Friday, August 1, 2014

This week in my cottage kitchen..

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth ... 
Joining Heather over at BEAUTY THAT MOVES BLOG for 
her weekly blog hop.. 
pitting cherries.... what a job... 
7 bottles of delicious jams...

gathering mint for mint jelly... 

one of our fave pastas.. 
broccoli, mushrooms, lemons and parmesan..
making a pie crust with butter...
filling for the pie.. 
blueberries and peaches with a touch of cinnamon...

the easiest pie ever and so good... 

a bowl meal.. 
mashed, chili and cheese.. 
nice on a rainy day here by the Bay..

I already posted this.last week. 
4 thieves vinegar and salad dressing...

grilled fresh pineapple.. 
lots of banana breads for drop in guests... 

making recipes for my shop.. 
cherry jam, room sprays and foot soaks.. 

The kitchen was busy this week.. 
I told myself that as we are closing the shop this Summer 
that all I was doing was selling what was already there.. 
I can't help myself and jams, toiletries and such seem to be finding their way to the old kitchen table ready to go to the shop to be labeled and sold.. smile.. 
Oh well.. 
Pickles are next, I expect... 
There is a big bag of green tomatoes sitting out there.. 
Next week, perhaps.. 

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my kitchen.. 
Go over and join everyone else HERE.. 
I am sure you will love it.. 

Thanks for dropping by, dear hearts.. 
Appreciate your visits and comments.. 

Enjoy your weekend..xo


  1. Faye, you always impress me. you have the perfect combination of everything that makes a house a home! xo

  2. I love seeing all you do, i only wish I was not so far away from your shop!
    Hugs, and blessings!

  3. Wonderful things you do for your shop! And wonderful photos! Here in Italy the zucchini pickles I posted are common, we don't use too many spices in pickles, but lots of herbs like rosemary and sage. If you try it, let me know if you like!! Hugs

  4. Always a joy to visit you in your cozy country kitchen Faye. Everything looks so yummy, Blessings Francine.

  5. What kind of cherries are those? I have a tree but mine are very small and wanted a tree with the bigger cherries

    1. Hi Donna.. I really do not know.. I bought them at the market and they are sweet ... That's all I know.. Sorry.. xo

  6. It all looks so lovely! I especially love the pictures of the mint and the pasta. Enjoy the cottage, let the shop be what it's meant to be right now!

  7. I'm on my way over lol ! All looks wonderfully YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  8. Faye, I would love to order a jar of cherry jam and foot balm! How?

    1. Hi dear.. Just email me at and I will get back to you and work it
      out... Thanks, Barbara...xo

  9. Pitting cherries is the pits. But my husband made me a pitter from a pill bottle....still took me an hour to pit what I wanted to freeze. Sigh! I will share on my blog soon. I'm behind....but life (or death) gets in the I took a bit of time off and now I'm back logged...but it's all good. i am gonna make apricot jam soon! Have a good summer!

  10. looks like a busy week in the kitchen.!! your pie looks delicious.
    thanks for the inspiration!
    Wishing you a nice week,

  11. Cherry jam sounds so wonderful. It is a job pitting cherries though ....but worth it in the end. Have a good week.