Friday, June 25, 2010

Planting and Sewing.....

Good Evening my dears..I am posting tonight on our date night.. Can you believe it?  Well, sometimes work comes before play even with the best of intentions.. Terry is up still painting the shop.. (I love the colors) and I have been sewing a ton of curtains... .Well, maybe not a Let's be honest and say 14 - 18 valances... I am not sure about the door or the little window over the sink... I made double ones for my sunroom last winter and loved them so am going to try it again...
For those of you who do not know or do not read my other blog which concerns my work... Primitive Lace Blogspot  then we are trying to change my shop over from the old barn to a wee cottage.  I am open only through the summer when we are here in St. Martins, N. B. at our cottage.. We stay here for about four months during the hot weather.. It is seldom ever very hot here... Thank you, Lord..And we also both have lots of cousins here... Which I love...
Anyway, back to the story ...  Like I said I have been sewing...
I need my glasses to sew now...It just keeps getting better and
Yes, that is my curtain fabric.. One is sort of a plaid homespun while the other is a check in the same shade... Yes, girls... big surprise!!  Black!!   My favorite color as you know.. My husband thinks that I do not know any other shade..But you would have picked this too when you see the rest of the
Just a few more days now, please Lord..
I also thought you might like to see some pics of another big job I have to do before we open...
These are a bunch of herbs for a new bed we plan to put up on one side of the shop....Which ones do you see?  You can comment and tell even just comment... please!!!  Oh, I want to thank my new follower.. my husband.. Isn't that sweet?  Or I am just getting deperate for I receive emails from some of you who don't follow and I appreciate that also.. Thank you to everyone...
Anyway there is more.. 
These are Spanish Lavenders and some chives and mint that will also go into some pots for both places..
Then there are these ones that are waiting for us to get a bed made for them...
I always make pots to put on the window ledges Terry made me for the barn and also for the deck.  I got this duck at the Christmas Tree Shop in Maine..
So girls I hope you are having a great weekend and your date night has been better than mine... The evening isn't over yet,
We are planning on going home so we can be in our own church on Sunday.. In all this busy summer with so much to do and places to go be sure and put the Lord first in your home and in your excursions..
You still need time with Him...
Keep checking back.. I might find something that you will find interesting one of these days...
The Lord Bless and Keep You All..


  1. I am sorry to say I am not a great gardener but I did recognise the lavender and chives!lol!

    May you know much of the Lord's help and blessing as you get everything ready and put Him first.
    Best wishes

  2. Faye,
    I finally got my little herb pot planted on my deck and even more exciting than that... I've cooked with them already. Should be interesting to see how they turn out because I really didn't know anything about which herbs to buy or anything- maybe i'll send you the picture...


    PS- everything looks good in black- can't wait to see your shop! (might just need something new for my house)

  3. Oh Faye, you are always interesting..even though I am sick I still want to see what you have! I don't know what kind of herbs they are..sorry. Not into planting I guess or I should say never had a place to plant anything. But when I am feeling better I am going to make a flower arrangement for the deck. I love the fabric for the valances, the shop is going to look so primitive, can't wait to see it. And like Lindsay get some stuff for our new place. Some walls are still bare. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That's strange !
    I've been sewing curtains today.
    I hate to say it, but really thick one's for the cottage, for Winter.
    I hate being inside. Such a beautiful day. At least I am cool inside.
    Ha. bet you work faster than I have.
    X X X

  5. Wow, I am a new follower and I'm just worn out thinking about how busy you must be. I love your blogs and wonder how you have time for such lovely posts. Opening your new store sounds like so much fun though. Good luck and keep blogging! Cathy

  6. Thank you Cathy and Carolee.... I am so happy you decided to follow.. I hope to do much better at this after another couple of weeks.. Each day I need to ask God for strength as these old bones don't work like they use to
    God Bless...