Saturday, April 8, 2017

Random Saturday..

Hello everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by tonight.. 
 This is just another post of random everyday and it is once again a Saturday.. smile.. 
The weeks are flying, eh? 
Spring is coming along fine here in Eastern Canada.. 
Slow compared to some perhaps but what we here are used to.. 

Terry and I went to Bangor for a couple of days this week.. 

Just a little getaway and a bit of retail.. 
Not that Terry does much shopping but he is a patient man.. 

I love going to places like Mardens, Goodwill and Between Friends.. 

I am not a mall nor clothes shopper.. 
But I do love fabrics, old dishes and such.. 
Oh and the Christmas Tree Shoppe of course.. 
Love the books at Goodwill and the fabrics and yarns at Mardens.. 

Look what I found at Between Friends.. 

This wonderful cast iron dish??? 
Mom said it probably belonged in an old stove.. 
I will be seasoning it as soon as we go to the farm.. 
What would you use it for?  

Found this sweet apron.

Nice an big... smile.. 

I love these.. 

A package of Eco napkins for the farm and a big box of large brown bread bags.. 
So great to gift bread in or anything really... 
I know.. 
I like the weirdest thing.. 
They will come in handy quite often, I think... 

Made a little Stir Fry... 

I could put Bok Choy in everything.. 
Does your family like it?  
Terry... not so much.. 
Oh and I made Dustin some cookies.. smile.. 

Took a drive up to the farm to check things out ... 

I can feel the place calling my name.. 
As soon as it gets a bit warmer we will be there for the day and getting the house in order again.. 
It won't be long... 

I am trying to get rid of some things and this is one.. 

A tea set... 
I have to get it put on Kijiji or something.. 
I love the set but there are just so many dishes a person needs.. smile.. 

And speaking of selling.. 
Our old cottage in St. Martins... 

I am trying my best to persuade Terry to get with it and put it on the market.. 
We can't be in two places in the Summer and we seem to be going into a new phase of our lives and enjoying the farm more.. 
If any of you readers know of anyone who would like an old house by the sea let us know.. 
You can see the Bay and hear it but we are not on the beach.. 

Well, dear hearts this is all for tonight.. 
Tomorrow is once again the Lord's Day... 

I came across this ...

One of my favourites.. 

Because he loves me, says the Lord... 
This Psalm touches my heart every time I read it.. 

So blessed to have experienced a genuine relationship with the God of the universe and because I love Him then He is always available to me..
For whatever.. 

Do you know Him as your own? 

John 3:16
He loves you... 

I hope you all have a good evening and thanks so much for visiting and I look forward to your sweet notes..
God bless ... 


  1. You are a girl after my own heart... I love where you shop and I always enjoying seeing what special things you find. I think I would use the cast iron piece either as a serving dish (two vegetable dishes??) or for decoration. It's a lovely find! Happy weekend!

  2. Faye You have a wonderful zest for life in everything you do. I know you will enjoy waking up your summer farm ... happy for you
    .. xo

  3. Such beautiful picture. I to love Goodwill, and cloth and old things. Here in NC where I live we have a store called the Barkin Basement, they sell scraps of cloth real cheap and if i'm lucky they have the material matched up so I can quilt. Loved your blog. Blessings to you.

  4. Loved your post!
    You got some great things, I rather miss out on the mall too!
    Give me thrift stores!
    Love old dishes, but have cut back buying much.
    Once in awhile I fall in love with an old tea cup, my favorites.
    And have to bring it home.
    The cookies look good!
    Maybe tamales or cob corn in the cast iron? Smile!

  5. Faye I can tell you love going to your farm. You are blessed to have a cottage at the beach too. I would love to see what it is like but it is a bit too far to walk from Australia. LOL! I really enjoy our beach holiday each year but really woildn't want to live on our coastline with the cyclones we have in our state most years.

  6. Oh how I would love to own a house by the sea, smiles...unfort...with me in is tight, tight tight, did I mention tight (grin), have you thought about renting it out in the summer?

    I love your post, Faye. smiles

  7. How lovely to see your pictures again. I wish I was near enough to see your beautiful tea set. I now how hard it is to send things away. I still have my mother's china coffee set!

  8. I would love to own it too. I agree, you do have a zest for life - we enjoy reading about it.

  9. My Savior is so dear to me. He has carried me through the hardest storm of my life for the last 3 1/2 months.

    I would so love to own your cottage by the sea if only we were closer. I am sure you will have no trouble finding a new owner for such a wonderful place.

  10. Good purchases on your trip to Bangor. I tend to fo into thrift shops in places we visit on vacation. Your tea set is lovely. I have many mugs and plates. Overstock goes away slowly. Thanks for sharing Psalm 91. I like it as well. I love Him so much. Happy and blessed Sunday to you, Faye!

  11. Always fun to have a little getaway, and such lovely treasures you came home with! Love that old cast iron dish, how awesome is that! It will be nice all seasoned up! And those bread bags are wonderful too! Your house by the sea sounds nice, but I do think you are sounding as though you've made up your mind to be at the farm, and I agree :) Hugs to you today!

  12. Oh Faye...what a delight you are! Such joy to visit each and every time :0) mari

  13. Hi Faye. I was so excited to bump into you this week! What a great surprise it was. I wish we could have had a nice long visit over tea. I'm sorry to see you are selling the cottage at St. Martins but I guess you are correct about spending more time at the farm now and you can't be at both places. You have some beautiful furniture in the old cottage. That table and bench really caught my eye! I wish you, Terry and your family a blessed Easter weekend. Take care my friends. xo Pam