Friday, June 11, 2010

A bistro recipe and garden tips...

Good Afternoon everyone...

 The Lord has really painted a beautiful day here today... I thought I would leave a little post... Probably it is too nice to be bothered reading blogs but as I will be away for a few days .....

Yesterday Terry and I went to the city and I got a lot of plants to get in the ground and of course my pots.. I want to plant a new herb bed up at the shop so I was happy when I found them all on sale..
This is the little bed that is on the side here but I would like to make one up there even though there is not much room..We will see and I will show you that one later..
I thought maybe you would like to make a salad over the weekend.. This is our favorite even though everyone has their own version.. We ate this in a bistro somewhere and I loved it .. When I got a chance I did my best to copy the recipe....
Caesar Salad---Bistro Style...
1 head of romaine lettuce.. torn and washed and dried of course
1 cup or so of sliced mushrooms
6 slices of bacon - kind of crisp
1 slice of our bread  (NY Times recipe in previous posting)
Good Ceasar Dressing  ( I use Kraft with the purple cover)
Shredded fresh parmesan cheese
Fresh ground salt and pepper
Lemon slices...
Now after you have the lettuce already and put in your bowl start frying up the bacon... Slice a piece or two of your bread or just some french or country style bread. 
When your bacon is almost done then push over to the side and add your slice of bread.  Just fry on both sides till it is nicely toasted..
Put bacon and bread on  a piece of paper towel...
Slice your mushrooms and cut your bread into cubes...
Add your cheese and dressing when you are ready to serve..
Toss with salt and pepper.
Serve with fresh lemon slices...
Very good or so we think..
I also thought I would encourage you to pick up an aloe vera plant for your home..
A few weeks ago I received a terrible sunburn due to my own It happens sometimes...
Anyway this plant sure came in handy... I notice you can get them at garden centres or even some yard sales...
Just slice a leaf and smooth the gel over any burns or rashes... It is great for your little ones scratches and hurts.. They think it is kind of neat to cut up their mom's plant and it does not sting!!
A natural healer...
I have one sitting here  on the coffee table... It is small but should grow this summer...
It is also time for  you to get your basil in as you will want to make pesto this fall...
I bought mine yesterday and have to get it in.. It should be one of the last herbs you put in as it is very sensitive to the cold here in the Maritimes...I wish I had started mine from seed as usual but I guess I was slack this year...
Well, I guess that is all for today... Please leave me a wee comment so I know you are out there... If you
Have a wonderful weekend and remember to put the Lord first in your busy activities this summer...
Love and Prayers


  1. Hi Faye,
    I think I should give salad another go- with baby spinach, I mean, because I already think it is too hot to cook and besides it's super healthy (i don't do dressings- you know...) I would like to do an herb pot for my deck- probably try to do that next week sometime- as soon as I'm all done courses (just an exam tomorrow and a final paper due by Monday left) Lord willing I'll have that all behind me by tomorrow night so I can enjoy Sunday.

  2. I love salad this time of year, especially Caesar.

    I really should invest in some more herbs...
    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Have a blessed weekend

  3. Faye, your posts are always so encouraging, maybe I should try a little herb garden.Something I can dry and use in my crafts; now that sounds like an idea.Love reading your blogs, Cousin val.

  4. The Aloe Vera plant would sure come in handy tonight. We had a yard sale today and we got not to bad, but my sister is really bad...she will be hurting tonight. Anyways, Clayton and I and the kids went walking the other day and Emma and I picked some flowers and they are on the table, but tonight I noticed that they are starting to die, we will have to pick some more. Last night we went to mom and dads and we had potatoes, steak, vegetables and onions and it was all cooked on the bbq. We also had fresh mustard pickles that mom had just got done cooking. It was such a beautiful day that we ate outside. Then today we had a yard sale and had another bbq, but just hotdogs and hamburgers and ate outside. Such nice weather that we have been having the last couples days....see you soon. Love Ya and God Bless.

  5. Hiya Faye, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments, I know that I have been absent for a while but I am soon to be back to normal.

    Whilst mulling over what to do with the website, I kept coming back to thinking of a posting you had done here some time ago about treasuring the times we have with our children, like the school run and the everyday hustle and bustle, for they soon end. I would rather Beth & Libby look back and see a mum who had time for them rather than a mum who was always pre-occupied with other things to do, so for that posting, I thank you.

    Have a wonderful week,
    Love & Blessings,