Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Dinner...

Happy Easter everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by the Blessed Hearth today.. 
This is just a small post of mostly pics of our Easter Dinner at Shonda's house.. 
We had a good day for travel to their home and enjoyed our drive down.. 
We were the last ones to arrive as usual.. smile.. 
Dinner was ready and everyone was hungry.. 

Ginger was happy to see so many visitors.. 
 The ham is ready and being sliced.. 
It was delicious and stuffed with apples.. 
I believe she found the recipe on Pinterest. 
Very good.. 

As always the table setting was lovely..

So bright and Spring like.. 
Love the colors.. 

And the meal was as good as it looks.. 
Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, Broccoli Salad and an Easter Pasta Salad, rolls and pickles.. 
I am sorry I don't have pics but the desserts were awesome.. 
Strawberry Pie made by Sara ( a friend) and a Carrot Cake.. 
Coffee or Tea.. 
There were a few friends visiting, too.. 
Our sons and families could not be there so it was nice to visit with Dave's Mom and their friends.. 
After dinner we enjoyed some guitar playing.. 
Our grandsons are growing so fast and are such wonderful lads.. 
Grandpa and I are very proud of them and thankful that God has blessed us all so much.. 

Shonda liked her little gift of eggs that I made her.. 
She had the perfect spot for them in this centrepiece she had made for her dining table.. 
The sparkles really did finish them off.. 
An easy craft to make with styrofoam eggs, modge podge, napkins and sparkles.. 

Then after a simply lovely day we headed homeward again.. 
The snow is slowly leaving as you can see from the pics.. 
This is the little town where our oldest son lives but we live a bit farther on.. 
Herds of deer in the fields on the way.. 
So happy to see that they survived all the snow.. 
I expect there were a lot that didn't, though.. 

We met one running up the road but I didn't have my camera out then.. 
We have to be careful driving this time of year as they all come out to the fields to feed and are on the roads and even in the towns.. 

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday.. 
Such a blessed day as we celebrate our risen Savior.. 
What a price He paid for all of us.. 
So thankful to know Him... 

May God bless you all on this precious day of days... 


  1. Happy Easter, Faye. Shonda has a lovely home and she looks very organised in the kitchen. We're having the family over today for lunch which I'm looking forward to very much.

  2. Happy Easter, Faye. What a lovely home your daughter has, what a beautiful kitchen! My husbands uncle is suppose to come over for Easter lunch. Blessings

  3. Dear Faye,
    What a lovely post...looks like everyone had a great time with some delicious food and entertainment. Oh and arriving last...well thats just a norm for me lol.. your never late you arrived at the right time for you..right? Lol!
    Love Ya,

  4. Shonda made a wonderful dinner! It looks like a good time and a nice drive too. Glad that snow is melting. Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter, Faye. Enjoyed the nice ride with ya'll to your daughter,Shonda's, home and back. She has a lovely home and that meal looks so good, I am sure you enjoyed every bite. :) We are going to early services tomorrow and then for Easter lunch. What a wonderful Savior we have and we are so blessed! Enjoy your services tomorrow.

  6. What a wonderful Easter, Faye! And such a beautiful day! I just love the photos, and the ham looks like it turned out wonderfully. Thanks for sharing your day! Happy Easter!

  7. Awwww! Lovely, lovely! Happy Resurrection day weekend! This will be the first Easter in my life that I didn't go to church to celebrate.

    Mother's doing excellently post-surgery!


  8. What a wonderful celebration - the best kind - with family! Your daughter's home is beautiful, and she has great decorating talent, loved the table setting, and the dinner looked just wonderful. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family throughout the weekend. :)

  9. Your gift of glitter eggs are nice. and went so well with her other things. Dinner looked just wonderful. We had out Easter tonight at my sisters. It was lovely. Everything was so wonderful and the food tasted soooo good! Happy Easter, Faye, to you and your wonderful family.


  10. Such a pretty home she has!
    Loved your sharing!
    The eggs, just too cute!
    Blessings multiplied unfold every day!
    How good is the Lord to die to save us!
    How good He is to live so that we might too!

  11. Faye, Happy Resurrection Sunday! We went to my sister's for lunch and had chicken, ham and a variety of salads. I resisted the chocolate eggs :-)

  12. Creating some wonderful memories to treasure, Easter blessings.

  13. What joy Faye, to have your loved ones around you... Happy Resurrection day to you and yours! mari

  14. Easter Blessings to you a and yours. Always enjoy your wonderful family pictures and get togethers.Hugs Francine.

  15. Happy Easter dear Faye!
    Shonda's dinner looked beautiful and sharing Easter with family is so such special.
    Did you have to travel far? The countryside looks very picturesque - I love seeing photos of where my bloggy friends live.
    Thank you for the news of my parcel... I'm so happy it arrived safely, smile!
    Shane x

  16. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful and YUMMY ! time at Shonda's . Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  17. Glad you had a good day with Shonda and family. We had our fanily here today. I made mini cream cheese cakes yesterday for dessert and they were delicious. We had a good Easter service at church. Afterwards there was strawberry shortcake for everyone. Yum! Happy Easter!! Jesus has Risen!! Have a happy week!!

  18. Glad you were able to have dinner with family and it was a nice weather day for the drive. How nice to be able to see the grass again :) Your eggs looked right at home in her centerpiece!! Lovely addition

  19. Looks like a lovely day! I really enjoyed seeing the scenic photos of where you live, as well as those in Shonda's beautiful home. Happy Easter to you!