Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Days on the Old Farm...

Good Evening everyone.. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day.. 
I was blessed to attend a Mother Daughter Breakfast with my Mom on the weekend and to see my children yesterday and today.. 
So thankful for my Mom and for my sweet kids.. Love them all so much.. 

We have started visiting our old farm once again.. 
Last week we went up for 3 days and had a great time.. 

Just sharing some pics of the old place.. 
We are still working on the porch room .... 
We are so slow... 
All in good time, I guess.. 

Made some batter breads while we were there and some farm meals.. 

Spent some time on the back stoop enjoying the sun and reading a few books.. smile.. 
This was the view one day.. 
A bit of rain moving in and a nice wind.. 

But it is always good to get back home, too.. 

We have to get home in time for hubby to watch hockey.. 

There he is.. 
Our fave player who is my cousin... 
Brad Marchand... 

It is a bit much for me.. 

I would rather read a good book.. 
Don't tell my cousins... grin.. 

How are you all doing anyway? 
I find the days are slipping by so fast and I am not being a very good blogger.. 
Please forgive me and I will try to do better.. 

Spring is slowly creeping in here but it is cold tonight.. 

Take care, dear hearts and may God bless and keep you.. 


  1. We're enjoying these Spring days; between our grands and working around our place, the days seem to fly by!

  2. The bread looks wonderful!
    Looks like you are enjoying Spring :)

  3. Morning Faye, love kitchen you have, so cozy. Great looking bread too, yummy. Spring is a wonderful time, Blessings Francine.

  4. I love your kitchen, Faye. You definitely have a gift for decorating. Bread looks great. I'm so thankful that Spring is finally here. Going out to dig in the garden today. :-)

  5. What a nice retreat - that little farm. When do you go back to your shop? Any new ideas? I'm trying to think of new things too, however, it seems like some of the oldie but goodies are coming back around. Good think I hoard - I still the supplies to make some it from the first time. LOL

  6. Spring has finally sprung for us here! Love the farm pics and your kitchen at home is lovely :) Looking forward to visiting your shop when you re-open!

    Take care, Faye and may God Bless you!

  7. Enjoyed your pictures Faye - I think this time of year is particularly hard to keep up with blogging...the warmer days I am spending outside working in the yard and enjoying the flowers, birds and bees.

  8. I love your old farmhouse kitchen. I think I've told you that a few times. :) I am reading one of Lawana Blackwell's books now too- The Jewel of Gresham Green. A good read. I also watched a bit of the game last night. We aren't big hockey fans and at the moment are rooting for both teams - Montreal and Boston!! Crazy eh? Kind of hoping a Canadian team will make it through to the Cup series but if not, then will root for Boston. :) I had a hummingbird at my feeder this beautiful sunny morning. Have a blessed week Faye. xo

  9. Hi Faye - I love, love, love your little farmhouse. So cute and what a great little place to just get away. I always enjoy all of your posts and the pics. Don't worry about posting everyday, my goodness you have a life. But when you do post, it's like opening a package with little gems inside. They tickle me pink. That break looks awesome, I can almost smell if from here in Pennsylvania. Nothing like the aroma of fresh baked bread.

  10. Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures with us Faye. I'm getting some ideas for my new kitchen. This looks so warm and cosy.I love the check floor and the rusty coloured cabinet. Oh and the wooden armchair that I can just see peeping. Like you we will be doing it up slowly. We need to live in it a little while to get the feel of it.
    Have a happy week enjoy your reading. I'm going to sneak a bit of reading time now too. I've picked up a book on bee keeping.
    Happy day.

  11. I am requesting prayer for my Hubby. He has been having trouble with urinary tract infection. His doctor sent him for a ct scan yesterday. The results shocked us. He has multiple masses on his liver, a large mass in his colon and a fistula that is connecting his colon to his bladder that should not be there. He is in the hospital now and they have done a biopsy on the liver. We are waiting for the results back from that and then they will determine a plan of action. We are holding on to the fact that the Lord is in control. We would so appreciate your prayers. God bless.

    1. I will keep you in my prayers. My husband got urosepsis infection from a UTI. In the hospital for ten days!! Low BP... took a long time to recover. I hope the drs are able to get your husband back to good health soon. God Bless... linda

    2. Hello dear Donna.. Yes, we will pray for your husband.. Our God is a Healer and even when all seems huge he is still able.. He is our strength when we are weak.. Remember He is with you in the midst of this storm... I will put his name on our prayer list..
      Love and Prayers are being sent your way.. xo

    3. Hi Donna - Lifting your husband up in prayer here in Pennsylvania. Wishing you both blessings upon blessings and that all will be well soon. GOD bless you both. Linda

  12. Hi Faye,
    I have been so busy knitting 6, yes, 6!! baby sweaters that a lady ordered from me one day while we were at the Java House!! I knit while my Terry reads! My time here in 'blogland' has been very limited. But have 3 rooms thoroughly cleaned! We are storing Teresa & Chris' furniture, etc while their new house is being built! Also finishing up the school year w/grands and starting baseball season! Unseasonably cold here in Iowa. Blessings to you & yours... Linda

  13. Faye,
    I would love to spend time at an old farm like this. It is so charming, and it says "welcome" to me. The view is so pretty. I appreciate nature very much, and it always brings me so much peace. The batter breads look yummy. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your daughter and mother. That's so special. It's always nice to be back home, isn't it? That's the way I felt on my three day trip to So Cal. I love your kitchen, it's so cozy.

    Have a blessed week, Faye.


  14. Hi Faye,
    I am so happy you posted about the farm. I love your farm too. I am a farm girl, so I enjoy your posts at the farm.
    Thank You!
    xx oo

  15. Hello there...Dear Faye, I love it when you go to the farm. It makes me glad to think that you are getting away to see a different environment after this winter. I love the farm and I love the kitchen there. Your bread looks scrumptious! Jim's mother would make bread every week and many times she would drop a loaf off to us. I was very happy about that nice thought. I wrote the name of your book down and the author. Maybe I can find it on Amazon for my Kindle. Looks very interesting.

    Oh, Faye, it has been such a busy and worrisome week here. I pray it is a peaceful weekend. I know you are busy and happy ! you probably have many projects going on. talk to you soon.


    PS - Say hi to that nice husband of yours. Tell him not to work too hard. I tell Jim that and he still goes all day and into the evening. He enjoys what ever he is doing. Wish our garden would dry out!

  16. Faye, your farm looks like a wonderful place to get away and relax! Your pictures are always SO good! The food makes me want to reach through the computer monitor and sample! That farm kitchen looks like a place I could spend a lot of time in.

  17. Olá amiga, lindas imagens, quanto aconchego em sua fazenda, sinto-me em casa!!! Amo passear por aqui!!!!!
    Doce abraço Marie.

  18. playing catch up, I'm rarely in the house these days, staying out and about before the summer heat and humidity arrive here, loved the photos, hugs!

  19. Oh, my goodness, I would have a very hard time leaving that farm house!! I love that kitchen. It looks so warm and inviting and I can just imagine the smell of baking bread wafting thru it. You are very blessed to have this getaway. Faye, please let us hear from Donna and her husband if you get any updates. I'm sure we're all praying for them and their family. My heart goes out to them and I will be lifting them to our loving Heavenly Father daily.