Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Winner and a Night Out in the Country... German style.. ...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.. 

I wanted to apologize for being late as to posting who the winner of the little quiz was.. 
We went out last night and I did not get to it.. 

The prize is just a thought or thank you for following the blog.. 
A country style pillow cover and mat.. 
I didn't know where it would have to go so I picked something that could be folded up and placed in an envelope and sent.. 
Our Canadian postage is scandalous these days.. smile.. 
I hope she likes it..

Terry picked Mary Stiles so Mary if you could email me your address I will put it in the mail for you.. 

Last evening we were invited out to supper with some old friends of ours to a local restaurant just many miles from us.. 
Gasthof Old Bavarian in Knightville.. 
You can read about it HERE

We were early so while we waited I enjoyed a lovely cuppa.. 
I even like their dishes.. smile.. 
Then there were baskets of homemade German breads.. 
Served with a sweet mustard.. 
Terry loves mustard and he enjoyed it very much.. 
It was not really my cup of tea but the bread was delicious.. 
I only had one piece as I wanted to enjoy my meal.. 

This restaurant was featured lately on You Gotta Eat Here so I knew the plates were huge.. 

This was an appetizer which we shared.. 
A cabbage roll and Spatzle with a sauce that was out of this world.. 
Then this Cream of Sweet Potato Soup was free with the meal and it was soooo good.. 
The soup junkie that I am only really needed that.. smile.. 

Here are some of the plates that we were served.. 

The men ordered the Oktoberfest Platter.. 
Lots of German meats.. 

Then this is a pork hocks platter.. 

Amazing, eh? 

And this was mine.. 

The Vegetarian Platter.. smile.. 
I just am not a meat eater and love salads so this was just right for me although I could not finish it at all.. 

It was so much fun and we had a great time except for me trying to get Terry to stay out of the bread basket.. grin.. 
Thanks dear friends for inviting us... 

On the way home I took these pics.. 
It was such a beautiful evening.. 
Thank you, Lord for all of your blessings...

This farm used to be our Brother-in-Law's old homestead.. 
So beautiful... 

Well, God bless you sweet friends.. 
Enjoy your Lord's Day and try to make time for Him... 



  1. Congratulations to Mary Stiles for winning the pillow cover and mat. Enjoy.

    Hello Faye, Glad you had a special time at dinner last night. And I love your photos of the farm and the church. Great photos.

    Must go....the movie is coming on and Jim is waiting.

    Have a good day tomorrow.


  2. The food and farm look amazing! I'm a soup junkie too

  3. Your food was just beautiful, made even more so by those beautiful table settings. Sometimes it's all in the presentation, but this had to be delicious. I love farm pictures too, so peaceful.

  4. Mmmmmmmm! I love soup too, especially after this past winter. That cream of sweet potato looks wonderful. Love the table and presentation too. I always leave hungry after I leave your blog. Wonder why that is? ;) love and hugs! Heather

  5. Congratulations to Mary!
    The food looks wonderful, love those dishes too!
    Love the photos going home!

  6. Hi Faye, I was so excited to see my name as the winner of your giveaway. I know I will love them. You and I like the same style. I will send you an e-mail.
    I have heard of that restaurant you went to but have never been there. The food looks delicious.
    Tell Terry thanks for picking my name.

  7. Congrats to you Faye, wonderful win.....looks like a great night out too, how fun, Blessings Francine.

  8. Your dinner looks so yummy and what a wonderful prize..We will be taking a ride today and taking the 4 fur babies to my son's house for a cook out..Have a great Sunday

  9. Congrats Mary ! Oh supper looks wonderful . Lovely photos . Our Hummers and Orioles are now back ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  10. I've not heard of this restaurant but the food certainly looks delicious! Congratulations to Mary on winning your give away. I hope you have a great week ahead. It looks like the weather might be a bit nicer.

  11. It is greening up beautifully there, Faye!
    All of the German dishes look so delicious.
    It's been too many years since I've visited a good German restaurant.

  12. Congratulations to Mary! What a treat to have a handmade prize! They are the best kind! :)

    It was so good to be here visiting again today, Faye. I've had to take a break from blogging for a period of time. I started back in full time yesterday and am so glad to be back!

    Your blog is as sweet as ever! Your meals at the German restaurant look absolutely wonderful! What huge portions! My husband and I went out for dinner Saturday evening as well. It was to a family owned diner and they served huge portions of their delicious meals as well. I enjoyed their cabbage rolls SO much! But there was so much served, that I brought the remainder of my meal home and hubby and I shared it on Sunday for lunch! :)

    Have a wonderful week, Faye!

  13. I haven't been to the Old Bavarian for a very long time, Faye. I am so glad they are still going strong.. maybe one day I will get to go again. Your post is lovely.