Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gathering boughs on a winter drive,,..

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here I am on a Saturday night.. Lately, I just seem to get a little Monday morning post on and that is it for the week.. 
We had a bit of snow here last week and I was worried we would get more and we had not done our annual Albert County moss and bough run.. 
I had a huge cold and even lost my voice and had not been out of the house for five days and this was a good excuse.. smile.. 
We started out and took this pic of my favourite view near our home.. 
We picked up our coffee and away we went.. 
I was all wrapped up for Winter even though poor Terry did all of the work.. 
This is a spot we always get the moss as it grows well there.. 
It is on the road to the farm so I have all summer to see where everything is growing.. 
I think I am a ditch watcher.. smile.. 
Always looking to see what plant I can spy... 
Like these Rose Hips.. 
He snipped lots of branches as I did not dare get out to pick them so on a warmer day I will gather them to dry.. 
Also, I will use branches to decorate here and there.. 
Dear Charlie keeps me company while Terry does all the work.. grin.. 
Rural New Brunswick at this time of year.. 
Still so lovely... 
Prosser Brook finally has more water.. 
We have had such a dry summer that I was worried since the brook was the lowest I have ever noticed it.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Okay.. which way do we go?? grin.. 
This way, I guess.. 
Charlie suddenly comes to attention.. 
He always seems to know which way we are headed... 
We will stop in for a few minutes and pick up a few forgotten items.. 
One of my favourite books.. 
I would so love to brag that I have a well kept home but it is a very lived in one, shall we say.. 
Lots of lovely information in this book and great reading, too.. 
The afternoon is getting late so after gathering pine, cedar and a few small trees we were on our way back home.. 
Get a bite of something to eat.. 
Quesadillas..So easy and so good.. 
Here is a link to a flatbread recipe that is so easy and good.. 

So this is about all for tonight.. 

Life is good and God is so faithful.
Had a wonderful day visiting with Shonda and the ladies in the St. John church.. 
Made these.. 
Cute, eh?   

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 
Hope you have a blessed one.. 

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you as always..

God bless.. xoxo 


  1. Beautiful pictures as always! What do you do with the moss?

    1. Hi Kathy... Thanks for stopping by... I use the moss for the base of some small trees that I stick in old popcorn cans and such plus on my fir wreaths and around any centrepiece type things I may make... Have a good week.. xoxo

  2. Love the pictures! My home is also more of a well lived in than well kept, but I like to think that makes it look well-loved!

  3. Made me all warm and fuzzy reading and looking at the pictures. Beautiful scenery!

    1. Hey Dar... You are warm and fuzzy anyway.. grin.. Love ya.xo

  4. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Also, I love that book. I don't own it, but have checked it out from our library twice. 😊

  5. Faye, I love all your photos as usual. It was funny seeing the bus driving on the right side of the road as we drive on the left side here in Australia. I love seeing photos of those yellow buses. I hope you recover quickly as it is not nice feeling under the weather.

    1. It would be funny, Nanna.. Thanks so much for stopping by and I am feeling much better.. xo

  6. Charlie is such a dear ( I think Terry is a dear too as he gets out in the cold to gather things for you ).
    Hope you feel completely better soon - I am in the grips of a cold too. My husband gave it to me but I forgive him!

    1. I agree.. Both Terry and Charlie are dears.. grin.. Hope you are feeling better too.. God bless..

  7. Winter has certainly come in your part of the world, and how lovely it all looks. I hope you are feeling better by now, these Winter colds are horrid.
    I guess the moss and boughs are for decorations for Christmas.

    1. Right now, Elizabeth we have no snow..
      It has been raining and it is all gone again until next time.. Yes, they are for Christmas wreaths and such.. God bless my dear.. xo

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  9. Nice drive through your area, as always. Thanks and enjoy your posts very much! Hugs and blessings!

  10. Thanks for the lovely drive on the back roads of Albert County. My favourite place for back-roading which I miss. I remember my mum doing what you did - collecting greenery and moss to decorate with at home in the city. She was such a country girl at heart and I think she passed it on to me. ;) Have a blessed week Faye. The countdown to Christmas is on! xx Pam

  11. I added myself to your followers. I enjoy your writing and your pictures of scenery. Love the doggy pictures of pose. The drive in the back roads is nice to see. I too have the privilege to drive with hubby the back roads but we live in senior building in a wee town. Away from the city life now retired both of us.