Monday, June 7, 2010

A few tablesetting ideas and a craft.....

Hello my dears... I hope you will all forgive me for being a bit slack in the posting department... we went home for a few days..  How are you all anyway?  We have been having a lot of rain for the last while but the sun came out today and lifted our spirits.. It was nice to be back home  over the weekend and to get to church twice yesterday... Our oldest son and his family had been away on vacation to Ontario so it was great to see them all ... Then Trevor and Tammy invited us back to their place for lunch which was delicious!!  A sweet chili tenderloin and chops, baked potatoes and fiddleheads,  ceaser salad and baquette .. some of which our dear son barbequed.... Our 3 grandsons were so pleased with their holiday as they had their friends go along with them.. so much more fun, you Grandpa enjoys teasing them all.. I guess this is what memories are made of, eh??
Well, enough about that... I have some ideas here for you for decorating your tables for summer entertaining.... inside or out... We eat outside a lot during this season as I am sure you all do...
so perhaps they will come in handy for you all..

This is just an old copper kettle, an oil latern and a candle on a prim mat... but you could use a combination of any old pieces that you might pick up at sales this summer..
Here is a depression  glass jug full of flowers from outside in the yard paired with a candlestick and whatever... the lovely thing about summer is that fresh flowers are there just for the
You can also used old milk bottles and fill with twigs for a different look.. just tie on some homespun or raffia .....
Old teapots are in almost every yard sale and are sweet with some ivy or pansies planted in them...
Sometimes when we are having homemade bread for supper... I will use it for the centrepiece... Just place it on a wood cutting board and add crocks of plain butter and garlic butter along with some spreading knives...
I believe I showed this lamp on Primitive Lace before but it is worth mentioning... You probably have one that you can use.. if not they are often at thrift stores, etc... Just add a candle where there used to be a globe... I saw one the other day with fresh flowers in it... I want to try that...
Sometimes Shonda will use a nice old bowl that her Gram gave her and use some floating candles and roses in a bit of water... it is lovely..
Another idea is to put mismatched candlesticks down the centre with different heights and type of candles... trail a pip berry garland through them...
Now here is a little craft you can make that is lovely to use outside when you are having a meal with your family.... and your kids would probably love to help you to make them some rainy day...

All you need is some cinnamon sticks that you can buy at any grocer ..
A bit of raffia from the dollar store or you can use homespun...
A votive holder or even a tin can..
A votive candle or tealight..
Lean the cinnamon sticks around the votive holder while using an elastic to help you place them... When you get enough around then tighten the elastic and tie a raffia bow..
Inside I like to place the candle on top of some whole spices that will help scent the air... \
Kind of fun to do and you can make one for each place or just a couple... Whatever....
Well, I hope you found this a bit interesting... It just makes your family times together a bit more special when you make a little extra effort...
One thing I love to do when we entertain outside is to use my eclectic set of dishes... Each setting is made up of different patterns but all have  a color or theme that blends them together..
They took awhile to collect through yard sales or whatever but it was kind of fun to do..
And more fun to use..
Okay girls have a wonderful week..  we are having a Keepers meeting on the 19th of this month..
A Bulk Barn Run... then a pot luck at Carries... sounds like fun, eh?
We are going to also make up some recipes from our purchases... mixes for busy families and who knows what else...  so if you are interested my email is on the sidebar...
Remember... He loves you....and yours!! 
God Bless.....


  1. Hi Faye! What beautiful and effective table decorating ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I had so much fun feeding the fish on your sidebar lol! That's a clever little widget!

    Have a lovely week!

  2. Hi sweetie,,love your table settings, uhh, Whats a fiddlehead? I haven't a clue. Hope you have a great week....toodles..

  3. Hi Faye,
    thanks for being such a blessing- I look everyday for postings and sometimes recheck just to see the comments- I love your blogs!

    I love the decorating ideas- hopefully I'll get creative shortly, after my courses are finished, saying that extra prayers are needed to get me through this final week of class!

  4. What great ideas!! Like Lindsay I do check everyday for a posting and sometimes twice. But I guess I missed this! It gives me such ideas in how I want to decorate my place..but it does take time to get all the stuff. So bear with me, some day it may all be!
    Love Ya and God Bless