Thursday, November 16, 2017

Return of the Winter Potpourri Post..

Good Evening everyone.. 
This is just a little midweek post .. 
A bit of a rerun, actually.. 
This is a project I hope to get at very soon.. 
My homemade Winter Potpourri .. 
I have posted about this before but thought I would do a little reminder for you just in case you are interested.. 

I find this an excellent potpourri to have on hand and pass out to friends who visit.. 
Keep it in an old pottery bowl and have several paper lunch bags ready so they can carry a bit home with them.. 

This is the time to gather the ingredients for the mix before the snow arrives here in the Maritimes.. smile.. 

In the post before when I gave this recipe I told a wee story so decided to include it here also.. 
Hope it isn't too repetitive for you all.. 
On with the story.. (I just copied and pasted it from the last time)

Remember the other day when I posted  about being at our old farm and seeing these growing here..

 I told you that I wanted to make some  pine or balsam potpourri with them..
Well, I have a funny little story to tell you..
 Hope you have
 Anyway.. Terry and I went out to the farm and I took a bag all ready to pick them.. Terry had to take some stuff into the house so I headed down to the old spring where the fir tree was... 
OK...Can you picture it?...
I have my bag ready and look into the branches and guess what?  Not a cone was to be had.. Every last one of them was gone.. Honest... So.. I am looking all around the base of the tree No way..  They are all gone.. 
Well, some of you know me pretty well and you know that I am not an emotional person...I am very calm and passive.. LOL.. oh yes... 
Stop laughing, my friends...
 Anyway.. I go around to the back of the tree.. Surely, there is one left on there somewheres..
 No.. they are GONE..
While I am behind the tree looking in vain Terry comes out on the step and can't see me..( He probably thought I fell in the spring..)
 He hollers.. Faye!!... 
He said that all of a sudden he hears someone bellowing (his word..grin..) ...
"Someone took them!!!  They took all of my cones!!   All of them!!
He yells at me to calm down because he was sure that they could hear me up at the windmills... grin.. 
Anyway, he comes down and sure enough they are gone..
Isn't that odd?  Where on earth would they go to? 
Does anyone know ??  smile..
There is a reward... A bag of potpourri... grin.. 
To make a long story short... 
Terry went out a little further and found some on another tree ...
 I did get some after all..
Let's just say that this was a  typical day in the life of Faye Henry.. smile.. 

Here is the recipe..
8 cups of cones... fir or pine.. or a mixture..
2 cups of dried rose hips
2 cups of bay leaves
several cinnamon sticks broken into small pieces..
2 cups or so of dried apple slices..
You can buy these or slice some up and put in the oven on low heat for several hours or use your dehydrator..
I also added some small pieces of pine boughs..
If you have some orris root or some kind of carrier then you add several drops of pine or balsam oil.. I use a quite a lot...
You can add it to the potpourri itself..
Cover all this with some plastic wrap for several days and then toss.. I usually keep it covered for a couple of weeks..

Here is a little decorating idea for lunch bags you can make to go along with the potpourri.. 
Place a cup or two of potpourri in the bag and then tie a cone on with the string and add a label.. 
You can buy the red and white twine from Michaels, too.. 

And this is it for tonight dear hearts .. 
Not much but just an idea I am working on.. 
Sometimes, I will glue a pic on the front of the bag and spray a with of glue and shake on some glitter... 
Or use some stamps and stamp pad and so on... 

Hope you are having a great week.. 
Love having you drop by for a visit.. 
God bless.. 


  1. I laughed at your story! Thank you for posting ! ...made my evening!

  2. Good laugh for the evening. Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

  3. I love that story, Faye! Made me laugh again!!!! Thanks for sharing...going out tomorrow to find things for my window box !

  4. I'm not positive about this since I don't have fir trees, but I do have other evergreens. Here the squirrels eat most of the pine cone & leave what looks like a skeleton of a pine cone...just the center part. I have even seen that people sell these centers for bowl fillers, so it apparently happens everywhere.

    I would be interested to know if you check on the ground around the tree to see if you fine those pinecones nibbled down to nothing. But still a funny story nonetheless!

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  5. Most likely they are all stored in a warm, dry squirrel's winter storage, goes to show, you can never trust Nature ������

  6. Most likely they are stored , safe and dry, in the squirrels pantry 😂😂😂

  7. I love your potpourri and its packaging. Thanks for sharing it again. You have a gift for making things look pretty.

  8. Thank you for the delightful story, I had to have a little laugh at the thought of a naughty squirrel tucking the cones away!

  9. What a delightful story Faye :) so glad you were able to make some :)

  10. Faye, I always enjoy your post with a hot cup of coffee in the morning. We use to have 156 pine trees around our property but my husband had some cut out so we probably only have about 100 now. I love to take cuttings off the limbs and make up Christmas arrangements to give to a dear friend or some ladies that are not able to get out and about any more. I take some of the pine cones and put them in too. After reading your story, I better get out there and check to see if I have any. lol I copied your Winter Potporri and thought I would make some for my Sunday school ladies. One question - Do you mean in "some kind of carrier" that Carrier means it holds the scent of the pine oil?? Would the dried apples or dried oranges hold the scent? Thanks for the recipe.

  11. I enjoy reading your post until the end. Keep on sharing happy thoughts!

  12. Creative and it is nice for decorations.

  13. You never cease to amaze me with your great content.All the Best!

  14. Wow! One of the most amazing blog I've come across today. Keep it up!

  15. Hi Faye, did you mean Orris Root Powder? and if so (say for 3 cups of potpourri) how much would you use? ~ thank you