Monday, November 6, 2017

Monday Morning Projects...

made with some luggage tags..
note to self.. 
wrap gifts with uniqueness... is that a word?  lol... 

just some magazine cutouts of birds pasted on cardboard and glued to a clothespin and spray glue and glitter... sweet!
terry has already cut me out boards for this project and some pages for really old books.. 
modgepodge and wire hangers.. easy.. 
a litle bit of needlework needed here... But a bird cut from a piece of bird fabric and go to town.. 

something I have been planning for a couple of years.. 
teatowels using old embroider pieces that are decrepit ...a bit of lace and ribbon.. I would love to receive a few of these.. would you? 

sometimes I make batches of tags and give to my daughter .. you who follow the blog have seen this pic before as I really love these tags... this summer I scored a bunch of Beatrice Potter books so we are on.. don't tell my friend Joelle.. grin.. she would be mad at me for cutting up books.. 
love this apron even if it is not useful as my friend pointed out.. 
pretty is as pretty does... smile.. 
another easy one with some wire and a strong husband.. lol... 

my plan for my sunroom craft cupboard this winter.. starting in november, I hope.. 
brought home tons of old embroidered pieces from the shop and thought my mom would love these.. 
another simple project but just so different from the usual market bags we use here.. 
kind of hippie like, eh? 
sorry about the embroider works projects but I have a basket full.. 
no, I don't think I could do this but love it anyway.. perfect... 


Good Morning my dears.. 
Another Monday has rolled around so quickly.. 
Such a lovely Monday it is, too... 
Warm weather and warm rains.. 
It is quite fierce outside at times with the wind and what but just my cup of tea.. 
That's it in the pic above.. grin..

This wee Monday post is just a few projects I would like to attempt in the next while.. 
Christmas is coming and there are gifts and exchanges coming up so it would be nice to have a few things ready.. 

I know that they may not be to your taste but they captured my attention.. 
What say you?
Anything appeal to you... 

This post is a test to see if it is anything that will catch your attention and if I should do a regular Monday Morning thingie... 

We had a blessed weekend and our family dinner was great!  
Lots of things to do this week just like everyone else.. 
The whole world is busy, eh? 

Anyway, take care my friends and will catch you later.. This week I am not going to promise a midweek post as I probably won't get to it just like last week. Sorry... 

Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 
Here and on the Face Book page.. 

God Bless... 


  1. Blessings to you Faye :) ... I am loving your Monday posts! :D

  2. Everything you posted here is definitely to my taste! I especially loved the gifts wrapped in unique wrappings!..and the tags, and the bags.....etc.,etc....have a wonderful day!

  3. This definitely floats my boat - please keep doing the Monday projects if you can Faye. It would be lovely to see your version of the completed projects too.

  4. Hello Faye.... Such a wonderful post full of all the things that I love! I am amazed with all the embroidery work and especially the crewel in the hoop. I really like this Monday blog. Keep them coming, my dear!!!!!

  5. As the saying goes Faye, "Whats not to love"!! Love everything you posted - the tags, the unique gift wrapping, the tea towels, the shopping bags, and of course, the apron....I wear an apron every day, I know I'm one of few but I love it; my grandmother put her apron on as soon as she got up in the am and it stayed on until bedtime; I dont do that but do wear it when cooking/baking etc. That nice fire and cup of tea looks very comforting on this dark rainy Monday. Always lots to do especially this time of year. Enjoy your week and take care.
    Cheryl (Fton)

  6. Your posts always make smile... I just love the gifts. I hope your November is filled with much love.

  7. Hello Faye...Oh I love it all!!! It was so nice to just stop at each picture and really take it all in...thank you for sharing with us. You make Monday's so much better :) Some good ideas, some way out of my craftiness level but all wonderful to dream a bit about. Have a wonderful week. Blessings. Linda

  8. Absolutely love everything you posted and got a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts of my own. Wishing I didn't live in such a tiny place so I could decorate with more of your posting ideas. But, that's one of the reasons I've been down sizing. haha Always enjoy your posts, no matter what day they day come on. God bless you and your family. Katy Lamb

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  10. You have shown us some sweet ideas Faye. I have so many embroidered pieces that I can't use for their original purpose, so maybe I'll try some of your ideas.

  11. Absolutely continue! Beautiful pics and ideas that I would like to receive and would actually use. Keep the inspiration coming!

  12. Oh Faye, I LOVED everything you showed. I'd want all of it. I definitely want to do the birds on clothes pins. And the embroidery is gorgeous, love the tea towels, et al. And the apron, beautiful, and who cares that it has no pockets, etc. Not me. The fabric necklace w/ the bird...LOVE IT. The tea towels w/ the added fabric, awesome. And the square wreath, beautiful. LOVE it all. Yes, to more Monday posts like this one!! Oh, I also esp. loved the unique gift wrap. Love getting ideas from you b/c your taste is wonderful.

  13. I loved all the ideas but the one that ready spoke to me was the old embroidery pillow cases that were turned into covers for hanging clothes. That is a really neat idea.

  14. Dear Faye...
    How I enjoyed this lovely filled my heart with joy and brought a great big smile to my face. Thank you for this sweet inspiration...
    Much love to you!

  15. Hi Faye. I love everything you shared and all of your posts. They are very homey and comforting. Keep them coming. : - )

  16. I loved all the embroidery! As a matter of fact, you have gotten me in the mood to do some. God bless.

  17. I like the tea towels you have in the bin! Good idea! I need some hot tea right now as I'm chilly even in the house. A blanket over my legs would help too! Nice ideas in this post, my friend! Enjoy!

  18. Lovely images, especially anything with flowers and birds!

  19. Dear Faye,
    As you can tell, I am quite behind in emails! But I wanted to say that I have really looked forward to your Monday posts. It helps to "reset" my heart and mind for the crazy week before me. So thank you and sending much love from Northeast USA!