Monday, January 20, 2014

The Soup Debate...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you had a great weekend.. 

We have been struck with the flu here and kept ourselves home for the last week.. 
Terry had a rougher road then I but we are both doing much better.. 

The flu has hit our province in a rather big way..
So many of our friends and family have been down with it. 

I have been looking up some homemade remedies which are on my HEALTHY Pinterest board in case you are interested.. 

We are taking Vitamins C and D and also lots of Echinacea..
Drinking lots of water and washing our hands often..
I read somewhere to sing the Lord's Prayer while you are washing your hands.. 
That is a bit long, I think.. smile.. 

I have even closed our window at night until Terry stops coughing..

On top of that I am, of course, making my homemade soups.. 

The other night as I was making one dear hubby remarks that it would be much easier just to open a can...!!
Hello... He is serious.. 
He says it would be much less work and a lot less dishes to do.. 
He dare not admit it but I think he actually thinks it tastes just as good.. 
He said  that mine tastes better but is too much work.. grin.. 
Campbell's Chicken Noodle or whatever would make him just as happy as my homemade soup.. 

Not for this old girl.. 
Taking a half hour to make this Lentil Vegetable Soup was worth every minute of my time and the dishes fit into the dishwasher quite easily.. 
I do admit that I am a messy cook.. 
My Gram always said a messy cook was a good cook so I guess I am one of the best... grin.. 

As you can see in the pics I ate the whole bowl.. 
Then I put his half in the fridge and had it for breakfast.. smile.. 
Yes, he ate the chicken noodle.. 
I was not wasting good homemade soup on someone who did not appreciate it.. 
Well, to be honest he is not an admirer of lentils.. 

Some people would call me a domestic goddess.. grin.. 
But he says that I am just a sucker 
 for punishment  to do all of that hard work.. 

I thought he would agree that homemade is best as it is
 so much more frugal.. 

What do you girls think?

Would you take the can over there in his bowl or mine with the shaved Parmesan along with a few crackers and homemade Olive Tapenade?? 

Just wondering.. smile.. 

Here is my recipe in case you agree with me.. 

Lentil and Veggie Soup.. 
In a pot add 2 slices of chopped bacon along with a teaspoon of olive oil.. 
Brown the bacon and add half of a chopped onion and 1 clove or 2 of minced garlic.. 
Also add 2 chopped carrots and 1/2 teaspoon of thyme or rosemary.. 
Cook and stir for about 5 minutes.. 
Add 2 Tablespoons of tomato paste and 5 cups of homemade or good store bought Chicken Broth.. 
Salt and Pepper 
1 large can of drained and rinsed lentils... 
Cook for another 10 minutes.. 
Add 3/4 cup of small tube type pasta and cook for another 10 minutes or until tender.. 
Finish with a good handful of chopped fresh parsley.. 
Put in your bowl and shave some Parmesan Cheese on top.. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to the new followers of the blog.. 
So glad to have you all dropping by.. 
I look forward to hear your opinions.. 

Who made the first homemade soup in the Bible?  
Take care, dear hearts.. 


  1. So sorry to hear you both were hit with the flu, not good. Get well wishes to you and Mr........Well, I think I would pick the canned chicken noodle, not a big lentil fan, though I am sure it is tasty.......Take Care, Blessings Francine.

  2. Making my own soup is soooo much better and healthier. The canned stuff is full of processed salty yucky stuff...and homemade is worth every minute and so much tastier!

  3. We quite often eat the canned soups but they have so many preservatives and SO much salt in them that I have been making soups more often. Thanks for your recipe. I think I have all the ingredients except for the parsley and fresh parmesan (I do have the grated). I hope you are on the mend. So far the flu has missed us but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. And we're taking our vitamins too! Hugs. Pam

  4. Homemade hands down dear Faye...and your hubby sounds like mine!!

  5. Homemade is best - but, truthfully, sometimes I actually crave that Campbell's chicken noodle soup. When I pregnant with my daughter Anna - I couldn't get enough of this!

  6. I have the same husband is down with the flu so I made homemade veggie chicken soup,
    he decided Campbell's Chicken Noodle was more to his liking. So I am eating the wonderful homemade soup my self. I haven't gotten the flu YET...hope it's not waiting to bite me! Just read that 20 children in USA have died and it is an epidemic now. Let's keep one another and our families in prayer

  7. Homemade soup is best and I've been making some ovee the weekends. There's usually leftovers for lunch next week. I had some today, as a matter of fact. I do keep some Campbells chunky soup on hand for Phil if we don't have anything for his work lunch. He likes new england clam chowder, his fav. I believe it was Jacob that made soup in OT and his brother, Esau wanted some since he was so hungry. He sold his birthright to get it. Right? I didn't look it up. :-}
    We all got sick, me the last. We took turns but we weren't too bad. Megan got a cough. I'm nearly clear of mine now. Take care!

  8. Campbell's canned soup or your homemade????? Terry , you must have been outside tooo long! or something. I make home made soup all the time. I don't know as it is any cheaper but it sure is good and much healthier for us. We do have Campbell's but not if I can help it. I make a mess in the kitchen, too. I add broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach.....anything that I can find here. is so good.! I am glad I know how to make soup and we enjoy it!

    Great post, Faye. Have a wonderful day tomorrow with many blessings!


  9. I love to make soup, using so many different things. Bacon nd lentil is a favourite, so warming. I use our frozen tomatoes to make tomato and rice soup..... I could go on and on!

  10. Campbell's may be Mmmm...good! but (any) homemade is way better.
    However, I love that your hubby is thinking about you in the moment. It sounds like he was wishin for you to just sit down and rest. :) Glad to hear you're both feeling better.

    You take care in this "cold" now - we're anticipating a new round of snow today!! 6"-10"...
    Oooh, your (homemade) soup sounds even better now. And, please pass the bread - but you can keep the olive ???, whatever that is. (wrinkled nose) lol!!

  11. Truly hoping you are both feeling so much better!
    To be honest I prefer some varieties of soup to be homemade and others from a can! Is that a diplomatic answer??? But looking at yours, I'd definitely take homemade!

  12. Hi Faye;

    Homemade soup is so much better.

    This whole debate just proved one thing, Terry really is sick!


  13. So sorry you have been sick but glad you are getting better.

    I'm sorry Terry but homemade is better, but yes it is alot of work, but worth it.

    It always tastes so good especially if its snowing.

  14. Hi Faye
    Sorry to hear you both are feeling under the weather . For me it is home made soup that's the best but if I am not feeling well enough to make it then it is Campbell 's . Lovely photos of Yummies . Thanks for sharing hope you both get better soon .

  15. Oh yes, homemade is best! I love soup and make it all the time. We had a yummy tomato soup last night with homemade whole wheat foccacia bread. So good! I hope you guys get better soon. The flu has been horrible lately.

  16. Faye...I make soups every Sunday to last me through the week. The crock-pot soups are the best. They cook calmly and they are just delicious. I pray that your hubby gets better soon :0) And homemade is definitely better!

  17. Home made for me, Faye. Every time. Get well soon, dear. xx

  18. Faye
    I'll take your homemade soup, hands down!
    I sometimes buy a can of store bought, but it
    always just sits on the shelf.

  19. Hi Faye, Sorry to hear you both have been sick. We are both fans of homemade soups. I love putting a batch in the crockpot in the a.m. then not having to think about it the rest of the day. Chicken noodle was on the menu tonight although I would have liked to try your lentil. Unfortunately I didn't have any and I think Doug like Terry might not be a fan. Hope you both feel better. By the way , I too am a very messy cook---another thing we have in common.

  20. Faye, I can't remember the last time I had a can of soup in the house. It has to be homemade. Yours sounds fab! Funny, I was just about to go out to the kitchen to heat a bowl of veggie, lentil and beef soup up that I made for us for lunch. Next time I have to remember to add some bacon, just adds that little something.

    Sorry you both were sick. Hope you are both feeling back to yourselves soon. xo

  21. Faye, I think the flu has your husband delirious!!!! Who would ever take a can of noodle soup over your homemade soups??? It always looks delicious and I would gladly eat what your hubby doesn't want. Oh my, I would definitely get his head examined!!! LOL

  22. Homemade soup all the way...but not the lentil kind. I usually make some variety of turkey but yesterday I tried a recipe that claims it is like Olive garden's soup. I don't really know if it is the same or not because I've only ever eaten there once... and I had some other kind of soup. It was good just the same. Tomorrow I have a turkey chilli recipe out to try. I love making soup because I send it in the kids' lunches- sure beats sandwiches!!

  23. Sorry to hear you both have been sick. Praying you are feeling better soon. I would choose the homemade but my Hubby probably would choose the canned. It must be a man thing. Thanks for posting the recipe. It looks delicious. Just this morning I found a bag of lentils in the pantry and was thinking how to use them. Now I know. I think you should have a side bar just with your homemade soup recipes. You always have such good ones and it would be so convenient to just click on "soup" and get your recipes. Anyway, I would enjoy it. Also wanted to know what is the olive tapenade and how do you make it? Also the bread you have pictured looks delicious! Anyway, I so want to make this. I would have to add some type of meat to ours(ground beef probably) as Hubby definitely wouldn't eat it without meat in it. Thanks for all the ideas. God bless.

  24. Faye,I to m sorry to hear you been sick with the flu,,,We have had it here as well, and still dealing wit it. We are doing better, hopefuly it wwill be over soon. Sorry Terry, I will go for homemaked any day. Thanks for being you. God Bless You and Yours.

  25. Hope your both feeling so much better Faye.
    I saw the soup and thought, oh, more food, I was very tempted not to look but then was hooked :-) GET WELL SOON GUYS :-) x x x

  26. I'm sorry you both have been feeling so poorly. Homemade is my vote any day. My children however, love Campbells soup and prefer it over homemade. Silly kids and they don't get their wish very often! ;-)

  27. I hope you both get better soon. I think homemade soup is better than canned any day! Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

  28. My husband and I are just getting over the flu we got after Christmas...We both prefer homemade both with both of us sick we opened a can...neither enjoyed it but it was all we could eat at the time. Your soup looks delicious and I don't care too much for lentils!

  29. I do not and never have cared for canned soup, there is very little nutrition in a can. But, homemade soup is so delicious and good for you that the two cannot compare!