Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ordinary Summer Days...

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth.. 
So glad you have taken the time to visit.. 
Summer is so busy and it is seems a bit hard to find time to sit down and compose a post so this is kind of a fly by night type of one..

Just a few pics once again of our daily life.. 
Nothing spectacular for sure but ordinary and peaceful.. 

We have company this week.. 
Her name is Ginger and she is Shonda's family dog.. 
They have all gone to the wonderful city of New York for a holiday and Ginger wanted to stay with Grandma.. grin.. 
Actually, Grandpa seems to be minding her a lot.. 

Still picking roses and doing whatever with them.. 

Love them sitting around in old jars, don't you? 

Then of course, I love making the talcum powder with the fresh petals.. 

I sell this sometimes and my Mom just loves it.. 
So easy to do, also.. 
Here is the link to the post where I posted the recipe.. 
Click here..

Did a little baking.. 

I will post about that next time, I think.. 

We have finally moved here to the Bay of Fundy for the Summer.. 
It has taken us a bit longer this year.. 

I never feel quite settled until I get some plants in the cottage.. 

These are two of my favourites.. 
The first one is a slip that I was given at Kings Landing Historical Village last Fall and it is called Angel Wings.. 
It was so small and I am happy to see it spreading it's wings. grin.. 

The second one was a slip from a friend.. 
And does it have a story to tell.. 
She gave me several slips as I wanted them for my Mom for Christmas.. 
She told me many times that if I ever saw the Star of Bethlehem that she would so love to have a slip.. 
She remembered Gram having one as a child.. 
Well, the dear friend kept giving me slips as I could not get them to root but finally they did.. It took ages.. 
My Mom comes out for Christmas family dinner and I forgot to give them to her.. 
They were in their truck ready to go and I run out in the snow with no coat or anything and pass the slips to her and she was thrilled.. 

Well, to make a long story short.. 
The poor woman was exhausted after the busy day and she fell asleep on the way home and never thought of her plant again.. 
Quite a while later I asked her if she had planted them and she had forgot all about them and thought they must still be in the truck.. 
You know that just one night in the truck would have froze them solid.. 
I couldn't believe it.. 
After all the bother I caused my friend bugging her for slips and all.. 
Anyway, I had saved a couple of slips for myself and they are growing as you can see and even has a beautiful blossom.. 
star flower plant
Mom is coming down next weekend and it is up on the mantel so we shall see if she notices it.. 
Yes, I will have one already and planted for her this Christmas and I will even deliver it.. grin...
I looked this up and it is also called Hoya... ???

On with the show.. 

Another beach on the Bay of Fundy... 

A bouquet of Devil's Paint Brushes that my hubby picked for me.. 
All asleep for the night.. 

Another plant that Shonda slipped to me.. 
It has a blossom also... 
Prayer plant.. 
I needed that one from her as I need to spend so much time in prayer for her flying somewhere every time we turn around.. lol... 

The light house that my uncle help to build.. 

Yes, we were back to the farm for a day this week to mow the grass...

The Lupins are almost gone... 
But the cows were at home.. smile.. 

Then we came back down to the cottage.. 

Poor Ginger.. 

She is tired out from all this going to and fro... 
I think she would like to stay put for a bit.. 
I know that I do .. smile.. 

Well, God bless you sweet ladies and may you have a wonderful Lord's Day.. 
In the midst of all of our holidays and going to and fro let's remember to give some time to the Lord.. 
He is faithful to us... 

Thanks so much for your visits and sweet notes.. 
I love and appreciate the time you take to let me know you are out there.. 


  1. Ginger is adorable! Your flowers are beautiful, I do think roses floating in water are lovely. You look to be having a wonderful, busy summer! We are, too; I haven't found time to post in weeks! I really enjoy getting a peek at all your goings on, thanks for sharing!

  2. Faye, we have the hoya plant growing here. It is quite stunning when it flowers. I had a look at your Rose talcum powder recipe. Now I wish I had roses growing but I do know someone who has and she will be very interested in your recipe. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  3. I loved the roses in water, such a pretty sight.

  4. Your posts are always full of love, Faye!! Thank you for sharing and for the many smiles you bring. Have a lovely week, Blessings

  5. What joy to see your lovely pictures of your life Faye...thank you for inviting me into your home every time you post :0) mari

  6. What wonderful times!! Ginger looks quite exhausted by it all! All sounds like wonderful fun to me though! xx

  7. Hi Faye, I love the Roses in the jar, looks so pretty. Your farm is so beautiful, I would never want to leave.Hugs Francine.

  8. Such a lovely blog! Beautiful post, best wishes.

  9. I always look forward to your posts, Faye! They are so beautiful and encouraging!

  10. Beautiful roses! I always appreciate your recipes, Faye. Have a blessed day!

  11. I so enjoyed this post, Faye. So full of the funny little things that make a life. Glad you're enjoying the summer.

  12. I have never heard plant/exchanges referred to as slips... before. I thought you were talking (at first) about the kind you wear as an undergarment. And - then I caught on. :) lol.

    And - what do you mean about pickling roses? Are those it? in the jars of - what looks like water? So pretty...

    1. Hi Bevy.. It is so funny the differences in our expessions.. We refer to small pieces of plants that we put in water to root as slips.. No, I do not pickle roses.. The word was picked.. smile. Thanks for your visit dear heart..

  13. Nice blog - really enjoyed what I have seen and that dog is beautiful.

  14. I have never seen a star of Bethlehem before or any of the others, that is so cool and so pretty, oh my what a story behind it, sounds like something I would do :( Ginger looks like a dog we had when we were first married, so nice you could watch her for them.

  15. It was good to catch up with you.
    Busy summer days here as well.
    xx oo

  16. Looks like you are having a lovely summer!

  17. Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures and summer time going-ons with us.
    Summer is just speeding by!

    How sweet that your hubby is taking such good care of the grand dog. He's a kind soul.

    Enjoy this day..

  18. Such beauty to be seen and enjoyed!

  19. Your grand-dog, Ginger, is a cutie and I'm sure she has enjoyed visiting and traveling with you. I have a huge Hoya plant but never heard it referred to as 'star of Bethlehem' before. It makes sense when you see the blooms though! Mine hasn't bloomed in years and I don't know why. The plant is about 50 years old and came from a slip of one in St. Andrews at a plant sale. Mum bought it and grew it at home for years then gave it to me. It has bloomed many times so I keep hoping.