Monday, August 18, 2014

Making, Doing and Enjoying..

Hello everyone.. 
Just stopping by and chatting for a few minutes.. 
I was telling Terry that I am quite pathetic the last few weeks as far as posting on my blog.. 
He told me that perhaps I should do one tonight... smile.. 
It is not much but a little glimpse into my days.. 

We had some lovely company here at the cottage.. 
We enjoyed them so much.. 
Our youngest son and his family... 
We had BBQ and then went for ice cream and a drive over to the lighthouse.. 
Summer fun... 

Terry and I have been pickling up a storm as we usually do in August.. 
We made garlic dill, sweet dill, ginger slices, bread and butters, chow chow, a new carrot pickle, garlic scape vinegar and such.. 

The roses are drying so I can make some Gardener's Salve and there is also some Tansy steeping in oil, too.. 

We were crossing the bridge in the river pic above when we noticed a beaver swimming down river with a stick in his mouth.. When we backed up he dived and came up on the other side of the bridge.. 
Loved seeing nature at her best.. smile.. 

Well, I cannot believe how fast the Summer is passing.. 
Just a few more weeks and we will be returning home.. 
I have really enjoyed my Summer this year.. 
Closing the shop is a great thing and I am happy with our decision.. 
I just love puttering around here and not worrying about the shop.. 

The Bay is lovely as always and I will miss it when I go home..

Yesterday, we had a great day with going to church with our daughter's family.. 
Such a wonderful move of the Spirit of the Lord.. 

Tomorrow we are having some special company.. 
Our pastor and his family are coming for the day.. 
Looking forward to spending some time with them.. 

Well, dear hearts I must finish up for tonight.. 
We have a good day coming up and I have things I need to do before they arrive..  

Thanks so much for visiting as always.. 
Love your comments and emails.. 
They make my day.. 



  1. You certainly are having a wonderful summer ~ the stuff memories are made of. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that sailboat in the first photo. Very nice. I also noticed your old front door with the door bell that you turn. My friend's house had one of them. Great memories of that. :) I don't know if we'll get down that way this year. I am glad that my sister from BC got to go though. She hadn't been there since we were kids. Blessings on your week Faye. xo

  3. It was so great to hear from you over at my place (treasured up and pondered)... today! Thank you for taking time to come by.

    I'm so glad to hear of all your busyness... it sounds so delightful. Always and in All Ways!
    Is that an "egg in the nest", second to last photo? I just made that this morning for the kiddos and myself this morning.. one of our favs around here.

  4. A beautiful post, filled with such beauty and busy makes. Some wonderful pickles. God bless.

  5. Very nice post.
    Beautiful pictures.
    Seems that you have a contented heart... always a blessing.

    Enjoy your company, and these last waning days of summer.


  6. Have a wonderful time with your special company.
    And enjoy the last of the summer days.
    xx oo

  7. Faye, you are a blessing to up lift my spirit TY. Sorry that I have not been able to visit I m moving and not the time. Hope to be able to in Sept. Hugs


  8. "Ontem foi embora.Amanhã ainda não veio. Temos somente hoje, comecemos!!!Qualquer ato
    de amor, por menor que seja, é um trabalho pela paz" (Madre Teresa de Calcutá)
    Um grande abraço, Marie.