Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Summer is passing...

our darling grandsons.. 

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Hoping all is well with you .. 

We are having a beautiful summer's day here in St. Martins.. 
I think this is one of the coolest summers we have had here at the cottage in the last 20 years.. 
Not only here by the Bay but across the province has been pretty cool but I am not really complaining.. smile.. 
It just sounds like it.. 
Today was simply lovely.. 

We have been having lots of company and pottering about doing things.. 
We have even been home for a night and out to the farm for supper and to mow the lawn.. 

I am making a few things.. 
Hot Pickled Veggies and some Rose Salves.. 
Also gathering herbs for Gardener's Salve and such..

On Monday there is a  Market Sale at Fundy Trail and I hope to be there and have a few things.. Not as much as I would like but it should be a nice afternoon... 

Then last night we gathered at the airport to wish our grandson a safe journey to China...
His cousins were there too.. 

He has landed in Hong Kong and is now on his way inland.. 
Praying for God's divine protection over him... 
I know he will come home with some great stories of his experiences but this grandma will feel better when he is back on native soil.. smile.. 

How are your summers going? 

We are headed to P. E. I. tomorrow for a few days and I am excited about that as it has been a few years since we have been there.. 

We will be staying near Anne's house and hope to do a little touring.. 
I will hopefully take some pictures of her home and such.. 

One of my favorite places on the Island is Victoria by the Sea and that will be our first stop, I expect.. 
On Saturday my dear hubby is going to a tractor pull so I am taking a big bag of books and such to enjoy myself while he is there..
It is supposed to be sunny so I will sun myself on the deck and just relax and then we will go to Supper once he gets back.. 
Then home again on Sunday and the sale on Monday so busy busy... 

Tis a good thing.. 

We have enjoyed visits with sweet family and friends the last while.. 

Hope you are having a great summer.. 

Thank you so much for visiting these small posts that I get up.. 
I really thought I would do much better since I am not busy at the shop but really I am doing much worse... smile.. 

Been singing these little lyrics to myself lately for some reason.. 
God is still on his throne.. 
I don't worry about the future 
for this one thing I know.. 
God is still on his throne.. 

So thankful that I know the God of this universe and that I can call on Him at any time and know with certainty that He hears me and understands.. 
Just imagine.. 
He is everywhere present and no where absent... 
Isn't that amazing... 
Whatever happens... 
Because things happen in this life but I can rest secure knowing that He is still on the throne and He still reigns supreme in my heart...  

Sending blessings your way..  


  1. Summer is looking lovely up there!
    Isn't it an amazing thing to know the God of the universe? With all that's going on in the world, it's a great comfort.

  2. those pickled veggies look great!

  3. Thanks for sharing Faye. Your posts are so inspiring, cheerful and hopeful.God speed to grand son..

  4. Beautiful photos of your cottage and the field of purple (thistles?) is amazing. I hope you have a wonderful trip to the Island. We're off to Ontario for 4 days - what you call a 'flying' trip by car. I pray your grandson has a blessed and safe trip to the other side of the world. Hugs. Pam

  5. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that our Lord is still in control! Your grandson will return filled with anecdotes. But wow, China? God is with him through it all. Don't worry ....

  6. Boy, Faye, after not seeing your blog for weeks, I needed this post tonight! Thank you for the wise words.

  7. Sounds like you are having a wonderful, busy summer!

  8. My daughter went to China for 6 months to teach English after she finished university and came back full of her adventure, grateful for everything she has and spiritually fulfilled. Wishing your grandson a safe and blessed trip. Those pickles look amazing. The weather has not been that brilliant over here either.

  9. I think your grandson will enjoy China. I have a nephew who has lived there for 10 years and when his parents go over to visit they don't want to leave :) And as you say, God will be watching over him.


  10. So glad that you are having a good summer. Your pickles look delicious! I hope that your own travels are good and lots of fun and that your grandsons travels are too! xx

  11. summer is passing-too quickly!!
    The hot pickled veggies sound intresting, something I think my husband would appreciate :)

  12. I so love reading your blogs! God truly has blessed you and your family because you are so faithful to Him......He is using you to inspire others including me.....what an honor! Sometimes when I worry I forget to ask Him for help and you help me to remember that He is always there for me too.
    Your summer place looks wonderful and your grandsons are so handsome! You must be so proud of them especially the one in China.....just too awesome for words! I'm doing a lot of pickling and canning myself thanks to your inspiration.
    May God continue to watch over you and your family.

  13. Our oldest daughter and her husband spent a year in China and they left their hearts there. I expect they will go back for much longer one day. Praying for your grandson.

    I look forward to your PEI pictures. I so want to get there someday!

  14. I am ready for fall but I'll enjoy the rest that summer can bring. You have a lovely set of grandsons!!

  15. As always, Faye, a beautiful post. Thank you!!! Blessings (keeping your grandson in prayer.)

  16. Thank you for the lovely visit yesterday. It's always great to have a chat :) We went to the beach today and I could see the windmills on PEI from where we were...have a great time on Anne's island.

  17. Wow it is something you are having such cool weather this year, we are having very high temps down here in Illinois, well most of the U.S. right now, I like it a little cooler than this hot, there is so much of the day I don't want to be outside. I hear from a lot of people once they retire they feel like they are more busy. Pray that your grandson has a blessed trip, so sweet that the boys came to see him off. Enjoy your time away :) Have a great weekend!

  18. Dear Faye it is good to hear you are still as busy as ever and enjoying the goodness and blessings of Gods love!
    How I wish I could visit P.E.I with you as its on my bucket list! Take lots of photos to share please!
    God bless!

  19. Hello Faye, it's good to come over at last and see how you are. I miss reading your blog but summer is so busy. Like you ours is a little cool at the moment. We had a good spring though and maybe we'll gat a late Indian summer. It would be interesting to see how the market sale goes. We have a local auction on Mondays...I love to go and have a good luck. We've got some bargains to fill our little old house there recently. But we're not always lucky, but I just love to look anyway.
    It's good to see all your handsome men...grandsons and husband. As always everything looks good and cosy and happy in your little kingdom. Enjoy your travels.

  20. Always enjoy your out and about photos. Is the purple....lavender? We have it here as well and so fragrant. My daughter and I love it so much that we have some as well. I need to put them in the ground later so they will really establish themselves and make some wands next year!

  21. Faye, I have Queen Anne's Lace growing everywhere here. Any ideas of what I can do with it? Salves? Thought you might know.