Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Evening my Dears..It has been a rather stormy day today!   I was wondering if you would like to take a little walk with me.. This morning my  hubby and I rearranged the cupboards and such up at the House of Henry.  I   then came back and sewed.  Shall we say after a couple of hours or so I decided that I needed a wee break.. That is where you come Perhaps we will take a walk together down to the beach..  The Bay of Fundy is really rough today. 
I took a couple a really good video shots but I just can't upload them to my posting because I have the new editor version of Blog.. I guess we will have to be happy with  a couple of pics.instead..
We are standing in front of my friend's cottage..It is right on the beach.. One night last summer I was invited to stay overnite with her and listen to the waves right up close.. Lovely!!
There are the caves over there.. They are really quite popular...
Then over there on that far point is where my friend Janelle lives.. It is called West Quaco... I am afraid that you can't see her house from here.  She is the gal that makes the delicious coffee!!  On Wednesday she and I have been invited to tea with an English lady who lives in one of the oldest houses around... I will let you know how that goes!!
The wind is really blowing!!  I should have worn a Our daughter and her family were out the other night and we took a walk down here to the beach.  It was about the same kind of day!  I told her that I would rather have a stormy beach than a calm one.. Let's just say she did not see the logic in I guess God just made us all different!
Well, perhaps we should head towards home..
Our house is up there behind those trees.. That is the Quaco Inn beside us...
I see I have left my work light on.. That is my craft room.. It looks out towards the Bay and I can see the waves from there...
I think we will just walk on by and
 go up and see what Terry is doing first...  
There he is... the dear thing!!   Can you see him there in the window of the shop?
He is antiquing the woodwork..Well, I hope you  have had a nice time but I have to get back to
These are a couple of little cheesecloth swags I am making for the window in the door..
I am using a sponge stamper and a bit of black paint.  Pretty easy, eh? 
Well, I hope you enjoyed our little time together and I will try to  be a little more informative and inspiring on another day.. ok?
Remember Jesus loves you and He can calm any of the storms in your life..The wonderful thing is that  He is as near as the mention of His Name...


  1. Faye,,
    Thanks for the beautiful walk, if I had those views I know I would get out and walk more, lucky lady you are. I love your cheesecloth swags! Yes Jesus does love us all!
    Hugs back,

  2. Well Faye,,

    Thanks for stopping over to shop!,,the things in the bags are brown wire strung lights, they are the best for the grapevine trees, they sold really well over the weekend. In the bowls were my bees, ladybugs and bunny can see them all on my picturetrail.

    You must have really great eyesight to say thay I looked sweet, I wasn't even in any of the pictures!!

    I'm off to a rug hooking gathering today, yeah!

    Have a great day,
    Huggers and blessings,

  3. Hi Faye,
    Can't wait to see those cheese cloth swags in person... I'm glad that you enjoyed all the wind and rain yesterday - we got some water in the basement(- blah) but at least the sound of the rain on my bedroom window put me to sleep for my afternoon "beauty rest". It was also a good chance to stay inside and get a few things done.

  4. I have visited many beaches over the years.....
    Thank you, this is one I haven't seen before...
    I love the rough weather waves as long as I'm not in a boat on them !
    x x x

  5. The pictures look like just the relaxation you needed. You've all been working yourselves to the bones getting your shop up and running. It won't be long now!
    I love the cheesecloth valance you're making for the door. Please be sure to take a picture of it all up so we can see. :)
    Hugs~ Birgit

  6. Thanks for the lovely walk, it was well needed. Haven't got out over the past week at all, been stuck in bed. Once again thank you. Can't wait to see the new shop. Love Ya and don't work too hard.

  7. hi faye,
    Thanks for the stroll on the beach... what lovely views. I love the cheesecloth. what agreat idea.

  8. Hi Faye, loved the tour of your could almost here the wave hitting the shore...
    Can hardly wait to see your new shop and what a great idea for a valance....but you are a woman with unending ideas...

    I haven't been blogging much lately and I am sorry, but I haven't missed reading each one and they have been great, I actually did blog on the last post but when I went to send it I did something wrong and it cancelled out on me..

    love ya and slow down work to hard

    love Tam

  9. What beautiful scenery you have! If I could have one wish, it would to be able to live by the sea.