Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Morning Mixed Inspiration ...

Good Monday Morning to you all.. 
Pour yourself a cup of tea and sit a spell.. 

Just a quick little post of a mix of pics to inspire your week, I hope. 
Some just everyday and some for Christmas.. 
I am in a hurry as I have so much to do like you all so God bless and have a great week.. 
I did do a post on Saturday night of my own pics and day to day but these are beauties I gleaned from the web as I do each Monday morning.. 
God is good.. xo


  1. Wishing you a wonderful week :) God Bless you Faye xx

  2. I agree - God is good. Enjoying the photos. Thank you, Faye!

  3. Beautiful photos, Faye. Have a really blessed week.

  4. Hello Faye, I came by to see how you are. It is always encouraging stopping by here on your lovely blog.

  5. Lovely post Faye, such a beautiful collection of wonderful images! Hope you've had a great week :)