Monday, July 6, 2015

Just a little catch-up....

This is the famous Petitcodiac River which is on the way to Hillsborough... 
Sometimes it is referred to as the Chocolate River.. smile.. 

Well, hello everyone.. 

I have been away from the computer for awhile so I thought I would do a little catch-up post tonight.. 

We are in St. Martins at our summer cottage and it was a beautiful day.. 
I had been chatting to someone from home and they were saying how hot it was there but I had a sweater on.. smile.. 

The air here is so fresh and clean coming off the Bay of Fundy.. 
Whenever, I have to cut up veggies or such I sit on the deck so that I can enjoy the lovely breezes... 

We have been going from pillar to post the last couple of weeks.. 

We were here for a few days and then went home for a beautiful wedding and up to the farm to mow the grass and spend a night and back home for a night or two and now we are back here.. 

Hopefully, the worst is over and we have successfully moved in for the Summer.. 

Here are a few catch-up pics for you.. 
Remember I mentioned that I made up a few jams and toiletries for the Apple Blossom Cafe in Hillsbough... 
Well, we took a day and visited these dear sisters... 

We had a grand time and they treated us to a lovely meal.. 

Terry had a BBQ Chicken Sandwich... 

I had soup and salad, of course.. 
I always have soup and salad for some reason.. 
Anyway, it was Cream of Asparagus Soup and Salad with Maple Garlic Dressing which is a speciality of their's, I believe.. 
So delicious!! 

We enjoyed the drive down the Petitcodiac River to Albert Co.. 
One of my favourite parts of our province.. 
I had bought a lovely Lavender Plant and it was ready to be harvested... 

There is a nice bouquet ready for my linen cupboard... 
I brought it down here for the deck and I think there is another bouquet ready.. 
Don't you love the scent?  
Perhaps, it is an old woman thing but this old gal loves it almost as much as Patchouli.. grin.. 

Stopped at a Thrift Store the other day when we were home and found this wonderful Cast Iron Roaster.. 

It was only five dollars and I love the colour, too.. 

Some of the flowers in our garden here at the cottage.. 

We have been doing pots and pots... 
Herbs, tomatoes, and lots of geraniums, of course.. 

Then one evening we had some sweet company... 

Jared and one of his friends motored down for the evening and was lucky to meet up with his cousin, Matt and his friend Kayla... 

Along with Shonda, Dave and their dog Ginger.. 
Carter was away to camp... 

Then one evening we went for a drive...

St. Martins in the fog.. 

One of the drives that I love the most is down Duck Pond Road.. 
There are not many people and for some reason this place calls my name.. 
I could very easily live there.. 
I know.. I know.. 
Just forget that I said that..  

Here is a new addition to the family.. 

Dustin's new puppy.. 
So sweet.. 

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Hope you are enjoying your Summer where ever you may be or to my friends down under your Winter... 
The season is literally flying by and it hard to believe that is half way through July ... eh? 

Take care and thanks for dropping by and welcome to the new followers of the blog and the new Facebook friends.. 
I appreciate your support so much as I do your sweet comments...

God bless.. 


  1. HI Faye, it's nice to see your post and hear what you've been doing. I must check out the cafe in Hillsborough when I'm down. It looks like it's across from the former Baptist church. We didn't get down there on the weekend as the tide was going to be in and it would be a long day and late drive home after visiting The Rocks so another day we'll try it. We did get to Corn Hill though. :) Mia is adorable! I love the photo of the Chocolate River. Have a blessed week. The weather sure is lovely up here. :)

  2. Hi Faye! What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading of your stops from pillar to post. The asparagus soup sound delicious, and I love your thrifted pot. The color is just gorgeous. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Lovely to see all your photos, Faye. What fascinating scenery! Yes we are in the middle of winter here in Australia but the weather has been mild lately and nice and sunny. It was almost Tshirt weather yesterday

  4. It is hot here and hopefully our temps will drop 10 degrees by Friday, as that's what's forecasted. A much needed change in a land where there's not be rain. Lavender is lovely and it's in season here as well. Love all your photos of where you've been. I like the church in St. Martins on the hill and fog. Have a good week, my friend!

  5. My lavender is not quite ready to harvest but I certainly will and make some lovely little sachets for my drawers and cupboards I love the smell. You certainly got a bargain with the pot such an unusual colour. Time is certainly flying by, we have had a mini heat wave that is come to an end abruptly and we are back to rain, but it was nice while it lasted.

  6. My lavender is so lovely, ready to be cut, but I keep putting it off as I love walking by and experiencing the scents.

  7. Lovely photos! Enjoy the summer.

  8. Hello Gadabout. I was wondering where you were. Lovely photos, as usual. I just love your cast iron pot. I can see some winter soups and casseroles being cooked in that. Enjoy your summer.

  9. Thank you for sharing...what a lovely post...I always enjoy visiting and reading, looking at your photos. Have a beautiful week. Blessings

  10. I love lavender, though patchouli is not my favorite. I always love your pictures, Faye. And the new puppy is adorable. If my children didn't all have allergies, I'd get one in a second! Have a blessed day!

  11. Oh my, sweet little Mia just melted my heart.....what a precious dog!

    Dearest Faye, how I love visiting you - you are such a joy, my friend :) May you continue to enjoy your summer. Thank you for joining Roses of Inspiration this week. Much love!

  12. Well it seems you have certainly been busy! Your photos are especially beautiful...including the new ones in your header! That food certainly looked tasty...and di you say Maple Garlic dressing??? Oh my...that had to be delish! Great find on that roaster and what a sweet puppy! Have great week!

  13. Dear Faye,
    You certainly have a beautiful spot in this world, to enjoy this summer! Thanks for sharing your pictures of your area with us!!
    How nice to have a visit from family, and that new pup is so, so sweet.

    Yes.. before we know it, July will be over too!! Summer time is just zooming by!!

    Take care..


  14. "Ontem foi embora.Amanhã ainda não veio. Temos somente hoje, comecemos!!!Qualquer ato
    de amor, por menor que seja, é um trabalho pela paz" (Madre Teresa de Calcutá)
    Imagens encantadoras...desejo-lhe lindos dias de verão!

    Um grande abraço, Marie.

  15. Awww the puppy is just way too sweet, I agree that the summer really seems to be flying by, enjoy your time!

  16. I love that roaster!
    And the flowers!
    But that sweet pup, stole the post!
    Enjoy your summer!

  17. Dear Love LOVE...the new header photos! Have fun this Summer. Jackie.xx

  18. I am so late catching up with your post, Summer here is so busy.
    I love all your photo's & hearing all that you have been up too.
    I love Lavender.
    Enjoy your Summer
    Fondly Michelle

  19. The $5 pastel blue cast iron wear is such a frugal fone - love it