Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tweaking a guest bedroom...

Good Evening my dears,.. 
So glad you dropped by the Blessed Hearth ... 

Hope all is well in your world ... 
We are having a rainy week here in New Brunswick.. 
Really not very Spring like yet.. 
But we live in hope... smile.. 

Nevertheless.. our days go by and hopefully we are accomplishing a few things.. 
One of those things is this bedroom.. 

When our 3 children were still home this was our daughter's room... 

It was painted blue  then but a while after she married and moved into her own home we did a redo and have changed it here and there a few times since.. 

The last several years it was more of a primitive style but I am not sure what it is now.. 

I seem to be in a kind of confusion as to what style I would define myself as nowadays.. grin.. 

I still like country and probably always will but enjoy lighter shades .. 

Still love the old sign but changed it a bit.. 

Replaced the quilt and sewed up a few pillows ...
Added a lavender wreath and old rose.. 

Modged a couple of candles ...

My parents wedding photo..

A little book from long ago.. 
So love old stuff.. smile.. 

A treasure that Shonda stitched when she first started nursing over 20 years ago.. 
More cushions.. 

A teapot. 

An old print from my Mom..

A little bunting project..
An old dresser...

An old photo of my Dad and I that is cherished.. 

A sweet old book... 

An opinion..
This is a little pin I found on Pinterest .. 
I only buy UK magazines these days so I would say that is my influence these days as to decorating.. 
And I have a permant love of old...

For so many years our home's decor was dictated as to the current trend in the craft world.. 
We had Open House here twice a year and every room was decorated with crafts that we made and sold.. 
So, we went with the style.. 
Country, Victorian, Teddy Bears, Primitive.. 
We did the craft shows here and in Nova Scotia for 20 years and then had the little shop in St. Martins for 8.. 
This Winter I realized that I can just do what turns my crank.. grin.. 
Anyway, by the length of this post one would think that it was some major redo when it is only a bit of a spiff up..

I will be honest and tell you that I so wish that it was still a blue room and the dearest girl was in there tonight with her music on and her chip bags hidden under the bed.. 
The lamp is lit and she is reading a book...
But she has two sweet boys in their bedrooms tonight and she is living the best years of her life.. 

Time passes... things change ... 
But a mother's heart is always remembering... 
Sweet Memories...

God bless you all.. 

and to 


  1. I love the yellow/gold rooms! So bright and sunny :)

  2. It's charming! I love old things too.
    That time with our children home passes far too quickly.

  3. Time passes...things change.... but a mother's heart is always remembering. I love that, sweet and tender about your daughter. My daughter, Kim had a single white iron bed.....I used to love to see my little girl sleeping in it. Now, her daughter ( my granddaughter), Tori, has that bed. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    I love your room..all pretty and clean with such unusual things in it to admire. You really know how to decorate. Great post. I love it when you do post just before I jump into comforting. Thank you.


  4. What dear, dear post. I LOVE IT ALL!

    And I love that quote. So, SO true. Thank God, Faye, our eyes are opened to how God made us, to like what we like, what He likes: us, just the way He made us. Created to love Him and show forth His praises in our homes.

    Hugs and happy highways,

  5. I do like what you've done in your guest room, really pretty.
    Thanks for coming over and visiting me. I have followed you as well after reading a few very enjoyable posts.


  6. Such a pretty room Faye & so much to see. I love all the photo's, vintage books & all the other vintage pieces & dressing table, so 40's. I flit from one era to another, so in some of the rooms in the cottage we step from Victorian or earlier to the 1930's. We are going to finally decorate our bedroom this Summer so I am collecting 30's items & green things.
    Such a lovely post & yes time moves so fast, I want to keep the twins little forever.
    Enjoy this lovely day, the sun has gone here in England today.
    Fondly Michelle

  7. Wonderful memories and a beautiful room!! xx

  8. What a beautiful room! I just LOVE the floors! :)

  9. So many memories, Faye. I too miss my girl who I only see about twice a year. However, I will be visiting her tomorrow for ten days or so and it will be lovely spending time with her and the family.

  10. The bedroom is really lovely, Faye. I like the gold walls and all the birdie accents. Love the old photos, too. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back to the days when our children were home. :)
    p.s. When our youngest got married I couldn't go in her room a couple of months. *sigh*

  11. A room full of memories treasures ! How wonderful it is to ! Looks cozy ! Thanks for sharing, Have a good day !

  12. What a beautiful room Faye! So warm and full of treasured memories. Your way with words is truly a gift!

    Blessings to you, my friend,

  13. Sweet! It's all so sweet, Faye. I especially love the old family treasures you have spread throughout.
    I can certainly relate to the pull on your heart strings when reminiscing about your daughter too!
    Have a great day-Kimberly

  14. It sure is dear friend..
    Beautiful post and room.
    Your daughter has a very beautiful smile.
    Woolie Blessings

  15. Faye...this is such a warm and wonderful room. I want to go take me a nap in that comfy looking bed right this minute! There so many lovely things to see...such wonderful details!

  16. Such coming room. It must be such a pleasure to stay there.
    I love your daughter's picture.
    Have a wonderful day.

  17. Afternoon Faye, love love love that cozy bedroom. So many treasures I adore, blessings Francine.

  18. That is a lovely bedroom Faye. I like the vintage feel to it and it looks so cozy. I understand your feelings about having your daughter in her room like 'old times' but time moves on and we have our wonderful memories. Have a nice evening Faye. Hugs. Pam

  19. Beautiful room and post! Your daughter is gorgeous. Blessings,Jen

  20. Hello, The room is very cozy, the yellow gold looks so warm and inviting! But as you say the memories of when the children were home are so near and dear to our hearts!
    Blessings, Roxy

  21. Some days I have trouble figuring out what my style is, as well, Faye dear. I'm beginning to catch on is "old" things that hold special memories for me...or because they remind me of something special. :)

    Your room is lovely...and I also have those days when I wish our daughter was still in her room, but she now has her own home after relocating back to the States and is mom to a teenage son.

    Glad also to know that you've had your first farm day...your meal looked delicious.


  22. Oh sweet Faye, the room is just lovely. Made more special by all the memories that are attached to it :) You did a wonderful job of making it cozy and comfortable....

  23. Again - just gorgeous in every single detail without being ostentatious.

  24. Boy do I know how you feel! When our three were young and driving me crazy I foolishly wished them to grow up...but now that they have I long for those seemingly perfect days! It's amazing how our perspective alters with time. We just have our youngest left at home and I'm conscious that I must let her go willingly when the time comes, but ouch it's going to hurt. Take care, Jackie. x

  25. A loving tender post and a beautiful room obviously filled with love and cherished.

  26. Oh my such a lovely room, makes you just want to come in and curl up with a book on the bed :) Such a wonderful way you have with displaying all these wonderful things. I am with you I often remember those days when my daughter was living here and the house was so alive, so wonderful too to see what God has in store for her future, I am hoping there will be some grandkids in there too :)

  27. My Mommy heart certainly understands your longings.....

  28. Beautiful post, Faye! Just beautiful...

  29. Such a sweet post xx oo
    It is full of love.

  30. Ola amiga, amei passear nas suas doces lembranças...é uma maravilha recordar o passado com
    Um abençoado início de mês, Marie.

  31. Dear Faye,
    Your beautiful daughter is blessed with a great Mother! An early Happy Mother's Day to you, and may you be so blessed by the LORD for helping to mother so many through your blog. xoxo
    Much love,

  32. lovely blog, i see many blogs on internet true others and so i found yours...i follow most of the time blogs with the same hobbys as i have...just for fun, when i have time...thanks for sharing, will visit again..blessings

  33. Oh Faye, I adore your guest bedroom! It's so cheerful and welcoming :) I can see the love you have put into every detail and touch in the room.

    The bunting is just too sweet! Is that fabric with birds on it or did you paint it on? And the modpodged candles are lovely.

    Have a wonderful day! Hugs to you!

  34. I love all of the special things in this room....especially the old books. I have a swan a little like yours. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  35. Your room is fabulous!!! I love the style!

  36. I really like the wall hanging. The room is so pretty and so inviting. Great job!

  37. It's always a joy to have you share your sweet posts with Roses of Inspiration - thank you, Faye! Hugs!

  38. Oh Faye! What a charming bedroom! I agree with is just so inviting!
    I love the colours and the style you've used and all the delicate touches make it look extra cosy!
    Much love and hugs to you!

  39. Lovely post! Hi Shonda.....
    I also liked the looks of the marmalade bread in the next post. I will have to try that next week!
    I don't know much about style...I'm one of those "I like what I like" people :^) Your style is the one that I like!!
    Be blessed, and have a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday! If you don't normally have that, just go ahead and proclaim it and celebrate with us :^)