Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Mom..

Good Evening my dears.. 
A little different Saturday night post for you.. 
Today is my Mom's 83rd birthday!  

I call her each morning and today she answered the phone and I told her, "Happy Birthday, Mom!"  
She thanked me and then said, "Can you imagine, Faye! 
 I am 83 years old!  God has been so good to me!"  smile.. 

We miss our Dad who has been gone for almost 29 years and are so thankful that she is still here with us!  

But for my post tonight
 I thought that perhaps I would write a little bit about her.. 

Actually, she is quite a case! 
 I mean that she loves to have a good time and she loves people! 
A good story or joke has her laughing.. 
She enjoys parties and gatherings and meeting friends wherever she goes..

Her favourite enjoyment is to feed you when you visit her..
 The first thing she does is make the tea and there is almost always a few special sweets baked and ready for company.. 

She had enjoyed cooking and baking ever since my Gram (Dad's mother) taught her in the lumber camps when I was a baby.. 
She said that she and Gram never had a bad word between them.. smile..

She went to work in restaurants and one of them was a Chinese one in Moncton.. She loved the people who owned it and are still in contact with them even though they moved out west to B. C. many years ago.. 

She meets people in places like MacDonald's or Tim Hortons and makes friends with them.. 
Once couple she met lived in California and every once in awhile they phone and send her lovely gifts and she sends gifts back to them.. 
So sweet.. 

Mom and I are very different but very much alike at the same time.. 
My sister looks like her and favours Mom's side of the family.
She doesn't mind being told she looks like Mom.. Smile.. 
I must admit that when I look in the mirror sometimes I see her looking back at me! grin.. 

Nadine (my sister) phones Mom each day and we both call her when we need an ear to listen.. She always takes our side.. grin.. 

Mom is still a going concern although she has slowed down this past year and it scares me a bit.. 
I tell her to just keep on doing the things she loves.. 

After God and her family I think my Mom loves shopping the best.. 
Terry says the Dollar store will never go under as long as my Mom can get there and buy cat food for another love in her life which is her cat, Mable... Oh my!  That is another story.. 

She loves her flowers and plants and is always planting some kind of seeds even in the Winter months.. 
She was telling me that her tulips and daffodils are already up and that makes her so happy..

The other day I happened to call her in the afternoon and as we were chatting I decided to write down a few things she was saying to me as I had a pen in hand and my notebook open.. 

Just some everyday busyness she was doing.. 

She said she had a nice cake in the oven in case someone dropped by and Gerald (her husband) liked a little bit with his tea at supper.. 
Then she was saying that she had made friends with someone at the grocery store and they had given her some red roses which she had dried.. 
She was asking me how to make potpourri because she had a bottle which she wanted to fill and add some little fairy lights to make a little lamp type thing for a wee table in the dining room. 
 She had put some petals in with corn starch and baking soda to make a rose powder that she thought would make a lovely gift for the lady who gave her the roses...
She had just the right little bottles that she had saved to put the finished powder in..  

She said that she had just finished polishing some silver before I called her.. 
She had come across some old stuff in a box they had bought at the auction (another addiction she .. 
Auctions, I mean.. 
They went every Tuesday night for years.. 

I asked her what she was having for supper and  she said she was making Codfish Gravy with a bit of potato and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake she made would be for dessert... 
God love her.. 

Some mornings she has bread made before I even get up .. 
Yes, she still kneads up a batch of bread almost every week and gives most of it away to anyone who drops by.. 

Well, dear hearts I don't know if you will enjoy this or not but I have enjoyed chatting about her.. 

Mom and I are like most mothers and daughters who are so different but alike if you know what I mean..  
She can drive me up the wall at times as I do her but she is such a loving mother.. 
She just loves to kiss and hug us all.. 

Our grandchildren are like her grandchildren and not her great grandchildren.. 
A family gathering is something she looks forward to for weeks and wondering what she should wear.. smile.. 

She prays for each one of us early every morning sitting in the rocking chair beside the dining room window.
Her little heater is on and Mable is at her feet.. 
She looks out at the moon and stars which she loves and prays to the One who made them... 

Yes, I am thankful to the God that she and Dad led my sister and I to many years ago and so thankful that we are a family who serve Him.. 

Bless you for reading this and I pray you have a Blessed Easter and worship the One who arose again! 



  1. Your mom is a dear heart! Did she cook at the CN humpyard? I can remember my dad talking about her delicious cooking. I think he met her through CN. I must ask Himalayas let you know.

    1. That should read" and let you know"....oops

    2. Yes Kathy , mom worked there for 7 years, she loves your parents and speaks of them sometimes :-)

    3. Hi Kathy... Sorry, I am late getting here.. As Nadine said Mom did work at the CN and she remembers your Dad well... Always love hearing from you.. Happy Easter, dear.. xo

  2. Your mom sounds a lot like you and you look a lot like her. :) She sounds like such a sweet lady and what a blessing that she is still so active and loves to bake and help others. You are blessed to still have her Faye. Happy Birthday to her! Have a wonderfully blessed Easter Sunday. xo Pam

  3. What a blessing to have your mother here to talk to everyday! She sounds like a wonderful lady. Have a blessed Easter!

  4. Sweet sweet post Faye about your mother. I loved it! Blessings for a wonderful Easter Day tomorrow as we worship our Lord!!

  5. You know, this was such a sweet reading. Like going to visit the home of a dear friend.
    Sounded so precious sitting there like that by the window.
    Blessings abundant to her, and to you.
    Hug her whenever you get the chance!

    My Sweetie's birthday is today too.

  6. Oh how sweet a post about your mom. Happy Birthday to her. She's still there and full of life. I miss my mom. She's been gone for nearly 3 years, this July. Mom liked flowers too and she liked to bake as well.
    It's a good thing to pray for family every day. Never know what will happen to them that day. Prayer is effective in our lives and those we pray for.
    Have a blessed Easter!

  7. Hello Faye, A beautiful post about your mother. She is so pretty and you do look like her. I have always said that I thought so. She is a blessing for your whole family. She sounds like such a pleasant and kind woman. I pray she has a wonderful birthday. Happy Easter to all.


  8. Hi Faye, your mum's birthday is the same day as mine. Please pass on my best wishes to her. I hope she has many more happy birthdays with her family. Love to you. xx

  9. That was so lovely...and made me miss my mother today.

  10. Beautiful. Happy Birthday to your mom...smiles (I can only wish I had a mom and mother inlaw like this)

  11. What lovely words of your mother.

    Happy Easter;


  12. Your Mom is a beautiful lady. Have a Blessed Easter. Thelma.

  13. A lovely post :) wishing your mum a very happy blessed birthday! best wishes from England xx

  14. What a beautiful post & tribute to your mom. Each time you have a pic of her I think you look very much like her...beautiful. She seems to have a very kind & generous heart...what a wonderful legacy she is leaving with her family. My mom has been gone for almost 17 years, but I can hear her voice & will always remember her quotes about life. I think of her & her advice all the time & I am 71 now. I miss her so much...she always made me feel loved!!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  15. Your mom is beautiful and I think you look just like her! She sounds like a lovely person and I'm sure I'd love her if I knew her. I loved my own mother dearly; she died at age 82 in 2012. Like your mother, at times she drove me up the wall but she was my dearest friend. She never met a stranger and up to the end she was active, always crafting, cooking, keeping a spotless well organized home. She was truly an amazing woman and your mom is too. I hope your mom will have many more years on earth so you can enjoy each other's company and encouragement. We never know what a day will bring forth; my mom died suddenly and unexpectedly of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. I was certain we had a lot more time together and I failed to ask her things I'd been saving up for when she was "old". To me, mama was not old at age 82 b/c she was so young at heart. Now is the time to ask everything you've ever wanted to ask your mom. Blessings to you and yours.

  16. I'm crying as I read this. What a great Godly example.

  17. What a beautiful, beautiful post. -happy sigh-

    Thank you for sharing this, with us.

    Gentle Spring-time blessings,
    Luna Crone (80)

  18. Oh Happy belated Birthday to your mum . She sounds like a very lovely lady. I love the dollar store in fact I bought a few things from it the other day to brighten things up in the kitchen . A lovely post and photo of her to . Thanks for sharing have a good week !

  19. Hello Faye,
    Your post was so lovely.
    I have to share with you, my dad had a heart attack on April 11th. Today, April 18th he was discharged from the hospital. Our Easter was celebrated at the hospital, thankful to God that my dad made it!
    Your post was so special to read, as we care and love our parents as they age, things are different for us, but we will always be their little girls.
    Love You,