Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Vintage Picnic..

Good Evening everyone.. 
Just wanted to share our day with you all.. 

I love picnics, don't you? 
Yesterday, Terry and I decided to have a day out.. 
We got in our truck and packed in the picnic basket and away we went.. 

We put our passports in our dash compartment just in case we ended up near the border.. smile.. 

The day before I had mixed up a loaf of Artisan Bread and baked it that morning so we chucked that in on top.. 

We drove through St. John and headed down Lepreau way.. 
I forgot that the Falls were even there but Terry remembered.. 

It was a perfect picnic spot.. 
There are many little lookout spots that are kind of suspended over the river and fixed up with a private picnic table.. 
What a gorgeous spot...
The sound of the falls are beautiful .. 
The temperature was lovely and we so enjoyed our meal.. 
Plain fare but delicious.. 
I took some old vintage dishes and cloth napkins and tablecloth.. 
Makes it just that bit more special.. 

While we were eating a couple asked if they could look at the Falls from there and see that view.. 
We said sure and the lady kept looking at the table.. 
She probably thought I must be a crazy lady with goblets and all.. grin.. 

Later on we did manage to go across the border and picked up a few things.. 
We didn't get home until ten o'clock ..

All in all it was a wonderful day for the pages of our memory.. 

Thankful for such sweet blessings that God bestows upon us.. 
It is so precious to do things like this with my best friend.. 

Thanks for your sweet visit and for being so tolerant of 
my Summer slackness... 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.. 

God bless.. 


  1. Dear Faye,
    What a wonderful idea, and it looks like a wonderful day with your sweet husband!!
    Just what summertime is supposed to be all about!!

  2. Faye that is one super nice picnic.....and the bread yummy! What a great day... Of course, you always have the best meals.. Have a great week. Blessings!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. I will have to keep picnics on my list of things to do...with cloth napkins and gobblets... :)

  4. Love it!!! You certainly add style to a picnic!

  5. A beautiful place and a wonderful day!

  6. What a beautiful and blessed day! That food and the scenery, perfection!

  7. My dear, you have the least slackfulness of anyone I know. That must have been a wonderful day!

  8. Dearest Faye, I think we all have times when we can't be here on our blogs as often as we'd like. I have taken a break at this time because of canning and other things cropping up here and there. It is nice!

    Your picnic sounds and looks wonderful! I love it that you took the tablecloth, cloth napkins, dishes and even the goblets! You showed your best friend just how much you treasure him and this special time together. smile.

    Hugs to you, my friend.
    xo Dianna

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful day!!

  10. Hi Faye, What a great day for a picnic...just the two of much fun! It was a beautiful day, too! My sister and here grown daughters headed back to South Carolina and 3 days later my son and daughter -in-law had their sweet baby boy! It has been very hectic around here but I would not want it any other way! Keep enjoying your summer...what is left of it!


  11. What a great day out, just the two of you with some amazing views and a delightful picnic done in style. The perfect summer day.

  12. My word Faye, you always make me feel so hungry. Picnic with beautiful scenery, what more you ask for...... maybe a quick peek in Faye's picnic hamper :-) :-) xxx

  13. Hi Faye, I love your picnic set up on the table and it's such a beautiful spot there at Lepreau Falls too. Your table reminded me of our Harris family picnics we had at Fundy Park when I was a little girl. My Grammie and Aunt took everything but the kitchen sink on these picnics - china, silver, and lots of good food. It made for fun memories and I suppose the china and silver was old stuff even back then. Your artisan bread look so yummy. Summer is going too fast and we're off to Calgary next week to welcome our 3rd grand baby. Hugs. Pam

  14. what a lovely outing and I need to do this before the cold weather :)

  15. Hi Faye! What a lovely picnic! I'm sure it was wonderful with all your special touches. ~~~I'm Carolyn from the old blog Simple Southern Cottage. I can no longer access my old blogs and Blogger will not help me whatsoever. And it's all because of issues between Google/Blogger and Yahoo. I finally just gave up and started a new blog. I am in the process of moving old posts to my new one. I hope you will visit me .