Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A This and That Post...

Hello everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth... 
Just a little mish mash of a post about this and that.. 

Terry and I celebrated our 45th anniversary last week ... 
We had hoped to go to our old farm for a week but there was just  too much snow there yet..
We decided to take a wee trip to Maine for a little get away.. 
We had a great time.. 

There really is not much to do at this time of year but we went out to eat at a favorite place.. 
Texas Road House.. 

They have a wonderful salad and rolls ... 
Steaks and deep fried pickles...

We did a bit of shopping and I visited my favorite shop in Brewer.. 
Just Between Friends... 

Terry bought me a wonderful antique picture of a shepherd and his sheep.. 
I will show you when he gets it hung for me.. smile.. 

This is the little card that I found for him... 
Years from now
when our faces are covered with wrinkles, 
And our hearts
 are full of memories,
We'll remember 
a whole lifetime together, and smile, 
And our smiles
will hold all the dreams, all the tears,
and all the laughter
that we have shared together, 
knowing that we have always been
side by side.....
in love, in marriage, and in life.
Because years from now, 
You will have become
what I always knew you would be....

My one and only forever love... 

I loved the words and thought how wonderfully blessed we are to have been able to experience these words in our life...
The years have passed and our faces have wrinkles and our hearts have the memories of a whole lifetime together.. 

There have been better times and worse... 
We have had more money and less money.. 
And there has been sickness and health. 
But we have loved and cherished and will continue 
to do so for as many more years as God spares us.. 
We are both thankful... smile.. 

After a couple of days we headed back home... 

There was still lots of snow but we were amazed how much it had gone down in couple of days.. 

There is no place like home.. 

Making chicken soup with only one bone in chicken breast.. 
I love soup.. 

Here are some fabrics I bought ... 

We are redoing over one of the spare bedrooms.. 
It has taken ages but he promised to try and finish it soon.. 
The two top fabrics are for that room..
I love ticking and it was on sale and then the bottom one 
is for Shonda... 
It was only a couple of dollars and is a big piece .. 

Another loaf of bread was made.. 

The no knead bread made with whole wheat.. 
The link is on the side bar.. 

Then this weekend is Easter so have been making a few crafts.. 

These are not finished but are styrofoam eggs covered with napkins.. 
They need to dry and then I will spray glue on some sparkles.. 

I bought this pasta while we were away.. 

Only fifty cents a box and it makes 2 big salads.. 
This is a tuna fish, green onions, celery and a home made Caesar dressing with parm... 

This is a little craft that signifies what Easter is really all about.. 

A little centrepiece ... 

Tomorrow I need to find a little stone for the door,..
Not sure if I can as there is so much snow.. 
And a few pebbles for the doorway.. 

Not as nice as the ones you will see on the web but it is fine for now... 

Anyway, this is all for tonight.. 
I hope you all have a Blessed Easter if I don't get another chance to post.. 

Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments.. 
God bless..


  1. Happy Anniversary! We have a Texas Roadhouse near us and we ate there Friday night. They really are good!
    I like your Easter crafts. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I can't tell you how many years I have been going to make the little empty tomb garden....I never seem to get to it. Your soup and bread look so tasty. I need to make bread tomorrow...we are nearly out. Love your fabrics too - sounds like you had a very Happy Anniversary. We still have snow least a foot more places and lots more where it was piled so high. Hoping a lot of it melts tomorrow, as it is supposed to be 50 - yippee! Finally! Have a blessed Easter Faye!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. We had our 43rd in January. I can hardly believe it. Where do the years go. I love the verse on the card. It says it all. We have a busy weekend with little ones coming but we do have snow in the forecast on Sat. which isn't good. I think we should try to get together before summer starts and it is busy. What do you think?
    Happy Easter!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 45th in march. Where do the years go? love your
    little empty tomb garden.

  5. I love the Golgotha garden. I have a stone just the right size for you......pity we live on opposite sides of the globe. Have a wonderful Easter time.

  6. Happy anniversary, Faye. I hope you have a blessed Easter and I also love your little centrepiece. Like Christmas Easter has become a money making time here in Australia and I am sure that lots of children think it is all about eggs and chocolate.

  7. Enjoyed your little "this n that" post Faye - sometimes life just has too much going on! Congratulations on 45 wonderful years - that is a remarkable achievement! Looks like you had a wonderful getaway, but I couldn't believe all the snow you have. We lost all our snow here in northern Idaho back in January. Hopefully spring arrives soon for you all! May you have a special weekend celebrating the most blessed event in history!

  8. I would love a piece of that homemade bread right now!!! :0} Happy 45th Anniversary!!! The little garden with crosses is interesting. What a neat idea! I took photos of my tulips yesterday before going to work. Today two of them look like they need chiropractic help since the bud is sideways due to the rain we've had. I took another photo this evening! Have a blessed week and Easter!! Hugs!

  9. Hello Dear Heart, Glad you two were able to get away for a couple of days. Congratulations on 45 wonderful years of marriage. God sure has been right there looking over you and blessing you both. Your chicken soup looks so good. I could go for a bowl right now. Love your fabrics. Can not wait to see the lovely picture that Terry bought for you. Happy Easter and God bless!


  10. Congratulations on 45years I really loved the wording on the card, may you be blessed with many more happy years together. The bread looked delicious, I am afraid I use a breadmaking machine these days. Easter blessings.

  11. Aww...congratulations on your anniversary. And what a lovely little Easter decoration. Very meaningful. Take care now. Jackie. xox

  12. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. :-)

  13. Well, Happy Anniversary!
    How nice to be able to get away together for a few days :) Me and my sweetheart are getting away for our anniversary next week, as well. We've been married nearly 28 yrs. .... not, as long as you and your sweetheart :)
    Still, I consider myself the luckiest girl in the whole world; for I have a wonderful husband.

    Love those little Easter eggs that you are making. I just know that they will turn our beautifully.
    Cute fabrics too. Looking forward to seeing your guest room make-over.

    Sending sunny wishes, and a wish for a wonderful Easter.


  14. Nothing more fun than a 'this and that' post! I love them and yours are always fun.
    Glad you got a get-away and fun.
    Congratulations on your anniversary. Your card was perfect. I feel the same way.
    Oh such yummy looking dishes you make - I so love Chicken soup.
    Beautiful craft you made for Easter. Now if you don't find a rock why don't you take a Styrofoam egg and cut it down a bit and paint it the color of a stone - would that work?

  15. Congratulations - what a sweet card!

  16. Happy Anniversary ! Lovely post and photos . Almost all of our snow is gone just a small patch here and there it is sunny and temps are warm rain for this afternoon and possible thunderstorm to ! Thanks for sharing have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  17. Happy Anniversary, so glad you had a chance to get away, we love eating there too and have gone a few times for our anniversary dinner :) Love the fabrics you found, look forward to seeing what you do with them. Such lovely words in that card to your hubby. Love your Easter decoration, I have wanted to make one of those also.

  18. Happy Anniversary to the both of you!
    Wow! You certainly do have the snow. We should look like that here in Colorado at this time if year, but we are getting quite dry.
    We have had beautiful weather, but we shouldn't be.
    Texas Road House is one of my favorite place too, I love their salmon.
    A few years ago I made one of those Easter centerpieces and enjoyed it so much. They are such a reminder of the meaning of Easter.

    May you have a blessed Resurrection Sunday.


  19. Happy Anniversary! Many blessings!
    Truly enjoyed your sharing!
    Loved the eggs, they look like old china!
    Loved the fabric too!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you two, we celebrate 25 years this June, time flies.
    The fabric is so pretty & also the eggs.
    Easter blessings to you & your family.
    Fondly Michelle

  21. happy anniversary to you and your husband!! Lovely celebrations :)

  22. Happy 45th Anniversary !!!!
    May the Good Lord Bless you with
    many more years together.
    Love the card you found for Terry,
    says it all. Glad you were able to get
    away to celebrate.
    Wishing you & yours a Blessed Happy Easter.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  23. Happy anniversary! I'm glad you got to have a little get away together. Sounds like you had lots of fun. The fabric is very pretty. God bless.

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    Todos somos promotores da Paz!
    Feliz, Santa e Abençoada Páscoa.
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  25. Happy Belated Anniversary. I am glad you had a nice time in Maine. Happy Easter. Blessings

  26. Happy Anniversary to you both, glad you managed to get away, makes all the difference. So many lovely things on this blog, really enjoyed reading it. Woo xx