzle that they had given Grandpa.. 
We couldn't do it but bless his heart Grandpa figured it out..We were all shocked.. grin.. 

We had a new salad dressing that I found Here...
It is very good and excellent with a Chinese Salad.. 
To make a salad more Chinese I add carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, celery, pea pods and such to the lettuce.. 

Well, my dears that is all for tonight.. 

I pinned an interesting YouTube to my Pinterest.. 
You can find it HERE..
Something to think about as the Israeli Leader has passed away.. 

Thank you for your visit and taking the time to leave me your notes.. 
I appreciate it and thanks for your soup ideas last post.. 

God is faithful... 


  1. thankful your Mom and her husband got the help they needed and arrived home safely!
    that dessert looks wonderful,!
    thankful to be home safe tonight, it is windy and some rain here.
    hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Wonderful photos ! I am so glad your mum and dad made it home safely . It has been very mild and raining here all day and now the air is cooling and is windy but most of our snow has now gone . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. That was quite a day we had wasn't it? It's pouring rain and blowing here tonight too. Murray was just out checking around the house. It's so slippery with the rain water on the ice. Dangerous. I'm glad your mom and her husband got home safely. They must have been quite nervous and it's a good thing you didn't know until after the fact! Supper and little boys visiting is a nice combo. We were to go to friends tonight but cancelled so I threw together a hamburger, macaroni casserole. It was pretty tasty. :) I hope you have a safe drive to worship tomorrow and that we can all get out of our driveways.

  4. Hi Faye, Guess I am a little late about the soup but thought I would comment anyway. I make a lot of soups too-- love my slow cooker. I made meatball soup yesterday -- it was quite tasty and so good on a cold day.
    Our driveway and road are so bad that you can not go out on either. A real challenge taking the dog out. I'm so glad your Mum and her husband managed to get home safely.
    Isn't it wonderful to have little ones for dinner and your dinner looks delicious. Think I am making apple pies tomorrow--gluten free for me and regular for Doug.
    Take care.

  5. Oh, dear Faye, so glad that your mom made it home safely! I can relate so well to this post...I'm typing as the wind is howling outside...and the raining is pounding on the windowpane. We've had freezing rain this morning...with accidents and power outages all over. Guess we are getting some of the same weather! So glad that you were able to enjoy a warm and toasty day indoors...with wonderful company and delicious food! Stay warm!
    Sweet blessings from Maine!

  6. you all have had alot of snow and ice. Hopefully it will end soon. Is this typical winter weather for you? We had wind and rain today. It's finally calmed down. I put my potted pansies in the garage as the wind was really blowing hard for awhile. Your food looks so good! Esp the bread and chocolate pie (lasagne) really? I'd like that recipe! I really like chocolate! I'm slowly feeling better from a flu bug , stayed home for a couple days, probably tomorrow as well. Sigh! At least I'm not missing work. But quite a few people have been sick at work as well. Sigh! Hugs and stay warm!

  7. Wonderful post Faye, full of family and good food, a constant comfort......So happy your Mom and Dad made it safely, some bad weather out there....Blessings Francine.

  8. Hi Faye, I am so sorry to hear about your mom out on the roads in that crazy ice. Hope she isn't stressed out from it... but I can thoroughly imagine how much shock you must have felt when you found out the dilemma she went through. Hope most all the ice is gone today.. Drive carefully. xo

  9. Hi Faye...thank Goodness your Mom was kept safe and sound! Your supper looks yummy :) I think I'm having fish cakes for supper tonight. I thought you had posted a link one time for fish cakes, but no siree..can't find it. I'll have to look for another one on the net.

    Take care and have a wonderful week :)

  10. Oh, Faye. I always hate to see the end come along when I'm reading one of your posts. It's like a good book and then it ends until the next chapter. You are so good at what you do! All of it....and I love that you share it with your faithful readers, such as myself.
    Everything looks delicious! So glad you decided to turn around and stay home, and VERY happy your parents are safely home, too! God is good!

  11. I am so glad your mom and dad made it safely home. Ice is so treacherous for travel. Bacon is one of Daniel and Sam's favorite things to get at our house. Jess was out of bacon one morning and Daniel said "Lets go to MawMaw's house. She has bacon!" Well, I don't always have bacon but I do try to have it when I know they are coming. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. I'm glad you had a nice weekend! All the food looks delicious as always :)

  13. Hi ya darling Faye. Oh now, best to keep safe, keep warm and stay at home... your going to have to stop showing your cooking on here, because I have been a veggie for over 36 years and looking at everything you make is tempting me :-) Keep safe Faye x x x

  14. Hmmm...somehow I missed your last post. That soup looks yummy as does your Chinese dinner. It's hard to believe that all that snow we had has disappeared and has been replaced by ice. Hoping that the weather will be fine this weekend.