Friday, July 17, 2015

Sunset in a little cottage bedroom..

Hello dear hearts.. 
So sorry I have been absent so much these days but thought I would drop in with this little post of pics of a little bedroom at sunset here at our old cottage by the sea.. 
We are having a great time with lots of company and keeping busy.. 
Made 39 bottles of jam today and my Mom and Step-Dad are here overnight for the Yard Sale tomorrow for St. Martins Old Home Week.. 
I am having a sale too trying to get rid of the last of the shop goods.. 
Here's hoping, anyway.. 
Have a great weekend everyone and God bless.. 


  1. What a sweet and cozy little bedroom. I would love to just stay in it all it!

  2. beautiful, I could not figure out the lady on the wall, until I saw the larger image :) .
    hope the sale goes well!

  3. Beautiful, I thought it was a room that had been staged for a catalogue or magazine shoot :)


  4. Lovely room indeed with a maid!! Smile!! Have a good sale and weekend. I would pop in for a visit if I wasn't so far away. God bless you and yours.

  5. Good luck tomorrow. I have given up hoping to get some goodies sent to me by mail. :-)

  6. Beautiful room, so inviting and cosy. Good luck with the sale.

  7. Good morning dear Faye....what a lovely breath of something before I plod off to work again today! Such a great idea yo utilise a small peel of wallpaper...propping up the maid!! Take care, Jackie oxo

  8. Oops...just went back and enlarged the maid photo...I should have known there wouldn't have been any peeling paper....darn me tis her arm!! Sorry. Lol. Jackie. x

  9. What a sweet bedroom, dearest Faye... I truly enjoyed these lovely pictures and your little update...well done on your jam and I hope the sale goes well!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Love and hugs,

  10. Lovely room with sun set shining in . Hops you have a successful sale . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  11. Another lovely post, thank you Faye. I always look forward to your posts and the smiles they bring. Have a lovely weekend. Blessings

  12. Sweet little bedroom. Looks like a wonderful, cozy spot to have a nap and read a book.
    Enjoy your company, and sale, and sweet summer days by the sea :)


  13. What a pretty little bedroom! I think it would be lovely to fall asleep next to that window perhaps listening to the waves crashing on the beach. Enjoy your days on the bay. xx Pam

  14. Hi Faye, that bedroom is so sweet and inviting. Thank you for sharing pictures of it. Hope your sale went well. Have a blessed day.

  15. Awww, Sweet Lady, that cottage bedroom is so so inviting. Thank you for sharing. I've made some gooseberry jam, some red currant jelly and some strawberry-red currant preserves. I can't believe I did it! Now I am hooked! :-) Praying you are blessed with a lot of sales at the yard sale today...right down to the very last item.

  16. Hi,
    I love photos of sunlight. Beautiful.
    Good luck with the sale.

  17. Oh Faye, the bedroom looks so pretty. Have a successful sale :0)

  18. Faye what a lovely room . Wish I could be their for the I know you have some lovely things...and just to see you would be great. Hugs

  19. What a charming bedroom, Faye. I have always loved dolls, especially cloth dolls. The tea cup is so pretty too. I added you to the list on my blog post today.

    I hope you are enjoying the summer days.

    love, ~Sheri

  20. Such a sweet room, I bet it has been fun having visitors, I hope you had good luck getting rid of your stuff and possibly finding other treasures ;)

  21. Such a lovely , homey room. Sure wish I lived close enough to come to your sale! Hope you have success with that! Enjoy the week ahead.

  22. I hope that all has gone well with your sale. That sure is a lot of jam to have made! I imagine that you need a lie down in that beautiful bedroom after all that! xx

  23. These images have such a timeless, graceful quality, just beautiful.

  24. Hi, Faye! What a restful room... Glows with the summer's eve.

    We're scheduled to deputize in NB next month when we return from Malaysia: Fredericton, Miramichi/Big Cove, and McNamee.

    Looking forward to it!


  25. Hello Faye! Love that looks so sweet and relaxing.....a great place for me to read or paint right by the sea! So inspiring!
    Next year we are visiting my hubby's sister and her family who live in Moncton. They own Waterworks pools there. Anyway I am planning the trip around your Old Home Days sale so hopefully I will find many fun things you and your mom are selling.
    My lunch break is over now and it's time to get back to my painting!
    Have a wonderful day enjoying the bay!

  26. Love your bedroom! Doesn't it make you feel go to get it all cleaned and waxed and shined for the summer and ready for guests? I'll be right over for a quick nap!!!

    Must get to bed. I have missed you, Faye! Best blog on the planet! Say hi to Terry!

  27. The bedroom is beautiful, I love lilacs & violet colours.
    Summer is so busy isn't it, we have family coming soon.
    Fondly Michelle