Monday, May 19, 2014

Loving the Weekend..

Good Evening everyone.. 
How are you all doing? 

We had a wonderful long weekend here in Canada.. 
It was a very busy one but really enjoyable, too... 
We started it out by going to our old cottage down by the Bay of Fundy for a night.. 
Our first night there for the season.. smile.. 

I so love the Bay and enjoyed the sound of the waves and all.. 
The tide was out when we first arrived but came in later, of course.. 
Terry had to start cleaning up the yard.. 
A very big job as the Winter must have been quite awesome this year.. 
So many fallen branches and such.. 
He did accomplish a lot but we need to keep going down for a day or two a week until we go full time.. 

I started cleaning the cottage.. 
I managed to get the fridge, stove, cupboards and floors and such done.. 
Still much more to do.. 

It seems to take me three times as long as it used to.. 
Old age... Oh well...
 It will get done when it gets done... smile.. 

We enjoyed our supper on the stoop ... 
So nice doing that.. 
I love Spring ... 

The rhubarb is coming along rather slowly..
Our Spring has been so late but it is here now, thank the Lord.. 

We only stayed the one day and night.. Terry had to pick up a bush cutter he had rented to use up at the old farm... 

We had some family visit.. 
She kept me company while Dustin helped his Dad.. 

Out in the back field cutting down bushes... 

A little lad is watching Grandpa..

Doing a scary job.. 
Putting up the new flag.. 
At least this year he has a better ladder.. smile.. 

Sorry but you need to read the story to see what I mean.. 
It was not so scary this time... grin... 

The sweet lad in the middle is having a birthday... 

He is eight years old now.. 
They grow up so fast.. 
Happy Birthday, dear.. 

And on Sunday we had a wonderful service ... 

We are so blessed to attend this little church.. 
The youth were all at their annual Youth Convention celebrating their walk with God and enjoying sweet fellowship.. 
Five of our grandsons were there.. smile.. 

Today we were back out to the farm for a few hours doing a bit more bush cutting.. 
I scrubbed and waxed the old kitchen floor and made lunch.. 

But now the long weekend is over and we are back home.. 
I told Terry we had better stay home for a few days this week so I can catch up with my housework... 
Laundry has piled up while we were running the roads but it is great to be able to do these things together.. 
Retired life has it's moments.. smile.. 

He just informed me that he is going to the cottage again tomorrow with our other son to fix something down there.. 

This old gal is staying home and washing towels.. 

How about you? 
Did you have a good weekend? 

Thank you so much for dropping by and I look forward to your sweet comments.. 

Please keep my sweet blogging friend Donna's husband in prayer for healing.. 

Thanking God tonight for his grace and mercy and His healing power.. 

Joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise with her Weekend Linkup


  1. Oh looks so cozy and welcoming! :)
    So prayed all was well and that the two of you are busy enjoying
    Hugs to you and praying for all~
    Lori <3

  2. Umm...hello again did not see I was signed in at Sister's! (blush)
    well you know who I mean!
    P.S. love the beds, red

  3. Wow, you've been busy! Didn't even get a chance to say hello to you yesterday...Once you're settled in St. Martins I'll be down for a visit

  4. Lovely days are here.


    Hugs and happy week,

  5. Sounds like a fun couple of days. Your grand kids are cute - love their eyes.

  6. Morning, such a wonderful fun filled weekend. Love your cozy home there, so perfect, Blessings Francine.

  7. I hate heights and would have a heart attack watching someone climb a ladder that tall. At least he's strapped in! lol Love your pictures as usual. Have a blessed day, Faye!

  8. I have been to the Bay of Fundy a long time ago. We went to New Brunswick to visit our brother and sister in law and their family. We had a great time and it was a magnificent beautiful place :) How nice to have a little cottage to get away from it all. We have a full house at the moment and I'm knee deep in running a full house.

  9. Enjoy!!
    The water looks cold-but lovely!

  10. Faye, you are one busy gal. Sounds as if you got quite a lot accomplished at the cottage.
    So happy that Terry was safe this time!!

    Enjoy this week, and enjoy getting your "to-do" list done.
    I have quite a long list myself. Still getting things up-packed and put away.


  11. Good morning Faye. I have missed the Bay during the winter months Can't wait for you to take us there for the summer and we visit your shop. I would so love to visit that area. Seems so serene. .Don't the weekends seem to pass by so fast? We attended a family graduation party on Saturday So wonderful to see a young face so excited to begin a new journey in life. On Sunday a young lady came forward and accepted Jesus into her heart. Don't see as much of that as you use to What a wonderful day in church. Yesterday was the first day of Holly and Darbee Rae's summer vacation and we celebrated by going to lunch and shopping I too am home for the day to do a little housework. You have a blessed week my friend.

  12. Hello Faye! The cottage looks like such a welcoming place. Isn't it good that when old age slows us down, the acceptance of slow also comes along for the ride. :- ) Enjoying your posts, as always. xx

  13. Hi Faye ! Oh wonderful photos and looks and sounds like you also had a lovely weekend ! Oh I hear you I don't like it when Papa is up high on ladders or roves either ! Prayers for your friends husband ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  14. Hello,
    It sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Our son turned 12 on May 18th. :-) We enjoyed celebrating too.
    Happy Birthday to that cutie pie of yours.

    xx oo

  15. Faye, I don't know how you do it with 3 homes to look after and a husband that's not afraid of heights!! I re-read your post about his climbing the pole in the fall. Murray was up the 40 foot tower twice on Saturday. He's an Amatuer Radio operator and the tower with an antenna on the top has to come down to make way for the new deck. He hasn't been active as a 'ham' for a long time so it was time to remove the tower and antenna. Needless to say I was in the house praying and listening for a thud or scream! Honestly these men think they are still 30 or something don't they? lol The antenna is off but the tower still has to come down before the weekend. I hope you can get caught up this week. Take it easy my friend. Hugs. Pam

  16. I can see why you enjoyed this weekend - what a wonderful cottage and the Bay of Fundy is so
    beautiful - was there last autumn. Glad you found a sweet little church to attend. Hope you have many more lovely weekends like this one.

  17. Hello there Faye, You and Terry are just the cutest couple! I can just see you traveling the roads with your coffee and having so much fun. I am glad it was a wonderful. long, holiday weekend for you. You went to the farm? You went to the cottage? Oh, how I love those two places. You know I do. I went back and read about Terry and the ladder. I remember reading it before. Jim is the same way....just won't listen to me when I think he might get hurt! I told him that I have to start being a mother hen more often if he is going to do crazy things!!!! They are great guys though. I hope you tell Terry that I said that. We have a long weekend here but do not plan on going down to the lake. My daughter and son-in-law are so tired and I think they need a weekend to rest. We will go next week.

    Faye, I just love your posts. They make me feel good!

  18. wonderful photos!
    the kids are so cute! love the dimples!
    it amazes me the way y'all keep 3 places going,
    it's hard enough here just doing one!
    blessings and peace be multiplied unto to you !

  19. Faye, it sounds as if you had a lovely weekend! I always enjoy hearing about you and your hubby traveling to your different places of residence. The Bay of Fundy is absolutely gorgeous. It would have to be so relaxing to listen to the water lapping against the rocks and up the shore...even from an open window inside the house. It is as delightful there as it is at your farm. One of the things I love about you, Faye, is that regardless of where you are, you are always preparing good meals with love and care and serving them up to your hubby (and anyone else who might be there) in delightful spots. I've learned so much from you by reading your blog. Even during the months I've been absent of late from writing over at my own blog, when I was up to reading blogs, yours was one I never failed to read, even though I didn't comment. Have a wonderful remainder of the week!

  20. Sounds wonderful! I love reading your blog!