Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Stuff...

Hello everyone... 
First of all I want to thank you all for dropping by the Blessed Hearth.. 

And secondly, I would like to say that I am sorry for being among the missing... 
This Summer is going by so fast and I seem to be busy doing whatever... 
Just not blogging very much.. 

The shop is doing well with me being open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons.. 
It is slowly emptying and looking a bit bare.. 
This is a good thing.. smile.. 
We will be closing for good on Labour Day weekend.. 

I have been making a few things, though.. 
Foot soaks, rose powder, room sprays, gift labels and such. 

Now we are into the pickling.. 

Last weekend we had a family reunion and it was so much fun
seeing all of my cousins... 
There are only 4 of my Mom's family of 14 still with us... 
Mom and Gerald stayed with us overnight and in the morning when I washed my hair Mom wanted to dry it for me... 
The dear thing... 
I know how it feels to just want to do something like that for your daughter even if they are grown up and in my case a bit old.. smile.. 
Your child is always your child, eh?
And I will remember the feel of her hands as she parted my hair to dry.. smile.. 

Let's see.. 
What else is new??  

It is so nice to have all the nice new veggies from the garden for meals .. 
I love everything about Summer almost.. 
Gardens, flowers, fresh veggies, rainy nights, sunny days, company galore, long drives with the windows down, fresh laundered sheets, the sound of the waves and the lace curtains blowing in the breeze... 

I don't like bugs.. 
Detest them but one can't have everything perfect.. smile.. 
If Noah had of swatted that one mosquito life would have been different... grin.. 

A couple of our grandsons are here and I just told them that about Noah.. I asked them if it sounded dumb and they laughed and said it was pretty smart... lol.. 
I told them I couldn't take the credit for it that I read it somewhere.. smile.. 

Well, my dears this is all for tonight.. 
I am properly exhausted.. 
We did 12 quarts of garlic dill and 17 pints of sweet dill this morning.. 
Then I went to the shop and waited on folks plus tried to make a few more things.. 

And then... smile..
 I came home and made Supper for our grandsons and ourselves.. 
What a rewarding thing that was to do.. 
We had a plain meal.. 
Mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, carrots, cucumber salad and what we call Hamburger Gravy.. 
I asked the boys if they liked it but they didn't know as they had not had it before.. 
 I also made them just plain hamburger patties just in case..
 But one put it all over his potatoes and carrots.. 
When he started eating it he says... 
Oh Lord.. that is good... 
And devoured 2 plates.. 
I like feeding my kids... grin.. 
Especially, with reactions like that.. 

Well, I really am going this time.. 
Take care and thanks so much for your sweet comments and so glad to meet you dear girls in the shop who follow the blog.. 
It is always a pleasure.. 

God bless ...


  1. Faye, you always make me smile. You are the busiest, most creative woman doing the most wonderful things. You certainly will have earned a rest after your sweet shop is closed. xo

  2. Hi Faye, Been a very busy week here. My sister and her grown two daughters were here and we had our family reunion last weekend. It was great to see the cousins and we had so many laughs and so much fun! And I know you know our baby boy grandson was born last night in the night!!!! We have been waiting and he came just a bit early/ His name is Cayden James ( James is after my husband Jim....oh, Jim was so pleased!) So we have been in the hospital to see the baby today. Thank you God, for watching over little Cayden and our son and daughter-in-law. I love dill pickles and I have only made them once in my life. Isn't that awful. My family used to love Icicle pickles and I have made my share of those over the years. Where do you get your energy from? I think mine has "flown the coop" ...ever since I was lucky enough to get Fibromyalgia!!!!!!! Well, I could talk the whole day with you but must get to bed. Tomorrow I need to cook a couple of meals for the new Mom and Dad.
    Miss you, Faye!


  3. I remember when my mom made all sorts of pickles. I've not made them myself. Lately I've been busy with fruit and it's posted on my next to last blog...even my pitter I told you about. I remember my mom's hands in mine...I remember brushing her hair when she was at the nursing home. Never able to do that again. But good memories linger still. She's been gone for 5 weeks now. Sigh! We had taco salad tonight, made by my daughter. It was good! I decided it was time to have it instead of pasta with hamburger. Hugs and thanks for a fun post!

  4. Nothing nicer than sharing a meal with family. I too have my daughter and grandchildren for a visit, so plenty of spoiling going on. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. I just love visiting you sweet friend.
    Just like family.
    You are blessed.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Woolie Hugs

  6. Lovely post, as always.

    Hamburger gravy.... haven't heard of that in years. My mom made the worlds best hamburger gravy over the fluffiest mashed potatoes. Good memories.

    Smiles :)

  7. Hello Faye. I thinks it's lovely how your mum drier your hair. As usual you've been busy. I hope you have a nice rest when the shop closes. All your food looks delicious. I'd love to have a meal at your place. We have similar tastes. Take care, dear.

  8. Summer is such a busy time. I love reading about your days!

  9. Hamburger Gravy is the ultimate comfort food! I was raised on it and our five children, too. They love it when they come home and I make it for them.

  10. I have been busy this summer too. I have 3 gardens and a Fresh Farm is so fun, yet busy, busy, busy. :-)
    Enjoy the last days of summer. :-)

  11. Ahhhhhhh hamburger and/or sausage VERY favorite!!!!!
    Sounds like you had a great day!! We've been "pickling" too......okra, beets, name it, I've pickled it :^)
    Have a lovely weekend and a blessed day on Sunday!