Monday, June 21, 2010

Mix Recipes for Summer and a Keepers of the Home Meeting...

Good Evening All.. I guess you could say that I have been missing in action as to posting.. I am sorry but the crunch is on as far as getting my shop ready.. One thing gets finished to discover a few dozen more things on my to do Oh well, I am sure it will get accomplished by and by with the Lord's help...
We had a Keepers of the Home Meeting on this past Saturday.  It was really a good time.  I hope it blessed the girls who could make it.   It was a beautiful day here in N. B.  A perfect day for the BBQ that Carrie provided for us.. We want to thank her for that.
The day started out with all meeting at the Tim Hortons and having coffee... Value Village was right there also so we did a quick scan of that... Several of us found a few treasures.. I bought an old iron with a green handle which would make a wonderful door stop for a laundry room.. an old oil lamp and a book on herbs.  Then it was on to the Bulk Barn.  This is a wonderful store full of flours, sugars, mixes, herbs, spices,nuts, soap making fixins, candy and pour your own peanut butters, honey and syrup..There is much more...
You have to be careful with how much you put in you bag because it can really add up.. I have found out the hard way to weigh and price my macadamia nuts for instance.. Sixteen dollars is a wee bit too much to pay for an ingredient for a batch of
We then gathered at Carrie's beautiful home to learn about some mix recipes  with the bulk barn purchases..
There were dressing mixes that were delicious... Country Home-Style , Caesar and French that would be great to have in your pantry ready to mix up for salads this summer..We also made a salad seasoning mix that made a wonderful dip and could be used on toasted french bread, baked potatoes, pasta and veg salads.. I think the dip was a hit!  We tried it right away with corn chips..
Here is a fruit dip mix that we also made.... the girls liked the strawberries best I
I will give you the recipe as it is very different..

Gingered Fruit Dip Mix
1 cup packed brown sugar
2 tsp. ground cinnamon
3 Tablespoons candied ginger finely chopped
Mix these ingredients together and cream with 8 oz. cream cheese..
It is good to use a whisk or beaters..
This makes 2 bowls of dip...
After all of this learning we needed to have a bit of fun..It was a beautiful day to be on the deck and have some great fellowship together..
Some of us didn't mind having our pic
Anyway, ladies if any of you would like some of these recipes please just email me and I can forward them to you...Anyone who reads the blog are welcome to them... You don't have to be one of the Keepers group... We love to share...
We also learned from Linsay a great mix that she uses often for pancakes, pudding, coffeecake and more...
And a Spanish Rice one that you put in a mason jar.. You can use 3 ways and it comes in handy if you need a quick gift for someone...
Well, I guess that is all for tonight.. Next month we will be having our third annual sleep-over here in the cottage in St. Martins... We have a blast and everyone looks forward to it.. During the year the meetings are a bit more serious but in the summer we try to have a few fun outings...
So good night my dears... I will be praying for you and your lovely families... Please keep me and mine in your prayers too...


  1. Looks like a really fun time of fellowship together! Thanks for sharing more scrummy recipes - I love summer salads and dips!
    Hope you are getting all into shape in 'The House of Henry'! Don't work toooo hard!lol!
    Best wishes

  2. Your group meeting looks like it would be so much fun to attend....lots of wonderful ideas and recipes flowing.

  3. Hi Faye,
    Does the fruit dip only take 1 cup of brown sugar? I must have written it down wrong because I wrote down 2c. brown sugar... But by seeing myself leaned over the counter like that I should lay off the sugar! Thanks for the the field trip!

  4. Hi Linsay... No, dear it was only 1 cup of brown sugar... I checked the recipe again.. I thought that was a sweet pic of you so that is why I put it on.. I think you are too hard on yourself.
    Thank you for being so faithful in posting.. As you know I kind of need to know ...
    God Bless.

  5. Hi Faye, this is a lovely post and what a lovely time we all had. You never cease to amaze us. I really loved that fruit dip it was really good. Just wanted to let you know how I ended my day that day. I stopped to vacuum and wash the van in Sussex and I locked myself out and I ended up walking all the way home, with only a toonie in my hand. I guess I had to walk after all the food I ate that day. LOL! Can't wait to see your new shop when it is all done, wanted to help but still not the greatest yet.

  6. Hi Faye,
    I tried the chocolate pudding recipe tonight- it's pretty good...