Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Plants, Easter and Keepers...

Hello sweet friends.. 
Just a little afternoon post for a change.. 

Putting up some pics of our Easter week and such..

Last week, I think it was (lol) we took a little trip to a wonderful plant nursery near Fredericton and picked up a few houseplants that I have been longing for.. 

When Terry and I were married for about 8 years we moved to Sussex to be near our church ... 
We had bought an old house and thought we would update it and all.. 
Terry wanted to be in the country and we eventually had a small hobby farm.. 
Chickens, turkeys, geese, pigs, rabbits and 3 dear dear sheep.. 

We also grew quite a big garden and in the eight years we lived there I learned to preserve fruits and veggies along with the help of my Mother-in-law who was such a fount of knowledge in that department.. 

The house was the bane of my existence as I did not like it from the first day we moved in... 
I know.. 
Where was my mind?  lol.. 
The lady who owned it had turned it into a lovely sweet place with her old furniture and plants and such but when it was emptied it did not have the same charm, shall we say..
That first day I sat on the couch alone and cried.. sigh... 

Anyway, we made do and learned so much while we were there.. 
We made it our own in time.. 
Terry picked up a few carpentry skills and I learned a few new things, too.. 

To get back to my story... smile.. 
The old house had lovely wide sills on those tall old fashioned windows and I had a lot of the sills full of house plants.. 
I would pick up a slip from a plant here and there and beg them from my friends and aunts.. 
Before long they were everywhere.. 

Later, when we bought this house which I have loved with my heart from the first day we moved in and the plants came along with me.. 
There was the Sun Room, you see and they filled it so nicely.. 
Sorry to say that after a couple of years they caught some kind of bug or disease and I lost almost all of them.. 
My heart was broken and I gradually just stopped growing any plants.. 

Many years had passed before I visited my friend with the wonderful pantry and log home and saw her plants.. 
Not that I had not noticed them before with my Mom and such but for some reason I actually noticed them..
Can you covet plants? 
 I guess not but I really wanted to get some.. smile..
But even with her contributions and buying them here and there I felt there were a few missing plants which I had loved before.. 

Well, the same  friend had been up to Scott's Nursery and was telling me that what they were selling and low and behold they had the a few that I had not been able to find to buy or beg... 

One is called The Mother of Thousands which I always called Strawberry Begonia.. 
The String of Pearls, Lipstick Plant, Gold Fish Plant, Bunny Ears Cactus and The Wandering Jew for a few of them.. 

Terry (bless his heart) took me there and they are in the pic up above..

Something nice happened while we were there!
I was crossing the room to pay for my plants when I noticed a sweet face... 
Her name is Pam and she is a fellow blogger who I have not met since I started blogging and found her blog which is called
It was lovely to see her and connect... 
She was a customer of mine when I used to do the craft shows in Fredericton many years ago and we had not seen each other since. 
She has several relatives here in our village, too.. 
We both wished we could just go for coffee and talk.. 
Another time.. 

The second pic is something I found on the web the other day.. 
And that is that there are five plants that you should grow in your bedroom as they help you sleep and are great for the air you breathe all night.. 
Lavender, Snake Plant, Rosemary, Aloe Vera and English Ivy.. 
Another one is Jasmine Plant instead of Rose Mary but that was too expensive for me.. 
Anyone have a slip? grin..  

Did you notice my Pregnant Onion plant in the photos.. 
It has a blossom on it and I am so pleased.. 
I was given that plant slip by a sweet lady at Kings Landing a few years ago and just love the thing.. 
It has had about a dozen babies and even has a couple of grand babies..grin.. 

Our plants for the gardens are growing.. 
My peppers, celeriac, fennel and such are up and if you peek in one of those pics you will see Basil growing on the coffee table..
Terry has tomatoes, cabbage and such..  smile.. 

Did you all have a good Easter?  
We had a lovely weekend but quiet.. 

Made some Hot Cross Buns from my friend's recipe.. 
Dinner was Ham and Veggies ... 
Set the table using place mats made for me by Shonda..
Some old egg cups and bunnies I have had for years.. 
Nothing fancy but a blessed celebration.. 

Mom certainly enjoyed all of your sweet birthday greetings here and on the Face Book page... 
Thank you.. 
And thanks today for dropping by and leaving your sweet notes.. 
Truly appreciate each of you!  

We are having Keepers of the Home on Saturday morning in Salisbury at our little church on Fredericton Road if you would like to attend.. 
We are doing the Spring thing with homemade cleaners and toiletries and breakfast.. 
Love to have you if you are in the area... 
Just drop me an email or a note on the Face Book page for the blog.. 

Take care dear hearts and God bless.. xoxo
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  1. You have some lovely plants there, Faye. I think a home is improved by touches of real greenery around. I love Lavender, there are so many uses for it but have not tried it in my bedroom!

  2. My mother in law has plants everywhere. Off and on for years I had had some from her.
    I usually end up killing them all. :(
    She can grow anything by just looking at it.
    I can't, but I can grow flowers outside.
    No veggies, really but I keep trying.
    Seeing your photos made me think of years of hers, and years of mine.
    You know I love your photos & the stories.
    I can picture the plant filled window sills :)

  3. Faye, I don't have any indoor plants but lots outside. Your plant photos are just lovely and I can tell you really like your plants. I would pop into your Keepers of the Home meeting if I lived near you in Canada but it is a bit too far from here in Australia. LOL! I loved Canada when I visited in the 1970s.

  4. Nice post about plants. Interesting kinds.. Which one is the Mother of Thousands? Thank you. Jill

    1. Hello Jill.. Thanks for dropping by and the Mother of Thousands is the plant on the top right with speckled leaves.. xo

  5. Oh Faye, it is always such a joy to visit you :D your plants look so lovely...a bit of nature inside our homes, is always such a good idea :D mari

  6. I enjoyed seeing your plants and your lovely table setting with your Easter decorations. All brought together so nicely. Blessings 🌹❤

  7. I enjoyed seeing your plants and your lovely table setting with your Easter decorations. All brought together so nicely. Blessings 🌹❤

  8. Love your indoor plants, I have quite a few, I am a succulent and cacti enthusiast and have actually just made a small succulent patch where I just dug out a lemon tree that gave up the ghost. Your photos are beautiful and I love your blog, thanks for visiting and I will definitely follow you too.

  9. Always such a joy to visit, Faye. Have a lovely upcoming weekend, smiles.

  10. Just catching up now that we have the internet once again. Beautiful plants and a joy to visit.

  11. How neat that you got to see Pam at the nursery! I love it when things happen like that! I too love my plants, and I had a huge collection of them for many years, until we moved to the house we are at now. I had left the plants outside for the night as we were trying to move in, and my chickens found them... and well, that was the end of that! Now, I am like you, begging and looking to replace the ones I love and miss. How lovely that you have a sun room to keep them in! Your Easter dinner looked wonderful with the squash and pickles on your plate...I know that is New Brunswick fare... my grandmother and aunt traveled down to be with us over Easter, and pickles were on the Easter menu :) Hugs to you today dear Faye, may you have a lovely and blessed week ahead :)

  12. Hello there, sweet friend.
    It's been a long time since I last visited you and I've been MIA for quite some time now, but I'm back. Loving reading your blog posts, and as always they are filled with inspiration and lovely pictures. I sure love visiting here.

    Love that sweet pup face.... awww..

    Have a lovely rest of your week.

  13. Hi Faye. You have so many lovely plants and now have added to them the day we bumped into each other at Scotts. I have never been a big plant person indoors. I've always had at least one plant, and sometimes 2 or 3 but they'd die down and I'd toss them out. My 'one' plant I have had for 40 years is a Hoya plant and is from a cutting that my mother got in St. Andrews one time at a plant sale. It was donated by Lady Dunn herself so it has some history with it. :-) That plant is now about 50 years old! It hasn't bloomed in many years but the scent from them is very strong and the blooms are really pretty. Have you ever seen them? I recently bought a succulent and an Aloe Vera plant which I keep in the bedroom. I think I'm going to take a slip off my English Ivy that my best friend gave me and root it to have in the bedroom as well. (I read the same article as you.) :-) Thanks for the mention of my blog in your post. It was so nice to see you that day and it would be lovely to do lunch some day. You'd think we lived across the country away from each other! :-) Two hours isn't that far!! xo Pam