Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cottage Days...

Making bread for some sweet company... 

Good Evening my dears.. 
Hope you are having a good week.. 

We are having a rainy one.. 

As I sit here loading up pics and typing this post there is extreme thunder roaring near by... 
We are having Old Home Week but it has rained almost every day and there does not seem to be much action.. smile.. 

Last night the wind was quite fierce so I made a nice hot cup of tea and wrapped myself up in a shawl and hoodie and set out on the deck and enjoyed myself.. 
We have a wind chime and it was dancing about like crazy so I got up and hooked the part that makes it chime so I could enjoy listening to the wind.. 
Later, I mentioned to Terry when I went to bed that I had forgot to unhook it and we do like to listen to it's occasional melodies through the night.. 
Well, I would just get to sleep and it would do a polka or something and wake me up.. 
The wind was really blowing ...
Eventually, I decided I would try out another bed as Terry can usually sleep through anything.. 
When I came out of the bedroom this morning I noticed he had changed beds sometime through the night, too.. 
It was a bit too much even for him.  lol
Believe me.. that thing will be hooked tonight. 
I hope our neighbors are still speaking to us..grin..

I had a wonderful sleep though once I had changed beds as I could hear the waves and the rain on the roof ... 
How is the weather in your part of the world? 
This is the view that my cousins wake up to every day.. 
Gardiner's Creek on the Bay of Fundy... 
Lovely, eh? 

Here are a few batches of the strawberry jam that I mentioned, I had made.. 

Then this week, I finally completed my kitchen curtains.. 

Such a nice change... 
Slowly putting white and creams back in the cottage kitchen that has been pretty primitive for a few years.. 

Love little bouquets of wild flowers about.. 
White daisies... 

Copied these curtains from my cousin Bugsy... 

Another cousin brought me these books from the Library.. 

I had mentioned that I was wondering if they had any by Miss Read and yes they had several.. smile.. 
Thanks to Michelle for the suggestion.. 

Took these pics of some young energetic people the other night down by the caves after supper.. 

I think they had a good time.. 

I guess this is all for tonight, my friends.. 

Thanks so much for visiting... 

We stopped by a farmer's market today and bought a bunch of green beans and such so that I can make some hot pickles tomorrow... 
We should have our own in a couple of weeks.. 
I know a lot of you are already pickling away but here in New Brunswick we are a bit behind.. 

I hope you stay and leave a note and let me know how you are doing.. 
So enjoy hearing from you all... 

God bless.. 


  1. Good evening Faye. So love visiting you at the cottage. Have to admit I miss visiting with you in your shop this summer as well. But so nice to retire. Not to many more years for the mister and we are hoping God will let us see that day, and enjoy some relaxing long days together. That bread looks delicious and so does the strawberry jam. Enjoy those books. I so love reading, I love Amish books. It has been scorching hot here in Georgia. Days on end with temps. in the 90's. Have a blessed Thursday.

  2. I have enjoyed reading the Miss Read books in the past, very gentle stories of village life. You have been busy with your sewing, bottling and baking. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  3. loved your photos!
    that jam looks so good!
    summery swelter here, rain almost every day, but so muggy & hot humid!
    I love Mrs. Read, and Thrush Green, and all the others, have been reading them for years!

  4. I think you will have enough jam for a long time! It looks delicious.
    Miss Read is a great favourite over here too.

  5. Hello dear Faye! Glad you are enjoying summer at the cottage even with severe storms but I know you love hearing the rain and waves!
    We are having mild mixed kinda weather and I spend most of my time hanging out laundry only to rush out 15 mins later to bring it in from the rain!
    Life is still good!
    God bless!

  6. Lovely photos as usual, Faye. We are in the middle of winter here in Australia and it has been fairly mild the last few days after a bitterly cold day last Friday when it was snowing in Stanthorpe which is a couple of hours drive from here. Of course it was a novelty so the tourists flocked there to see snow which they probably hadn't seen before. Thankfully the next day was sunny as Rhonda from Down to Earth came to visit our simple living group so she didn't freeze as where she lives isn't far from the beach. We spent a lovely morning with her.

  7. Faye, you always bring tears of joy and smiles,Thank you for sharing. One question, how did you get the curtain like that? (that looks so nice!!!)

    Have a Blessed Thursday.

  8. Your kitchen looks so cozy and lovely.
    We are behind in our harvest too here in western New York. Still no green beans, tomatoes are very sparse and tiny green balls still but we did pick 2 small yellow squash yesterday.
    blessings, Patti

  9. Hello! It is always so nice to read up on what you're doing. And, how you're doing.

    You mentioned pickling. Why yes! That's what I'll be up to, today! Making Pickle Relish. (my recipe is on my blog, somewhere) - I was getting worried. We opened up our last jar from last year - just the other day. Perfect timing to make more. We were gifted with an abundance of cucs - just last evening... and so that's literally what is "on the menu" for the day. Pun intended!!

  10. Wonderful photos, Faye! I could imagine myself sitting on that porch, it reminded me of sitting on our porch at our cottage in Muskoka when I was a teenager. We had some pretty awful ( but exciting!) storms there! Our garden is SO behind, but we have had almost a solid week of rain...I hope that helps things along! I hope the sun comes out for you soon!

  11. Lovely! Your summer is going beautifully, I do love a good storm, any time of the year!

  12. I can almost smell that fresh baked bread :) We get some intense storms too and can hear our chimes just blowing around, I keep forgetting to ask our neighbors if it bothers them at night, I think their child's room is what would be most affected. Your curtains are just lovely and enjoy those books!

  13. Oh how you love the wind! I love the views, your new curtain, the tray of things, home made bread and that you're lightening up your decor in the cottage. It looks and sounds so cozy. The weather hasn't been great has it and I hope it changes back to summery weather next week. Cool on the coast when it's hot is pleasant but when it's really cool I want to be inland. lol Enjoy the weekend.

  14. Your bread, copper kettle & jam all look wonderful. I am behind with my jam making this year but still have time to catch up, there is always something to do isn't there.
    I am really loving the Miss Read books, even as much as Nella Last. Andy has just bought me 6 1st & 2nd edition one's, she wrote many books so I have lots to collect.
    Enjoy your reading.
    Fondly Michelle

  15. Greetings.....sounds like you two are staying busy and thus happy!! I laughed about the wind chimes! It is miserable hot and slightly windy here in Texas. I have a big set of chimes in our pecan tree, which is right outside the bedroom window :^0...
    Occasionally my sweet hubby refers to them as the "boomers" .........ooops.....
    I love your new pretty and such a good idea!
    Yummy looking jam, and I bet the beans are good too. I have cukes in the frig to make pickles this weekend. Now to get the time :^)
    Blessings to you,

  16. Dearest Faye, you live in such a beautiful place. I always love seeing pictures from your area for they put a smile on my face and a dream in my heart :)

    You are certainly busy, my friend, and you have been in my thoughts. The good ol' summer days are always packed full of fun and activities.

    Hugs and blessings to you!

  17. I always enjoy your lovely posts and photos . The weather here has been sunny with cloudy periods and cool breezes perfect summer weather . A busy person you are with all that home made baking cooking and sewing . I haven't read any of this author sounds good .Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  18. Faye,
    I always love seeing your latest post in my inbox. It always cheers me up to see your lovely photos and hear about your days. :-)

  19. Lovely photos. We've had ubseasonably hot, dry weather in Western Washington state. Wish we could hear the rain! We vacationed on the Bay of Fundy some years ago snd thought it so very pretty.

  20. Hello,
    I always love your photos. :-))
    We are having a summer heat wave here in Wisconsin.

    I just finished canning peaches. And I am off to do green beans.


  21. I hope that the weather has now improved for you, it sounds as though it was very wild indeed!!! I love love love love love Miss Read books and have them all, so I hope that you are enjoying them!!! Do let us know! xx

  22. Hello Faye...One day soaking wet, the next much improved, but very poor temperatures and a keen wind...what happened to summer...anyone seen it? Jackie.oxo

  23. It is very hot and humid here so a bit of rain and wind sounds good to me. As does a slice of the bread :-)
    I love Miss Read!