Thursday, April 9, 2015

Company and a Coffee Corner..

Hello there my dears.. 
How is your week going?  
Can you believe that tomorrow is Friday ? 

I think the time has flown because of the Easter weekend and then Monday was kind of a holiday here, too... 

The rolls above were made from the no knead recipe on my side bar to the right ...
Once the dough is mixed and proven once just pat it out on a very well floured space and shape into a rectangle about 9 x 13 and cut out into 8 rolls with a pizza cutter..
Place on a cookie tray and raise once again...
Bake in a 450 degrees F. for 18 minutes.. 
They were a nice change.. 

We had a bit of company the last few days.. 

My Mom.. 
Her birthday is next week ... 
She will be 81... 
Still enjoying life.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

We had a turkey dinner... 
A wonderful smelling candle that my son-in-law gave me.. 
Lemon Verbena... 

Then we had a lovely day visiting with some friends... 
Reading books, drinking tea and chatting.. 
The weather has been pretty good and the snow is melting like crazy... smile.. 

Tonight I tried one of those one dish pasta pots that you find on Pinterst.. 

This was one of Martha's ... 

You just put everything in the pot and let it cook until finished.. 
Terry liked it... 
So that was a good thing.. grin.. 

I finally finished my little coffee corner.. 

I noticed it on Pinterest, too, of course and my friend Dawn and I decided we would make one for ourselves.. 

Very convenient having everything for coffee/tea making all in one spot.. 

Sugar, little milk pitchers.. 
Old spoons for the stirring.. 
I found these at a thrift shop years ago with different kings on them.. 

The little can holds the coffee filters... 

I love these little milk jugs.. 
They used them in restaurants in the old days and if you are fortunate you might find them at auctions or thrift stores.. 
I have 6, I think.. 

I must admit that I keep changing this around and trying to tweak it to suit me.. 
There are lots of cups and such on the shelf above... 
I think it is just about right, now.. 
There are some lovely ones on Pinterest and this doesn't compare to them but it suits us.. 

This one is my friend's... 

She sent me a picture on her phone so it is not really clear but you get the idea.. 
I love the tray of pretty mugs and her chalk board is sweet.. 

If you decide to make one please email me your pic and I will try to show everyone.. 

Thanks for dropping by, my friends..
Looking forward to hearing from you... 

Take care, now.. 


  1. I just love your thrifty chic coffee/tea bar! So nice to have everything all in one easy place, and looking so cute as well! How did you like the pasta in a pot? Was it mushy? Glad your husband liked it. Your mother is a beautiful lady! I'm sure you've enjoyed her visit! Hope spring continues its way to you :)

    1. Hello dear.. Thanks for visiting.. No, the pasta wasn't mushy.. Nor al dente, either.. That is why I chose spaghetti because it can get a bit softer then the others and we don't mind it.. Actually, it was really good but I love pasta so much that it would have to be pretty bad for me not to like it.. Thus I mentioned Terry's reaction.. He had 2 plates,too... grin.. I hope to try it again but mix up the veggies...Add mushrooms or green beans, perhaps.. xo

  2. I LOVE your blog so so much Faye!!! It is always a comfort to me, no matter what the storm and I seem to be in one a lot lately. Thanks so much and keep sharing. Xo Tammy Lyons :)

  3. How wonderful to have your mom visit. She looks a great lady :) I have tried those coffee corners but it was when my kitchen was large. Now everything has to be put away. No counter space. Lots of love to you.

  4. Sweet idea with your Coffee Corner.:-)
    Your mom is BEAUTIFUL!!
    xx oo

  5. Your mother is such an elegant looking lady, quite beautiful.
    My your one put dinner looks like it turned out great, and your photos are wonderful. I hear that food is hard to photo.
    Now that coffee corner, I'm seeing those around a lot, great idea. I already have the corner all I need to do is make it even more workable. I may just give it a try. :-)

    Have a beautiful week end.

  6. Oops! One "pot" dinner, not put. Spell check!

  7. Your mom is a pretty lady! Enjoy the time with her.
    I love those little milk jugs too.

  8. Faye, your mom is absolutely beautiful! She certainly does not look to be 82! Thank you for sharing pictures of your sweet coffee corner. I've had one for a number of years, but nothing elaborate. I have acquired a few ideas here from you that I would love to add to mine. Love your Twining's is the only brand of tea that I buy. But I've not seen any in tins here in the States. I also have some of the milk jugs, but mine are a bit bigger than yours. I've decided they need to come out of hiding and be used! :) And I love it that you store your filters in a tin! Thank you so much for all of the lovely ideas, my friend. xo

  9. Faye, I loved seeing a photo of your mum. She looks just lovely. I hadn't really heard of a coffee corner before. That is interesting. I will have to have a look at them on Pinterest. See you in a couple of years. LOL!

  10. happy birthday to your mom, so glad you were able to be together to celebrate :)

  11. Happy Birthday to you Beautiful MoM,
    God Bless her on her Birthday & Always.
    Love the coffee/tea station very convenient
    to have everything in one area, plus it looks
    Sweet. Blessings ~~ Connie xox

  12. Your Mom is beautiful! Happy Birthday!

    We like the one pot pasta, too. I use a can of diced tomatoes and it is so easy and good and great if someone drops by and mealtime comes around.

    You have my wheels turning thinking about a coffee corner. I have been thinking of getting rid of the toaster oven and that might make a good place for it.

  13. Those roll look wonderful Faye, I wish I could taste one.
    I love your coffee corner, we are tea drinkers here & I have a corner with an old tea tin, tea strainer, tea pot & some tea cosies.
    Thank you for another lovely post, your Mum is so pretty, happy birthday to her.
    Fondly Michelle

  14. Your dear mum is a beautiful lady and I hope she has a wonderful birthday. I like your coffee corner and have wanted to do one here but I don't have the space. Besides we're tea drinkers and I have all my teas in one rolling drawer in my pantry. I have a LOT of teas!! LOL My coffee maker is so old fashioned as it's about 25 years old and I don't have one of those pod coffee makers...we just don't drink enough of it to justify one. :) I like your little cream bottles. They're really cute. I see you have a big tin of Earl Grey tea there which is my favourite. Here's hoping the weekend weather will improve eh? Enjoy. hugs. Pam

  15. Faye what a Beautiful Mother you have, gee I wish I was I was a lees last I'm not. The spaghetti share looks good.WE don't drint coffe, I geuss I could make a Tea coner.((HUGS))

  16. Your Mom is just as beautiful and lovely as you are, my friend!!! What a lovely post (they always are!) Blessings

  17. Love the little coffee corner, it looks so pretty and well-organized. And you mom looks lovely!

  18. Your mother is so beautiful looking and regal. Looks like you all had an amazing visit. Love all your photos. I too need to try that recipe where you just throw everything in the pot. Success it looked like...and definitely looked delicious.

    Have a great weekend,

  19. Hello there, dear Faye....Please say hello to your dear sweet mother for me. She looks so healthy and beautiful. You look a lot like her. I wish I could meet her. Maybe someday. Your bread looks absolutely delicious. You definitely are THE bread maker!!!! I am going to try making my spaghetti that way. Sounds pretty smart to me...looked so good. And if Terry likes it then I know we will. I love your coffee nice to have a pantry. Your pantry is perfect!!!!!!!

    Please take care..... both of you folks. Enjoy our upcoming weather.


  20. Your so like your mum Faye and your mum is beautiful.

    Thank you dear friend, as they say, you carry on.

  21. Hello dear Faye
    It is such a special time having your darling mother to stay! Your turn to care for her.
    I imagine the days were filled with reminiscing, talking about the family and the old days.
    I always loved having my mother to stay, she was one of seven girls and one boy and had so many wonderful stories to share... I wish she was still here, I miss her so.
    Just appreciate your dear Mom and please wish her a very Happy 81st Birthday from your New Zealand girlfriend! She looks like such a beautiful gracious lady and you look very like her Faye!

    I love your coffee/tea corner, well organised - Pinterest is so inspiring!

    Shane x

  22. Such a sweet picture of you mom! I love your coffee/tea corner. Very convenient having it all in one place.

  23. Happy Birthday to your mom, what a blessing to have her with you still!